Enter to Win a FREE $6 Subway Gift Card (Winner every 15 Minutes)

Subway is giving you the chance to win a FREE $6 Subway Gift Card in their new sweepstakes!

Just fill out the short form to get your entry in.

You’ll need to provide your local store number, but that can be found here.

Now through December 31st, A total of 96 winners will be randomly selected daily, for a grand total of 5,856 winners!

Good Luck.. I hope lots of you win!

Limit 1 entry per person.

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  1. Mine is store 5992, hope to win one;-)

  2. Elaine Jasvins says:

    Subway Store # 4731 Love their subs.

  3. Yay! I want one too.

  4. My local store number is 27394…finger’s crossed XX…I’m hungry too.

  5. vicky stuart says:

    Subway Store # 35607 is my local store. I would love another meatball marinara or a subway melt. xox

  6. My store # is 3204. Thank you for the giveaway.


  7. That would be great talk about mouth watering commercials&happy tummy!#50155

  8. Tess Skillsky Irwin says:

    My store is 7611

  9. My store # is…46480

  10. Michelle Proper says:

    My store is #2164

  11. cindy king says:

    My store is# 14794

  12. we love subway. store 6413

  13. My store number is #4086

  14. Linda bonsall says:

    Thanks how awesome just been thinking of maybe going to get one as their food lately looks so good

  15. Linda Mahoney says:

    My store number is #38676. Can’t wait for this one, we like Subway! Thank you for this contest.

  16. Reycca Dotson says:

    Mine is 16978. Thanks for the chance!!

  17. Would love to win this, Would make a perfect lunch while at work since we have one next door.


  19. I love subway!!

  20. Kim Hanthorn says:

    I would so love to win one. I love subway.

  21. Kim Hanthorn says:

    My store number 29726

  22. My store is # 5284 I so want to win

  23. My store number is 14847 . Would love to win ! Thanks!!

  24. Debra Neiman says:

    Local store is #24361. I LOVE SUBWAY!! PICK ME!!

  25. nancy thomas says:

    I LOVE me some subway

  26. Store 23550 :) mmmmmmmm food!

  27. Danielle Hammann says:

    store #52499

  28. Tom Pedersen says:

    Store # 16836 Ilion, NY ROCKS!!!

  29. Tom Pedersen says:

    Ilion Ny store # 16836 ROCKS!!!!

  30. Melody Wise says:

    Subway is awesome. I want to win my store is #44074

  31. Carrissa R. says:

    My store # is 24829, This would be cool. Thanks!

  32. Delana Coley DeFore says:

    I love subway. My store #27333. Thanks!

  33. Emily Dixon says:

    Woo HOO!! My store is #50036!!

  34. Emily Dixon says:

    Just realized you need to fill it out on the subway website.. ha ha. Thanks for letting us know!

  35. Janine Horn says:


  36. Chico Alvarado says:

    Subway Store # 483 is my favorite store

  37. I love & enjoy subway my store # 25537 I would love to win

  38. my store is #6525

  39. local store num
    #21875 …thahttp://thriftymommaramblings.com/2012/11/enter-to-win-a-free-6-subway-gift-card-winner-every-15-minutes/nk you from CARRIE STEELE

  40. Erica petty says:

    My store is 45062.

  41. Hope I win. Love Subway and the one we go to is great.

  42. Ready to win…love some Subway! #5975

  43. 54761

  44. Subway Store # 48087 , love subway .. would love to win !

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