Skip the Emergency Room: Top 3 Ways a Trip to Urgent Care Will Save You Money

Where do we go in those emergency situations? Most patients visit the ER. Unless you truly have an emergency, you should avoid the high costs and long waits of the ER.

This is where urgent care centers come in. The wait times are short, they’re more affordable, you’ll meet with a doctor, and urgent care centers accept a wide amount of insurance carriers.

If you have a minor emergency, such as a sickness, the urgent care center will save you money.

Here are 3 ways an urgent care center will save you money.

1. Cheaper Than the ER

Many people choose an urgent care center over the ER during non-emergency situations.

Not only does this save time, but also money. Uninsured patients can expect an ER bill of at least $1,000, even as high as $4,000. But the average urgent care bill is $150 for uninsured patients.

Urgent care centers have the same amenities as the ER. Patients have access to qualified doctors and urgent care centers offer x-rays, shots, lab testing, prescribe medications, and can even place a cast on a broken bone.

Urgent care centers also have the same hours as the ER: open seven days a week and open as late as 9 PM and even later.

2. They Don’t Offer the Same Technology

While urgent care centers offer many amenities as the ER, they don’t offer the exact same technology and services.

For patients in life-threatening situations or patients requiring extensive surgery, they need to visit the ER. But if a patient has a sprained ankle or even caught the flu, they can see an urgent care center.

Since urgent care centers don’t require advanced technology and other advanced services, their running costs are a lot cheaper. This means patients don’t pay as much as the ER.

Urgent care centers can even be a cheaper option, as opposed to your GP. Your GP even has more advanced technology, such as record keeping and other required services.

An urgent care center doesn’t offer these same services, saving the facility and patients money.

3. They Accept Most Insurance Carriers

This is great news for insured patients! Most urgent care centers accept all major insurance carriers. Insured patients may only require a co-pay, which can be as low as $50.

Depending on the facility and the insurance, some patients don’t even need a co-pay.

Do You Need to Visit an Urgent Care Center?

The next time you need to promptly see a doctor, ask yourself if you should visit the ER or if you can get away with visiting an urgent care center.

Urgent care centers are more convenient and cheaper than the ER. They’re open every day and at late hours. Urgent care facilities require fewer services and accept most insurance carriers. Even uninsured patients can expect a low co-pay.

The only time you should visit the ER is if your condition is life-threatening or you need an emergency operation.

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