Mimosa Pudica Seeds: What Are They Used For?

Mimosa Pudica

If you’ve been looking for a natural way to boost your immune system, you may have come across Mimosa pudica seeds.

What are Mimosa pudica seeds exactly, and what do they do?

Keep reading to learn all about the benefits of Mimosa pudica seeds.

Kills Parasites

One of the primary uses of Mimosa pudica seeds is to remove parasites from the gut.

One study saw researchers add Mimosa pudica seeds to a test-tube full of roundworm. The seeds paralyzed and killed the roundworms. The worms were permanently made inactive.

If you’re suffering from parasites, Mimosa pudica can flush the pests out of your system for good.

Prevents Liver Damage

When used on rodents with liver problems, Mimosa pudica worked to prevent further liver damage. It was just as effective as some liver-protecting drugs! Couple that with the fact that it’s all-natural, and you’ve got an excellent choice for protecting your liver.

It’s not called the “touch-me-not plant” for no reason.

Promotes Gut Health & Mental Health

When you swallow Mimosa pudica seeds, they swell up in your gut and turn into a sort of paste. This sticky paste latches onto bacteria, heavy metals, and other toxins in your stomach. Then, the toxins are removed from your system via your bowel movements.

The Mimosa pudica will travel through your bowels on the way out, cleaning as it moves.

Mental health is linked directly to gut health. The majority of serotonin is made in the guy, and parasites and other toxins can hinder serotonin production. If you suffer from depression, anxiety, insomnia, or irritability, learn about mimosa pudica and see if it could be right for you.

Regenerates the Sciatic Nerve

Few pains are as bad as sciatic nerve pain. It branches all across the body, extending from the back to the legs. Sufferers of sciatic nerve pain are continually looking for better ways to find relief.

Mimosa pudica is a fantastic sciatic nerve regenerated. When tested on rats, Mimosa pudica restored the sciatic nerve 40% better than steroid-based treatments. 

Heals Wounds

Mimosa pudica has been used in traditional alternative medicine for decades. People used to warm the seeds up into a paste and apply it to wounds to stop bleeding. It was also put around boils to help release the pus.

While there was no way to test the effectiveness of these methods in the past scientifically, there is now. Researchers have found that Mimosa pudica seeds help wounds heal, and also promote skin health. The seeds contain manganese, iron, and other minerals beneficial in fighting infection and healing the skin.

Try Mimosa Pudica Seeds

There are a lot of different uses for Mimosa pudica seeds. Whether you’re looking for a mental health booster or a parasite killer, Mimosa pudica is a natural and effective way to find relief. If you’re struggling to find relief, try Mimosa pudica today.

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