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Get Lucky: What You Need to Know About Joining Contests to Win Money

Is it true you can make a living by joining games, sweepstakes, and contests online?

The truth? It’s highly unlikely.

However, it is possible to win money in contests and sweepstakes for some fun supplemental income.


Keep reading to discover how to enter contests to win money. Who knows? You might be the next big sweepstakes winner or maybe you’ll win several smaller games and contests.

Use Sweepstakes Services

The easiest way to increase your odds of winning is to enter more contests. That’s where sweepstakes services are invaluable. These services round up contests from around the globe and list them in one place, saving you plenty of internet surfing time.

Sweepstakes Advantage is a good service to optimize your time. Go down the list and start entering every contest you qualify for.

To save time, use a form filler so you can quickly fill out forms with one click. Chrome AutoFill and Firefox AutoFill are free extensions that do exactly that.

Decide Which Contests to Enter

If you’re not careful, entering sweepstakes can become a time-consuming endeavor. Hundreds of thousands of contests exist and you can’t enter them all. That’s why we advise devising a plan for the types of contests that are worth your time.

For example, you may decide you only want to enter contests that give away cash. Alternatively, you can decide to enter contests that give away items, like concert tickets or merchandise, that you can sell for cash.

Maybe you only want to enter contests that offer instant winnings just by entering your name and contact information. Or you may like to play fun games like Blighty Bingo Online to win prizes.

Some forms require you to snail mail your entry. Several others require you to record a video, write an essay or perform various tasks. Not surprisingly, these contests receive fewer entries but offer the best odds of winning.

Enter More Often

It goes without saying, the more you enter a contest, the better your chances of winning. Join contests and sweepstakes that allow for daily entries. You can increase your winnings through this one step alone.

It doesn’t take long to enter a contest, especially with the autofill extensions mentioned above. Make it a routine you do every day. You can easily add more entries to sweepstakes and contests as you watch Netflix or wait in line at the bank.

Consider Skill-Based Contests

Skill-based contests can include cooking, writing, photography, or even coming up with a catchy slogan. Because so few people will take the time to enter these contests, they offer the best chance of winning.

But when you complete the requirements and maybe even go the extra mile, you significantly improve your chance of winning. And the winnings are to die for, such as a house, a car or even a golf course!

Final Thoughts on Entering Contests to Win Money

As you might suspect, when you join numerous sweepstakes, you’ll start to receive a lot of junk mail. It’s a good idea to create one or more email accounts to keep contest emails and spam out of your personal inbox. 

Enter as many contests to win money as you can, as many times as the contest will allow. And don’t shy away from skill-based contests which offer the best odds of winning.

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