Vacation with Less Stress: How to Reduce Travel Anxiety

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Most Americans get around 15 to 20 paid vacation days, and 52 percent of them don’t even use them all up. With so little paid time off, you may feel the pressure to make it the perfect trip, which may give you a lot of unneeded stress.

Vacation should be a fun time, so you need to eliminate the anxiety surrounding it. In this article, we’ll give you some anti-stress tips so your future vacations can be as dreamy as you envision them to be.

Exercise More

You may feel like you already have enough on your plate, so you might be skipping out on your regular gym routine to conserve energy. But the truth is, exercising can take some of that stress away by letting you blow off some steam.

Also, by burning that extra anxious energy off, you’ll be able to sleep better at night. If you’re tossing and turning after you turn off the lights, adding some physical activity can aid in wearing you out and providing for better sleep quality. That way, you’ll feel refreshed in the morning and ready to tackle the day.

Cut Out Caffeine

We know; coffee is an important part of your daily life, and if you could get an IV drip of it, you’d do it. But caffeine is a stimulant after all, which can make your heart race, give you the jitters, and even make you break out in cold sweat. All these symptoms aren’t very fun to deal with when you’ve got an important break coming up.

If you can’t cut out caffeine completely, at least consider switching to something with less of it. For instance, swap out coffee or energy drinks for tea or soda.

Start a List Early

Worried about forgetting something important for the trip? Then start a list early. You can jot it down on a Post-It, start a document in Google Docs, or put it down on a whiteboard.

As things slowly come to you, put them down on the list until it becomes a big comprehensive one. That way, by the time to pack comes, you’ll have a good list to work from.

Start Packing Early

If you’re especially anxious about your upcoming trip, not only should you start a list early, but you should pack in advance if possible. When you jot something down on your list, see if you can throw it into the suitcase already. For instance, if the thing you’re writing down is your bikini, then put that in there if you aren’t going swimming anytime soon.

Not only can this cut down on vacation stress, but it can also save you time as the departure date gets nearer. You won’t have to dedicate an entire day to packing!

Take Care of the Not-So-Fun Things

Yes, it’s a break from real life, but unfortunately, there are a few things you need to take care of before you can totally kick back and relax. The sooner you get these things done, the less stressful it’s going to be.

Not only do you have to ask for time off of work, but you may also have to arrange for things like a new passport or apply for a travel visa. If you have pets or are leaving your children at home, you’ll also have to find people to look after them.

For any travelers who are on medications, make sure you have enough to last you for the whole trip. It may also be prudent to ask your doctor for some extras in case they get lost.

Consider Using a Travel Agent

To really take the stress away from your vacation, consider using a travel agent. While it’ll be more expensive, it may be worth it to reduce your anxiety.

Travel agents can also help you plan an itinerary or get you on a group tour so you don’t have to plan your days yourself. When someone else has control over these factors, it can really take a load off your shoulders.

Try Using CBD Oil

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid, which means it’s related to THC. However, it won’t get you high, which means you can reap the benefits without any impairment to your judgment.

CBD may be beneficial in treating anxiety, so it may be worth a try to add it to your regimen to help calm your nerves. When your thoughts aren’t going a million miles an hour, it can help you plan better and appreciate your time off more. Products such as Kula CBD can help alleviate any anxiety you have and let you fully enjoy your trip.

Don’t Expect It to Be Perfect

There’s bound to be little kinks in your plans, so it’s not worth your energy to stress out about them. The higher your expectations are for the trip, the more anxiety you’ll have when things don’t work out.

Just remember that you’re away from home and the worries of everyday life. You’ll fully appreciate your trip when you can take things in good stride and find the positive side in every situation.

Use These Anti-Stress Tips to Have a Great Time

It’s normal to feel a little stressed out about an upcoming trip, but if it’s dominating your emotions, then it may detract from your enjoyment. This may defeat the whole purpose of going on vacation in the first place.

Going on vacation should be a happy time, so use these anti-stress tips to get rid of the negative feelings surrounding it. You’ll definitely feel a world of difference and the weight lift off your shoulders. And not only can you use these tips for your fun trips, but for everyday life too!

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