Hump Day Thirty-One Inside Out Bag Flash Giveaway


Welcome to this Wednesday’s Hump Day Flash Giveaway!

This week you can be the lucky winner of a gorgeous Thirty-One Inside Out Bag!

This crossbody bag is great for anytime you’re on-the-go and fits lots of things… Not to mention you have two different styles by flipping it inside-out to the design you want! It is available in 5 prints, so there is sure to be something to match your personality!

This giveaway ends at midnight tonight, so enter now using the easy Rafflecopter form below!
Good luck to all! :-)

For USA only.

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  1. Jessica Pieper says:

    Just depends on the day, mood… sometimes solids, but sometimes polka-dots are fun, too! ;)

  2. Dana Germain says:

    small Polka dots or leopard print

  3. My favorite kind of print is “solid”

  4. Polka dots

  5. Samantha Makley says:

    I like stripes or solids but it really depends on the colors and what I plan on using the bag for :)

  6. I love the stripes – party punch bag!

  7. Georgia N. says:

    Polka dots are always so uplifting!

  8. Jennifer Church says:

    Any really no animal print though.

  9. Rebecca E. says:

    Stripes or polka dots are my favorite.

  10. stripes are my favorite

  11. That is such an awesome bag I would use it always

  12. Erin Rhodes says:

    Polka dot!!! <3

  13. Plaid

  14. Megan Cromes says:

    i like solids.

  15. Stacie Cregger says:

    Would like to win this. Very cute. I usually go for solids but this I really like.

  16. Dianna purvis says:

    My favorite is solid

  17. Jennifer Hatfield says:

    I love stripes, you can include so many colors

  18. Not sure

  19. Ruth doherty says:

    Today is my birthday hope I will win love the bag

  20. Sam Miller shivy says:

    polka dots or stripes

  21. I like them all, Color combinations is what I go by.

  22. I love poka dots.

  23. Love polka dots and plain!

  24. Meredith says:

    Such a cute bag and all the prints are cute!

  25. jennifer D says:

    I cannot follow @momdoesreviews as it says the page does not exist

  26. Jill Duska says:

    Stripes or solids!

  27. jennifer D says:

    I prefer a combo of patters, preferably no solids

  28. Rene Gibbons says:

    Depends on the mood.

  29. Kristin says:

    I like polka dots!

  30. heather vanmoer says:

    polka dots as well as stripes

  31. Plaid or solid…..but it depends on the colors and my mood :)

  32. Stripes and polka dots

  33. I like dots, but I also like stripes…it’s hard to choose!

  34. I prefer solid, I’m not a girlie girl :)

  35. Elena Monreal says:

    Love the polka dots

  36. A funky blend of all!

  37. Ronda Walton says:

    Depends on the style and color. I love my black and white polka dot, but not my teal.
    I have a purple , grey and white floral Thirty one products that I love

  38. millieoja says:

    Stripes thanks

  39. Roxanne J Vaillette says:

    Have bags I reuse and love them and my daughter gave me my first 31 bag

  40. Jeannette Kane says:

    polka dots, stripes, plaid, and solid OH MY!! So hard to choose from. I would have to say stripes and polka dots reflect my personality, depending on the colors.

  41. Wendy Pence says:

    I like different prints depending on the color combinations. Love stripes best, I guess, if I had to choose one.

  42. keri copeland says:

    polka dots, solid

  43. Joanne Fend says:

    I usually like solids, but I need to get out of the boring and into the sassy! lol

  44. Jessilee Raub says:

    Probally polka dots and “other multi design”

  45. Karen Lewis says:

    I like stripes

  46. I like polka dots

  47. polka dots are fab!

  48. Polkadots always make me happy!

  49. Polka dots and stripes

  50. Anne Milkie says:

    Polka dots :)

  51. Jody Arbogast says:

    I like a solid color.

  52. Lindsay says:

    Love anything form here.

  53. Sherry Gailey says:

    I love the stripes

  54. I love polka dots! <3

  55. I would love to win! Pwease! Lovin’ the polka dots!

  56. Christina says:

    Polka dots! Though the bag up top is lovely!

  57. kelly w says:

    Polka dots

  58. Kimmie Y says:

    polka dots or stripes! I am lovin’ the chevron this year!

  59. Would love it

  60. Jessica D. says:

    Love this!! & Goodluck everyone!!

  61. Diane Elizabeth says:

    polka dots or solids.

  62. Solids!!!!

  63. Terri Daughtridge says:

    It depends on my mood I like them all except plaid

  64. I like stripes and polka dots!

  65. Addrienne Mertens says:

    Polka dots are nice.

  66. Peggy Humbracht says:

    Small Polka dots or strpes

  67. TawndaM says:

    it honestly depends on what the print is ON… lol I’m in baby needs mode lately… & I LOVE this as pictured for all those extra day-trip needs like a blanket & mat to lay on…

  68. velvet cook says:

    depends on the mood I’m in but solid purple is always great!

  69. rachel rohde says:

    polka dota.

  70. My favorite pattern on purses is flowers. Since that is not an option here, I would choose solids and polka dots.

  71. Lydia Hostetler says:

    It all depends on which bag, but I do like flowers the best…

  72. Floral is probably my fav but polka dots or stripes work.

  73. Wendy Forbes says:

    Polka dots

  74. Debbie schmidt says:

    I love polka dots

  75. Stripes. Definitely strips!! :)

  76. Donna K says:

    I like solids.

  77. Jennifer says:

    I love lotsa dots!!!

  78. Lindsey says:

    I prefer solids!

  79. Dawn Hall says:

    I would love to win this.. Would be great for Kayleighs pageants :)

  80. I’m a plaid girl

  81. I love Polka Dots!!

  82. Jill sharp says:

    I really love all of the Thirty One patterns, especially the stripes & dots.

  83. My favorite is polka dots

  84. Cathy French says:

    I like both stripes and solids

  85. I like designs with lots of color, so stripe, polka dots and plaid.

  86. Carissa Dennis says:

    Polka dot

  87. Darla Shannon says:

    polka dots

  88. Emily Lawson says:

    Love Plaid.

  89. Brenda Leon says:

    I like stripes best of the 4 choices to chose from, but I like tiny flower prints the most.

  90. Kristen Wirth says:

    I Love Plaid and this would be a Blessing to win!!!

  91. Felicity says:

    I love polka dots or rainbow stripes

  92. brenda white myers says:

    I like stripes or solids

  93. Rebecca says:

    I love stripes.. Really love Chevron

  94. karrin "dani" coons says:

    Ohh I love them all, it just depends on the color combinations as to which is my favorite :)

  95. samantha almaraz says:

    I like animal print and polka dots:)

  96. Cheryl Brockman says:

    Absolutely solids – every time.

  97. samantha almaraz says:

    It won’t let me post a cooment

  98. Prints and solids

  99. solids or polka dots

  100. Renee Travis says:

    Polka dots make me smile :)

  101. Mrs Roberta C Moore says:

    I like ‘em all!

  102. My purse broke today and I need anew one please

  103. Love this

  104. chattie hinkle says:

    solids and stripes

  105. Janice Broussard says:

    Love it!!!

  106. I like solids and animal prints.

  107. Cheryl Dwyer says:


  108. I have been to 2 thirty-one parties this month and have been in love with this bag! Although I did not purchase bc of the price! And polka dots rock too =)

  109. I love plaid!

  110. Laura Pierce says:

    I would say polka dot, but I really like paisley too!

  111. Amy bavier bartley says:

    I like polka dots, stripes, plaids, and solids. Depends on my outfit and mood.

  112. cherish says:

    Depends on the bag

  113. Plaid

  114. Angie Carroll says:

    polka dots

  115. Polka Dots for sure!

  116. Stephanie Miller says:

    Polka dots first, and then stripes. Love them in bright colors!

  117. Kathleen says:

    Stripes or plaid! Or one solid bright color!

  118. I love it

  119. Kerri W says:

    Polka Dots are fun

  120. Bobbi Kaldor says:

    I can’t go wrong with plaid

  121. Dawn Smith says:

    Polka dots please

  122. Anne A. says:

    Polka dots

  123. Ashley Young says:

    Would love to win. A girl can never have too many bags lol

  124. Kayla Haigler says:

    Polka dots

  125. I love how versatile this bag is! Dirty the outside and turn it inside out and brand new bag baby!

  126. janice murnahan says:

    Poka dots

  127. Carol Robeson says:

    I love solid

  128. Carol Robeson says:

    I love solids and animal print

  129. Stacey Newman says:

    Depending on the mood. Strips

  130. Polka dots

  131. MelindaB says:

    I like solids, but also like polka dots.

  132. Courtney south says:

    It depends on the color but polka dots are cool!!

  133. sarah conner says:

    leopard print

  134. Lea Ann Miller says:

    Gotta love polka dots!

  135. Kimberly Hermida says:

    polka dots

  136. Briana Kennedy says:

    My favorite print is solid!

  137. Diana McDonald says:


  138. I love love plaid

  139. Cindy Kuykendall says:

    adore the bag

  140. Kelsey S says:

    Like solids but sometimes depending on the colors I will do stripes.

  141. i love the stripes

  142. christy h says:


  143. Susan S., TN says:

    Thats a hard one because I like all the prints, but if I had to choose for this bag I would go with the strips.. Thanks

  144. I like solids and polka dots!

  145. Tammy ward says:


  146. Heather Murray says:

    I love polka dots :)

  147. I like stripes !!!

  148. JULIA NOLD says:

    Solids and some prints…………and stripes and polka dots, too

  149. Holly Worrell says:

    I lOvE this

  150. Stripes!

  151. Monica deNova says:

    STRIPES!! ♡

  152. Michelle carter says:

    Polka dots

  153. I love plaid and solids. =)

  154. alaina tucker says:

    I like polka dots and solids :)

  155. Thank you!!! :)

  156. Love polka dots for spring!!

  157. Kristin Haas says:

    Polka dots

  158. I love stripes and many different prints. It really all depends on my flavor of the day/week.

  159. Kelly Britton says:

    I like polka dots and solids. :)

  160. The flowers

  161. I like plaid or solid colors.

  162. solids

  163. wendy smith says:

    Polka dots..then plaid

  164. Lisa Hollinger Barto says:

    polka dots or stripes!

  165. D. White says:

    Plaids & Polka dots!

  166. miranda speer says:

    Party punch

  167. tina calhoun says:

    Solids and polka dots

  168. I’d have to say polka dots,…definitely!

  169. Stripes

  170. Polka dots!

  171. megan nocktonick says:

    Stripes or plaids

  172. Animal print or solid

  173. Love polka dots!!

  174. I like polka dots and solids

  175. elizabeth starling says:


  176. I really like plaid. I guess that is because it was my grandfather’s favorite color.

  177. Stacy Harrington Calhoun says:

    love plaids

  178. It depends on the day. Some days strips or pattern and other days I prefer solids.

  179. I like them all.
    Thank you

  180. Kimberly Meadows says:

    Would love a new bag

  181. kim thao says:

    I hope I won this? Pick me plz??

  182. Would love to have a Thirty One purse!

  183. Love the solids/plaid!!

  184. who won?

  185. love them all…so springy!!

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