How Your Laundry Times Affect the Environment

Laundry Machine

Did you now that your washer and dryer habits could be wreaking havoc on the environment?

We may not realize it, but even the smallest habits and choices can add up to large effects on the health of the planet.

Are you wondering how you can lessen your impact on the environment by changing the way you get a common household chore done?

Keep reading to learn about how your laundry times affect the environment.

Wait Until You Have a Full Load

If you want to wear a certain outfit, you might be tempted to do laundry with half a load or less, but this can be extremely wasteful.

To save energy, you should remember that the best time to do laundry is when you have a full load that needs cleaning. If you need to, you can combine your clothes with your kids’ clothes, for instance.

It also helps if you invest in an energy-efficient washer and dryer.

Use Cold Water in Most Cases

One way to save energy and money is by setting your washing machine to a cold water setting. If you have an energy-efficient machine, it might even have an ‘eco warm’ setting that will also help a lot. This will allow you to avoid using the heater which ends up using an abundance of energy.

It might sound counterproductive to use cold water but, in most cases, clothes can get clean just fine without hot water. If you have really tough stains to get out of your clothes, such as those that come from grease, then that’s when you should use hot water.

By keeping this in mind, you can significantly reduce the number of times that you’ll need to use hot water to clean your clothes.

Hang Dry More Often

While having energy efficiency washers can help a lot, you can do even more by switching to hang drying instead of using a machine dryer. This isn’t a common practice in America, but it should be.

Not only do machine dryers use a lot of energy but they can actually heat up your house as you use them. This often causes people to turn on their air conditioner, which wastes even more energy.

Hang drying is simpler and easier than most people probably think. All you need is a clothesline or pins. To make it even easier, you can simply hang clothes on hangers outside.

You can learn more about how to have greener habits when you keep up to date with the Climate Leadership Council, which was founded by Ted Halstead.

Ready to Change Your Laundry Times?

Now that you’ve learned all about how your laundry times affect the environment, you can do your best to minimize your impact on it. You can also begin to change other habits for the betterment of yourself, the environment, and the planet as a whole.

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