New and Improved Simply Right Infant Formula

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Simply Right Infant Formula has improved their container to make it even easier to give your baby the best possible and balanced nutrition! The new container has an easy open pop top with mess-free scoop holder. My favorite feature is the built-in scoop leveler so you always put in the right amount. That saves you both time and money!  I love this feature to make it even easier for you and anyone else who might need to make the baby's bottle. So you know you aren't wasting formula by scooping out too much or not enough for each bottle.

Simply Right Infant formula provides your baby with the very best nutrition that your baby needs to fully develop and grow. It also contains FDA approved DHA and ARA which may support brain and eye development. All of this at an affordable price which helps every mom know she is giving her baby the best nutrition without breaking the bank.

What is your favorite memory of motherhood? I know mine was how much I loved cuddling and holding him. It was so much fun watching him grow and all the smiles and cooing. For me Simply Right Infant formula fit into my motherhood duties by being able to fix his bottles easily and quickly. You only get a short time with your babies.

Go visit the Sam's Club website and learn more about Simply Right Infant formula that is the same quality as Similac and Enfamil but at a price that any parent can afford. You will also learn more about their great new packaging. Here is a great video you can watch as well.

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