Memorial Day- We Will Never Forget

I wanted to Thank all the troops who are serving overseas and at home protecting our country and those who have fallen.

We all think of Memorial Day as a day to grill, shop sales, and just relax at home with a paid day off from work. While I enjoy all of these great freedoms, I also remember why we have them. Without the fallen soldiers, and our current soldiers, we would not have them.

Let’s all take a moment today and everyday to say THANK YOU to all the soldiers who serve our country and their families and those who have fallen. They might be gone but they are never forgotten!

Politics aside they have a job to do, and NO ONE has the right to criticize these wonderful men and women who serve and give their lives for our country. I usually never talk about such things, but I feel very strongly about honoring our veterans, fallen, and current soldiers. I have family serving overseas right now so I am constantly praying for everyone’s safe return home. Every soldier is a brother, sister, mom, dad, son, daughter, uncle, aunt, to someone. Take some time to thank our heroes many of whom are gone, but they are never forgotten when we take time to thank them and their families for their service to our wonderful country!

I hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day.

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