7 Energetic Benefits of Wearing Red Coral Jewelry

Red coral is a naturally gorgeous stone that makes a statement no matter how you wear it. It provides a pop of color to any ensemble and it’s a unique stone that will set you apart from the rest.

And, if the look and feel of the stone weren’t enough, some new age practitioners believe that the stone provides other properties as well. From giving you a little extra confidence to warding off negative energies, red coral is said to be one of the best stones to wear.

Whether you believe in the energetic properties of red coral or you just think the stone is neat, keep reading. We’re breaking down our favorite energetic properties of red coral so you can come to any occasion prepared.

1. It Gives You a Confidence Boost

Our personal favorite energetic property of red coral is that it will give you a confidence boost. Red coral is a gemstone that symbolizes Mars, the god of war. That symbolism brings a lot of confidence and courage to the table any time you wear it.

When you wear red coral, you enhance your ability to bring confidence to anything you do. It’s even a stone that some new age practitioners tell people in difficult marriages to wear in order to increase their desire and sexual energy.

2. You’ll Overcome Anything

When you bring confidence to any situation, you allow yourself to make greater strides to completing your challenges.

Do you have a difficult meeting coming up at work? Are you really gunning to lose those last five pounds? Are you coming up on a deadline and put off a big project till the last minute?

If so, you should put on some real red coral. All that extra confidence and courage will give you a boost to leap over obstacles and dodge enemies like they’re nothing.

3. Your Mental and Physical Health Will Improve

Many new age practitioners believe that wearing red coral also provides a level of healing properties. Some people believe that when you wear red coral, you increase your body’s ability to heal many different ailments.

Some think that red coral helps to regulate blood pressure, as it’s color and promotion of confidence is good for the heart.

Along with those connotations comes the idea that it helps improve circulation and repairs “weak blood.”

On top of the possible physical health benefits, there are many mental health benefits that go hand in hand with red coral.

It all links back to that confidence we talked about earlier. When you greet the world with confidence and bravery, there’s no room for extreme anxiety, which helps clear up many mental health issues.

Some cultures also believe that wearing red coral helps a person become more in tune with their bodies, allowing them to trust their intuition better.

4. Kickstart Your Energy Levels

If you’re a person who tends to put everything off to the last minute, or you’re afraid to ask the cute person at your office out, wearing red coral might be for you.

Many people believe that Mars, the god of war, was a pragmatic god. He believed in getting the job done with logical methodology. And when you wear his stone, you come prepared with those same beliefs.

You’ll greet a difficult task with energy and enthusiasm. Red coral acts as a catalyst for getting difficult things done!

5. You’ll Be a Better Partner

Some cultures believe that red coral represents marriage compatibility. It’s supposed to help a marriage reach maximum potential and increase longevity. It’s said to even help ward off the death of the husband, saving the wife from being a widow.

If you think that your marriage needs a little extra help, why not add red coral into your daily wardrobe?

6. It Provides Protection

There are plenty of people who have new age beliefs that think that there are evil forces out in the world that mean to do you harm. Whether or not you agree with those superstitions, it’s interesting to learn about these various beliefs.

Many people believe that red coral wards off black magic or bad influences that mean you harm. Coral is made from a once-living organism that thrives in the ocean, and the energy from these creatures is said to provide you with protection, peace, and vitality.

So if things haven’t been going your way lately, if all your houseplants are dying and you seem to be running into one bad luck scenario after another, put on some red coral. It may be just the thing you need to ward away that bad energy.

7. Chill Out Your Less Stellar Character Traits

There are certain character traits that are associated with the planet Mars, which is then associated with the god of war Mars as well. Impatience, short-temperedness, and low tolerance are all things that are associated with Mars.

If your birth chart shows that your moment of birth is in a bad relationship with Mars, astrologers believe that those negative traits are prominent in you. But when you wear red coral, you could help relieve yourself of some of those traits during a time when Mars is in retrograde.

Gemstones for Protection, Prosperity, and Practicality

While there are many people out there who believe that different gemstone properties are just superstitious hogwash, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give red coral a try for yourself. You might find that you gain some of these wonderful energetic benefits from the gemstone, whether you believe in it or not!

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