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We were all very excited when the mailman showed up at our door with a package we’ve been expecting. We love getting new books! We carefully unwrapped the book and were immediately drawn in by the artwork on the cover. The shading and shadowing sets the tone for the mystery that lies within.

I sat down with my 6-year-old little girl, and we opened the book, excited to uncover the mystery. Before the story even began, we were introduced to twins, Kevin and Scott, in such a creative way. My daughter couldn’t wait to turn the page!

A Very Squeaky Mystery tells the story of Kevin and Scott as they discover something mysterious in the cabin in the mountains. The twins use creative and clever ways to solve this exciting mystery. What is making that squeaky noise? And why are things disappearing from the kitchen? That’s what the twins are going to find out! And I can promise you…it’s not what you might think it is!

My daughter and I read from cover to cover, enjoying the story and the illustrations. When we were done, my little girl wanted to take the book and read it for herself. She likes to take time to really look at all the pictures and put the story together in her head. The artwork for A Very Squeaky Mystery is just clever and simple enough to let the child’s imagination work for itself. Some books are too busy, and spoon-feed kids these days. A Very Squeaky Mystery doesn’t. It allows children to think for themselves, figure out what’s going on, and become part of the story.

I would recommend this book for children between the ages of 3 and 7 years old. Younger children would enjoy hearing the story and looking at all the artwork. Older children will be able to read through it and really identify with the story.

This book would make a great birthday gift of Christmas present for that special little one in your life. Pick up your copy of A Very Squeaky Mystery, click HERE!

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