Tips for Saving Money on Engagement Rings

Planning The Ring Budget:
Establishing a long-term relationship is an achievement in itself, however, now you’re thinking you want to make it permanent. Planning a life together starts with planning the budget for the ring. What are the guidelines for purchasing engagement rings? Design your own ring builders online can help you to not only determine what you can get for your money, but also helps you figure out how to make the ring special.

Budgetary Guidelines:
The conventional wisdom is that a suitor should spend at least three month’s salary on an engagement ring. Now, that the recession has hit, many people may want to keep those earnings aside in the event of a layoff, but there are still ways to get what you want for less. Look at how much you want to spend on a ring, in a way that fits into your budget, and then go online to check out the possibilities.

Online Engagement Ring Builders:
One of the best kept secrets about online engagement ring builders is that you can use them to help you set a budget for your ring purchase. If you don’t want to follow the conventional tradition of spending three month’s income on a ring, you can simply hop online, and start to look through the many options you have to pick a ring that suits any budget. Maybe you have an idea that your beloved wants a one-carat solitaire ring. You can just pick the weight of the stone and a solitaire style setting. By playing with other stone factors like clarity and color you will find out what your low and high end budget are going to be as displayed in the ring builder. Then you can see how long it will take to save up for the big event.

Take Into Account Her Tastes:
Another thing that the ring builder allows you to do is to try out different styles that might appeal to your beloved. Maybe she wants a three-stone ring. Maybe she wants a colored diamond. You will be able to see how these choices affect the price range, and then negotiate between what she wants and what you can afford. In many ways, if you are creative enough with different metal settings, color, clarity, cut, and more, you should eventually settle on a ring that fits your budget and her tastes at the same time.

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