5 Types of Drinkware to Always Keep in Your Kitchen

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The average American spends over an hour eating and drinking each day.

Whether we’re drinking coffee, water, tea, or an adult beverage, those little sips truly add up! Since we spend so much time taking drinks throughout the day, it’s important to have drinkware that supports our sipping habits.

Each piece of drinkware serves a special purpose, so there are some that you just need to have on hand. Keep reading to learn about the drinkware you should keep in your kitchen!

5 Types of Drinkware to Always Keep in Your Kitchen

Our kitchens are a certifiable mess for most of us.

Among the mess, there are 5 types of cups that you absolutely need to have. They are:

1. Mugs

Mugs are essential if you’re a coffee or tea drinker.

Even if you’re not necessarily a caffeine fanatic, your guests may want to enjoy a hot beverage. If you love curling up in a blanket and watching the snowfall with a cup of hot chocolate, you’re going to need mugs for this.

Drinks aside, mugs are great for making certain types of food! If you want to enjoy a chocolate chip cookie but don’t want leftovers tempting you, make a mug cookie. Or, even a mug cake would be delicious.

Mug pizzas, pastas, and oatmeal are also a possibility. A mug is more than just for coffee, it’s a versatile and handy type of drinkware to keep in your kitchen.

To mix things up, consider having mugs for each season. Invest in some fall-themed mugs with leaves and pumpkins to drink some hot apple cider out of. When the snow starts to fall, grab some festive red and green mugs.

Make a little bit of cocoa and slip some Irish creme in there (shhh, you don’t have to tell anyone!)

Find the best drinkware here!

2. Drink Glasses

If you host gatherings with adults often, you probably indulge in some adult beverages.

While you can certainly drink out of a beer bottle or make a cocktail in a plain cup, what’s the fun in that? Let your inner bartender show by having a wide array of drink glasses. 

Here are some ideas for drink glasses:

Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are a staple in most homes.

They’re elegant, simple, and pretty inexpensive depending on the kind you buy. There are actually quite a few different types of wine glasses to choose from. Some of these are:

  • Champagne flute
  • Stemless wine glass
  • Wine glass with stem (most common)
  • Vintage
  • Tulip

If we’re getting into naming wine glasses, there are honestly way too many to list. In fact, there’s a certain kind of wine glass that fits every type of wine. Do some research and you’ll find the best one for your taste!

Liquor Glasses

Liquor glasses are great to have for the drinker who loves liquor on the rocks.

If you commonly drink scotch, brandy, whiskey, or another dark liquor on the rocks, you’ll find that a liquor glass or two is a great investment. Liquor glasses are perfect for an evening of sipping, relaxing, and talking the night away!

Beer Mugs

Beer mugs have such a unique design that many of us prefer to drink our brew out of one.

Not only do beer mugs look nice, but they keep your beer cold if you can put them in the freezer. If you have a bar and a keg in your home, you can’t skimp on beer mugs.

Shot Glasses

Some of us avoid shots because they remind us of our sloppy college years, while many of us still embrace these party starters.

If you and your friends like to do shots, you have to invest in some shot glasses. Taking a shot out of a solo cup or just a plain ole’ cup isn’t the same. If you’re traveling, shot glasses also make a great souvenir!

3. Unbreakable Cups

While having a variety of glass cups is important, so is having a few options that aren’t as fragile.

As a parent, you definitely understand the danger of having breakable cups available to kids. They get excited, start running around, or maybe just aren’t watching where they’re swinging their elbows.

Kids are going to be kids, so it’s important to have cups that allow them to do that. 

Not only are unbreakable cups great for families, but they’re great for taking to a beach or a pool. Most pools and beaches won’t even allow glass, so make sure you always have a few unbreakable cups available.

4. Travel Cups

As a busy mom, you’re on the go a lot.

Between taking the kids to school, getting them ready for the day, and jetting off to work, you rarely have time to enjoy a cup of coffee in solace. 

This is why travel cups are a necessity. Whether you’re drinking coffee, tea, or just water on the go, it’s important to have a cup for travel. Travel cups will typically keep your drinks hot or cold, so you have plenty of time to finish in the car or once you arrive at your destination.


5. Mason Jar

If your style borders on rustic or vintage, mason jar glasses are a necessity.

They’re affordable, eco-friendly, and can be used for so many purposes. If you just want to enjoy a glass of cold water, a mason jar is perfect for this. Or, if you made some jam and want to preserve it, your mason jar would be perfect for that too!

Mason jars are an asset for meal-prepping. Plus, they’re great for using as a care package if you want to send over the ingredients and recipe for a dessert.

Just stack the ingredients for the recipe in the jar, jot down the instructions, and send it over to a neighbor or kid in college!

What Types of Cups Are in Your Kitchen?

Cups are a staple of our kitchen.

We drink out of them, cook with them, and even meal-prep with them. Each cup has its own unique purpose so it’s essential to have a variety on hand.

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