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*Note: This post is brought to you by BuzzAgent, and I was asked to review the site for a campaign. I was not compensated for this post.

Smaterer BuzzAgent Expert BadgeSmarterer is a website where you can take fun tests to see how much you know about a given topic. I was asked to take the BzzAgent test. I scored a 756 which is an expert. I was thrilled with my score. You can also add a question if you like. There were several questions worded similarly so if you missed it the first time, then you would know it for the other questions.

One complaint I have is it would be a good idea for Smarterer to go through some of the test questions and pull out the multiple questions. I did find the tests to be very lengthy which can be quite time consuming. Otherwise, I did find them fun to take, and I learned a few things that I did not know.

You can also take other fun tests to test your knowledge on topics like Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Blogger, and so many more. I also took the Facebook test and scored a 649 which is proficient. I did not know all the history behind Facebook which is why I scored low. I do know how to use Facebook so it seems a bit unfair to me.

I did find the site easy to navigate and well laid out. I do plan to visit again to take more tests. The site is completely free to use, and have your friends take the same tests to see how you stack up against each other. Which test will you take?

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