10 Household Cleaning Hacks that will surprise you!


10 Household Cleaning Hacks that will surprise you! We all want a clean house and I am all about using what I have around me to make it happen. Check out these 10 household cleaning hacks, I hope a few making your cleaning job a little easier!

1. Vinegar with baking soda can be a great combo for cleaning your oven.

2. Clean your blinds with a 50% vinegar and 50% water mixture. While using an old sock for the rag you know the one that has been missing for 6 months.

3. Oil stains can be removed from the carpet with baking soda and a little scrubbing.

4. Use lemons to remove stains from faucets. Just Take a lemon and rub it all over the faucet and rinse clean.

5. Use Kosher salt & lemons to clean your chopping board without leaving any chemicals.

6. Easily Steam-clean your microwave with a half lemon squeezed and some water in a bowl. For five minutes, and watch as the steam loosens the caked-on foods. Then wipe clean

7. Run lemons through garbage disposals to stop the smell. If you want an little boost add some ice and salt to the lemons to de-stink even the stinkiest of garbage disposals.

8. Use chalk on you greasy clothes before you wash them to clean greasy stains quickly.

9. Use a squeegee to remove hairs from the carpet. This works great for those with pets.

10. Play dough can be used to remove spilled glitter. I haven’t tried this one but for now my kids only have glitter under supervision :).

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