PetArmor Protection from Fleas & Ticks Review #TickFreeFall


Disclaimer: I am part of the Mom It Forward blogger network. Mom It Forward and PetArmor by 3M partnered in support of this campaign. I was compensated for participation in this campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I love my spoiled rotten furry baby and she is a miniature dachshund named Kippy. She is our baby and we do everything to keep her safe including fleas and ticks. Nothing is worse than your pets being attacked by those horrible pests and even worse they track it into your house making everyone miserable. Getting it from the vet can get very pricey. I was thrilled when PetArmor asked me to review this flea and tick protection for my baby!


I have to say how easy it was to apply. Here is a picture of my mom treating her with it. You get a 3 month supply and all you do is open the pipette and squeeze it onto a spot behind their neck and between the shoulder blade area. Super simple and reapply every 30 days. We used this over a month ago and she has not had a single flea or tick. It works extremely well and she just started her second treatment. The only difference I found is in my pocketbook.

You can buy the size depending on the weight of the dog and I need a size Small since my baby is little. You can learn more and see all of the sizes for cats and dogs here at the PetArmor Website.

What is very important to me is PetArmor contains the same No. 1 vet-recommended active ingredient Fipronil found in Frontline brand products but a much more affordable price! I love being able to save money but still protect my baby and family against ticks, fleas and mosquitos but even more importantly deer ticks. I live near swamps but it’s still important that we are all protected from these deadly and disease carrying pests. Did you know deer ticks can survive into the fall and winter months in a warm environment? I didn’t and I am happy that we all are as she loves to walk around the neighborhood and play in the backyard.

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Protect your cats and dogs from these pests and ultimately your family since they won’t bring them indoors.

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