My Coke Rewards 241 Unused Bottle Cap Codes Giveaway!!!

My Coke Rewards Giveaway

ONE lucky reader will receive is 241 unused bottle cap codes worth 3 points each.

Plus I am adding in 2 12 pack reward codes worth 10 points each. This is worth a total of 743 points!

I have no use for them and instead would love to help someone else out get their rewards. All the bottle cap codes are 12 digit codes.

I bought all of these drinks and just never redeemed the codes. I lost all my points and quit redeeming, but I just didn’t have the heart to throw them out.

In order to start the rafflecopter you have to answer one question and everything else is optional. The more you do (which is only 4 things) then the better your chances of winning!

Enter below and Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Only open to residents of the United States of America age 18 and older. I will ship them out to the winner, and you have 24 hours to claim your prize. Otherwise I will draw a new winner.

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  1. charity says:

    nothing in particular, just saving up for that something that catches my eye :)

  2. Jen Dairy says:

    nothing, just always have my eye out for great deals

  3. haven’t decided

  4. stephanie ware says:

    love my coke points

  5. The steam cooker since we don’t have one, but really need one.

  6. I get the free cokes

  7. jodi bradshaw says:

    i use them for sweepstakes and donate them to my sons school

  8. Jennifer Irving says:

    The quality of their stuff stinks…but I look for mag subscriptions and got a nice skin for my phone of my babies.

  9. Patty vazquez says:

    My hubby is a cocacola collector so i’m trying to get a goodie bag together for him with a bunch of cocke stuff oh boy he will be so surprised for his birthday .. thank you so much :-)

  10. I don’t have a particular goal in mind right now, but most of my past redemptions have been for photo prints. I love being able to send pictures to relatives for just the cost of shipping them!

  11. Bernadette says:

    I’m not saving up for any particular item. I do like coupon offers so when I see a coupon I want, then I use some points.

  12. Carol ONeil says:

    I won’t have any Christmas money this year so I will try to get things from coke rewards for presents.

  13. Kristen says:

    Im not sure what Im saving for yet..something big though!

  14. Beth Ann Hodgen says:

    I save them for their christmas sale. last year i got a 50 bass pro shop card and a home depot card super cheap. I love my coke rewards, thank you for the chance to get extra points!

    -Beth Ann
    -ps this font it is writing in is super cute!

  15. gilbert s says:


  16. brittany m doerfler says:


  17. jill kossar carroll says:

    I like there big contests!

  18. Dawn Starr-Freeman says:

    I would really like to get the steam cooker.

  19. amc movie tickets!

  20. Maddie R says:

    I don’t know yet, I just started redeeming :)

  21. Honestly, I love to put them toward instant win games :) its my guilty pleasure!

  22. Lisa B. says:

    I’m saving for the 12 pack case of Coke. Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  23. a toaster!

  24. Crystal L. says:

    I’m trying to get a gift card while the Family Dollar campaign is still going on!!!

  25. Natalia R. says:

    Shirts and anything that I think looks great! Like AMC tickets!

  26. Sasha Farnsworth says:

    Six Flags’ ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Carissa says:

    Christmas this year .

  28. Michelle spano says:

    I. Love Shutterfly and coke has a huge variety of great Shutterfly stuff…

  29. christine Ashton says:

    I love putting in mycokerewards in I want to get a coca cola shirt :)

  30. sarah o says:

    all sorts of stuff, I usually look at dvds but now thinking house stuff :))

  31. nike gift card

  32. jessica says:

    I would give them to m.y daughters school

  33. jessica hager says:

    Coupons for free pop.

  34. Sue Johnson says:

    Not sure what I would redeem the for….let you know if I win!

  35. Give them to my husband

  36. I like to play the instant win games. Not any prize in particular :)

  37. Shannon says:

    I would love love love all of these codes. My kids would tell me that I am in heaven lol. They always look for them on the ground around town for me. They will even tell other friends and family members that I save these to be able to get them things.

  38. I am working towards a free year of Club Pogo.

  39. wendy m says:

    I usually get free soda.

  40. Havent’ decided yet on what I am saving points for.

  41. Thanks. I’m not sure what I would use them on, I’d have to think about this.

  42. ashlee sherae says:

    Not sure yet, just saving them up until I can get something nice!

  43. courtney south says:

    I collect points myself.. but I’m trying to win a his/hers kindle fire and i donate points.

  44. Jennifer Slagle says:

    I love getting the Six Flags tickets, we get to have a great family day!!

  45. Lisa Rossi says:

    I want to get a 8GB MP3 Player.

  46. brandi hawn says:

    i always just get the free coke coupon then use the caps from those free cokes to get more free cokes :) would love to win this!

  47. krystal wethington says:

    I save up to get my club pogo subscription payed.Thanks for this giveaway.

  48. Anika Hughes says:

    I don’t have a specific idea. I’ll know when I see it.

  49. Christina Wiseman says:

    I have been adding them to our schools points for gym equipment or calculator or what ever they need.

  50. Theresa Jenkins says:

    Red Maytag Washer & Dryer ;
    $10,000 Backyard BBQ Makeover

  51. to get my brother the messenger bag, he will love it .

  52. Not quite sure yet – probably Xmas gifts

  53. Jacob Albretsen says:

    Omg I could really use these! Thanks for having this giveaway!

  54. Not sure what I would get – I usually watch for deals to see if anything good pops up.

  55. Tanya Redfield says:

    Dunno, but I could use a steam cooker!

  56. Shaunda Eppes says:


  57. kris kaiser-hipp says:

    Free Powerade coupons for my daughter for synchronized skating practices and soccer practices.

  58. Sarah Barnes says:

    I personally like to donate what points I can to different charities that are sponsored on the page.

  59. I would check out the things I could get for my godbabies, seeing as they love it when I bring things over to them

  60. Mildred Floyd says:

    i use coke points to enter contests

  61. I usually just get more soft drink coupons.

  62. sarah gaines says:

    I havent started yet, think this will be a good start :)

  63. i am not saving towards anything….but I will if I win! :)

  64. im saving for something that both of my boys can have fun with or something that might turn into a collectors item

  65. i am hoping to get the $100 gift card

  66. Lisbeth Kellogg says:

    I am waiting for them to put the free silver dollar city tickets back up, if not, just saving til I see something that I really like or need!

  67. I like coke alot,this is very nice.

  68. Maxine Rose says:

    I usually just get bottles or 12 packs of pop, but if I win this–I’ll have to go for some movie tickets or something else!

  69. Patricia Franco says:

    I don’t know yet ;)

  70. I like using the MCR points for sweepstakes entries. Now I’m entering for the Maytag front load washer and dryer. Thanks

  71. I use them for instant win games

  72. Kimberly R says:

    I use them to enter sweepstakes!

  73. TRACY SIMMS says:

    trying to win some plane tickets :) thanks,

  74. Shutterfly gifts so I can give my family xmas gifts of stuff with pics of my gorgeous babies :)

  75. Rachel W. says:

    I use the codes for magazine subscriptions, 12 packs of soda, and recently I used points to get a free Seaworld ticket. Love using the codes and would love more! Thanks for this giveaway.

  76. sarah bumb says:

    havent decided

  77. Shawna Bennetts says:

    I’m working toward the magazine subscriptions. This will help!

  78. I’m not saving for anything in particular. I’m waiting for the perfect freebie to show up in their Rewards list :)

  79. Haven’t decided, hoping to be able to get enough to get something really cool for myself, as I’m a broke college student!

  80. Amber Terry says:

    I really want a gift card.

  81. deb kovac says:

    I’m helping my son save coke rewards for a pair of ear headphones. He has been working really hard to save up for them. Thanks for the giveaway.

  82. Danielle says:

    I am hoping to get some of the Christmas Coke items that will be coming soon

  83. I’m saving up for magazine subscriptions to give as Christmas presents.

  84. kaye lake says:

    Movie items…

  85. Jen Dunn says:

    I would use them to enter for a chance to win a Washer & Dryer for my new house!

  86. Kathy Murray says:

    with 23 grandkids 8 great I need evey ways to get christmas gifts

  87. I am not sure yet last time I got something for my husband so maybe this time something for the kiddos or dare I say it myself. :)

  88. Gloria S says:

    I want to win a trip

  89. Free soda or any other cool thing they have!

  90. Nothing yet, waiting on something really good to come along.

  91. stefanie moore says:

    free soda

  92. DeeAnn S says:

    I’m not saving for any particular item. I mainly use them for sweepstakes and instant wins. Haven’t won anything yet though. :(

  93. Mary Calabrese says:

    I’ve been eyeing some magazine subscriptions.

  94. I haven’t decided yet.

  95. anne hill says:

    last i saw they had some cute mixing bowls that i want!

  96. jules mcnubbin says:

    not sure, i usually use the codes to enter sweeps for ipods, cameras and tvs :-)

  97. Nothing in particular, I dont know much about the rewards program, but I love to get free things. :) Thanks for the chance.

  98. Janice Cooper says:

    I love using them around Christmas time. For example last year I was able to get a Subway gift card Omaha Steak gifts and 4 Dave and Busters gift cards for Christmas gifts by using my coke reward points. Would love to do that again. Thanks for this fun giveaway :)

  99. mike bratek says:

    I like collecting point for coke rewards….who knows what one may get with them?

  100. I use them to go on dinner and movie dates with my husband!

  101. terri moore says:

    The His and Hers Kindle Fire.

  102. julievanhuss says:

    I use them for my club pogo account :)

  103. I’m not saving for anything special but really liked when they did things like a free 12 pack for 30 points, etc. I like free product coupons

  104. Linda Lansford says:

    I go fo rfree coke coupons

  105. Heidi S. says:

    I save up for free coke 12-pks and coke t-shirts.

  106. michelle oakley warner says:

    visa giftcard for me

  107. Shannon Weaver says:

    I’m saving my points up to get a Visa gift card to use for Christmas. Thanks so much for the opportunity!!

  108. Right now i’m just using the points to enter sweeps.

  109. Kim Reid says:

    I want to get the All You Magazine Subscription – Thanks!

  110. Kyl Neusch says:

    amc movie tickets

  111. I use my points for sweepstakes.

  112. Not working towards anything in particular, but I always have an eye out for McDonald’s coupons

  113. I don’t have anything in mind just yet. But I would love to win this…

  114. Saundra M says:

    The $25 Bass Pro Shop GC for my son.

  115. I use coke points to enter contests.

  116. Andrea Fuller says:

    This is a very unique giveaway! I’m working toward getting Hilton points.

  117. stacynorris says:

    Saving for Christmas!

  118. I am working towards $35 Nike® Athlete E-Gift Card Code

  119. Bev Elliott says:

    I haven’t decided yet.

  120. Lisa C. says:

    I use the points for instant win and sweepstakes.

  121. Tara Woods says:

    I’m trying to save for the Red Street Style Headphones.

  122. carol gentry says:

    I’m not sure just yet. There is great things t get.

  123. carol gentry says:

    I’ve never use any yet but I’m sure I can find something that I really want.

  124. Robert Lee says:

    I just keep checking the site until I find something cool

  125. Christine Smith says:

    I’m just saving up for free soda!

  126. Kimberly Bauer says:

    I keep trying to win a TV

  127. amy marantino says:

    i use them to enter sweeps, because i have never had close to enough to try top save for a prize.

  128. Katharine D says:

    I save up for shutterfly codes – make presents for the family with them

  129. Donna C. says:

    Not any particular prize right now. Just saving points until I see something I really want. I do like playing the instant win games

  130. Victoria R. says:

    I’m saving up for a Nike ID gift card for some new running shoes!

  131. I would love to win an Airline ticket, so I can runaway!

  132. Amber S. says:

    I’m not saving up for anything in particular right now. I’m hoping to be able to get a few small things for the kids at Christmas.

  133. Marcia Goss says:

    I usually use my points for 12 packs.

  134. Penny Snyder says:

    I use them to enter the sweepstakes!

  135. darlene lehman says:

    i use them for the aweepstakes

  136. Kathlean Owens says:

    I’m trying to win the Ultimate Picnic package.

  137. Diana Stanhope says:

    I am a huge Coke fan so I use the points on coke collectibles. Thank you for the fantastic giveaway! I’ve not seen one for these ever before.

  138. Sarah E. says:

    I love coke rewards!

  139. britany bonhama says:

    I use my coke reward points to enter other sweepstakes through them.

  140. Daniel M says:

    movies, electronics, cash!

  141. I’m saving up for the AMC silver package. Been trying for it for a year now. :(

  142. Gift cards

  143. Debbie R says:

    I am hoping for a washer & dryer or a new TV

  144. Erika P. says:

    I would use them for coupons from coke and Mcdonalds.

  145. ahmad nelson says:

    I need this win.

  146. Aimee Fontenot says:

    I’m trying to save for AMC tickets and an All You subscription.

  147. I’d love to use it towards sweepstakes entries!

  148. I don’t have a specific prize in mind, but I usually only browse based on how many points I already have (which isn’t a lot). I’m sure there’s something awesome for the higher point brackets!

  149. Gina Futrell says:

    I have always wanted to get one of the bigger prizes, but mostly use my points for small items or sweepstakes. I think with a larger amount, which is hard to keep your account active,unless you drink alot of coke you can get some nice items.

  150. micheal dale grim says:

    im trying to get the steam cooker,i want it bad!!!

  151. jose benavides says:

    coke shirt

  152. Debra L. Guillen says:

    I use my points to enter their sweepstakes

  153. Tari Lawson says:

    I save up my points for photo prizes like photo books or calenders.

  154. James Van Hooser says:

    contest entries

  155. Great giveaway! I could do so much with those points!

  156. I’d use them for redeeming $25® E-Gift Certificate

  157. i thought I saw a grill there, we are moving from an apt to a house so we could use a grill

  158. elven johnson says:

    Coca-Cola® RPET Messenger Bag
    Memo Clock
    Coca-Cola Ceramic Cookie Jar

  159. Diana Martinez says:

    Love the coke reward points for free magazines.

  160. kelly nicholson says:

    What prize are you working towards on My Coke Rewards?

    have over 11,000 i just enter contest and get poweraids for when i run

  161. Lisa Cochran says:

    Oooh this would be awesome — love my gift cards from them!

  162. peggy fedison says:

    i havent decided what to go for yet. i dont have many points so i will have to wait till i accumulate more. would love to win these and put them towards my small pile hehehehe ty

  163. We trade ours in for free 12 packs.

  164. Jennifer Hedden says:

    If they are still available I will try to go for a Bass Pro Shop Gift Card for my fiance. Thank you for the great giveaway!

  165. karen ferguson says:

    don’t know…..haven’t really had enough to get anything, so this would be just awesome!!!

  166. I have no clue – I used the Swag Bucks Rewards, and my husband gets the Coke Rewards:-)

  167. I have no clue – I used the Swag Bucks Rewards, and my husband gets the Coke Rewards:-)

  168. I am saving up to get my boyfriend a nike gift card….he deserves it for all he does :)

  169. awesomely nice giveaway!

  170. Im working toward, anything really, generally the free 12 pk coupon.

  171. SHANNON says:


  172. Im saving up for sneakers from Nike for my son. He’s just starting to walk! Thanks for the chance to win(:

  173. I would like the red wireless mouse. Mine died.

  174. virginia rogers says:

    Definitely looking toward the six flags discounts, my kids have been wanting to go and been trying to save to possibly get them there this summer. Thank you this would be an awesome prize to win, appreciate the chance!!!

  175. Not sure yet. I’ve never had enough points to cash in, but now maybe I will!

  176. Sarah E. says:

    I am going for the movie tickets for Christmas gifts!

  177. yadira pelkey says:

    coupons for free 12 packs!

  178. marie cantelli says:

    oh anything really

  179. Trinity Cook says:

    I save them for when things go on sale, love the free 12 pack coupons also :)

  180. miranda l. says:

    the shutterfly fleece photo blanket. i want to make one of these for my kids SO bad!!!!

  181. Cathy Naughton says:

    Don’t know yet. Maybe a ticket to Gilroy Gardens. I already got 2 T-shirts for my boys.

  182. Sidney L says:

    I want the sea world tickets.

  183. Amanda Crowson says:

    I try to save my points up for when they have gift cards, or coupons for free items. I like when they put the 12pack coupons half off on their wednesday specials. Would love to add more points to my account.

  184. joanna hacker says:

    im not saving for anything in particular maybe some coke or a tshirt

  185. Jill Kornberg Schmitz says:

    Just want soday.

  186. I would love the tv or any prize.

  187. Angela W says:

    I always try and snag gift cards and coupons…have my eye on a NIKE e-giftcard soon and this would help a ton! Thanks!

  188. tiffany laventure says:

    nothing particular

  189. I usually just get 12-pack coupons and enter giveaways. But they do have awesome prizes. I’ve gotten a yoga mat, new pans, magazine subscriptions, and game downloads.

  190. Crystal Gibson says:

    A year of pogo for hubby and me! He is a trucker and thats what we do every night together!

  191. maureen sheets says:

    I usually use them for soda coupons..

  192. Patrice says:

    Cookie jar

  193. Elizabeth Berlovan says:

    A gift card.

  194. Heather Rhodes says:

    I would love to get enough points for a canvas print since I just got married!

  195. robin goins says:

    would love to win the coke lids for magazine subsriptions and things for my kids

  196. Jessica Locastro says:


  197. i dont know my kids use these so it would be up to yhem.

  198. Tricia R says:

    I love to enter the sweepstakes, One day I’m gonna win!!!! :)

  199. use coke points a lot. get free coke and gift cards and a pan

  200. Kathi Spence says:

    Thanks for the opportunity at the chance to win!

    • Kathi Spence says:

      Nothing in particular. Waiting for the good thing to come along for the amount of points I have. These points would really help me!

  201. Monica Platz says:

    Nothing yet, but I wil decide when I get all the points I need! Thanks for the chance!

  202. Kriste Mcdonald says:

    Id like to use them towards Christmas presents..:)

  203. I love using them toward clothing and hats. Unique giveaway–thanks!

  204. Linda G. says:

    I don’t have my eye on anything yet.

  205. Our PTA would LOVE these!!

  206. Heather Irwin says:

    I just started…but gift cards would be nice.

  207. Tracie Russell says:

    I would love to have a date night with my honey. Movie give cards would be awesome!!! Thank you for the opportunity to win this<3

  208. Kathleen says:

    I use them to enter sweeps and special items. THank you!

  209. tina gregory says:

    Not sure exactly what I would save for but would love to have them. Just started this not to long ago

  210. Kiki Bacaro says:

    Not sure yet but some kind of restaurant gift card would be my preference

  211. ReggieMann says:

    I use My Coke Rewards points to enter contests & sweepstakes on the MCR website

  212. Brooke Riedel says:

    Gift cards

  213. Nikki Martin says:

    I use these for movie tickets. :)

  214. I use them for the sweepstakes

  215. Leona P says:

    ive been using them for tshirts

  216. Anastasia says:

    I’m not saving for a particular prize. I just try to get as many as possible then spend them when something I like comes up :)

  217. Sandy V. says:

    I use them for contest entries.

  218. Diane Bode says:

    I give mine to our school for school supplies.

  219. Rachel Prewitt says:

    I like to enter coke rewards, but I always forget to save my caps!

  220. the good deals

  221. Tiffany Stufflestreet says:

    $50 nike gc

  222. Mindy S says:

    I usually enter sweeps with my points but if I won this many, I would find something bigger to redeem them with.

  223. Jeni Lutz says:

    I use coke points for movie tickets and pogo for a year

  224. Collecting points to get the racing shirt for my brother

  225. If I won I would probably upset some people, but I just redid my kitchen in a coke theme. I even have a high table for two set up in the corner decorated with coke items. So I would use the caps in some sort of artistic display to hang on the wall.

  226. Anita Leibert says:

    I have not yet decided!

    • I save all of my coke rewards for my son who has received many restaurant gift certificates that he graciously shares with us!!

  227. Amanda Brown says:

    I just save up until something cool stands out to me :)

  228. Courtney Sarver says:

    I would use them towards the 16 oz. Travel Mug from Shutterfly then save the rest to put towards something that really catches my fancy

  229. I say all of my rewards for my son. He has received some great gift cert. for restaurants that he graciously shares with us!

  230. Magdalena says:

    I just joined MyCokeReward so this would help get me off to a good start! Thanks!

  231. I’d like to win a Kindle or iPod to gift to someone!

  232. Polly Bourke Farrar says:

    I wonder how long it would take to redeem all of them lol

  233. Chavonne H says:

    I would like the AMC movie tickets

  234. Karen Hacker says:

    Trying to save up for the Powerade Coupons. My son only drinks bottled water or Powerade and I can never find coupons other than from the points. So this would be so cool to win.

  235. Thanks for the giveaway!

  236. Kris Garvey says:

    AMC Movie tickets … my husband and I have a four month old, and he’s been unemployed for almost 6 months, so we definitely need a night out but can’t afford it ourselves yet!

  237. would love to win these!

  238. Christine V says:

    There’s nothing in particular I’m saving my points for. I check in regularly, & order if I see something that I like, and *IF* I have enough points for it! This will help A LOT!!

  239. Jessilyn Lucas says:

    I haven’t decided, I just want to be able to have enough points that I am not limited to what i want to get. Also I am using my points to save up and hopefully get some good christmas presents for my family!

  240. mindy bosket says:

    we are saving for a vacation to NJ. We save on swagbucks and inbox dollars for gas money and use coke rewards points for the hotel, the car rental, and the park admissions! This would put is at our level for getting tickets to six flags and sahara sams!

  241. carrie ovard says:

    I haven’t decided what I will get yet!

  242. Mostly gift cards

  243. Any kitchen things

  244. Becky Rawlinson says:

    Nothing specific right now.

  245. Heather Cronin says:

    Love when they have gift cards, but i always seem to miss the good ones. Definitely keeping my eye out for some new prizes.

  246. Sarah Ostriyznick says:

    Just always saving them in case I see something awesome that I want!

  247. debby etling says:

    I will use the coke points for Christmas presents. This is the first year I started saving and it has been fun. Thank you.

  248. Robert Pyszk says:

    I am working toward a magazine subscription

  249. Martha Evans says:

    not really anything in particular, but i would like the stacking kitchen set, or another cupcake/deviled egg holder to give away for christmas. otherwise, just use my points when i see something cool.

  250. Melissa B. says:

    I want the Coke jigsaw puzzle.

  251. Esmeralda flores says:

    I would love to win to get giftcards.

  252. sarah t says:

    i donate my points to my son’s school and i’m not sure what they are saving for

  253. nicole korson says:

    I’m so impatient…just another coke!

  254. cr perez says:

    Not sure what prize, I use mine mostly to score free movies at BB.

  255. s riches says:

    Tshirts and baseball caps

  256. thanks for the giveaway.. if i win i would love to get some free coke

  257. Miranda says:

    I’m saving up for something nice for my hubby! He always spoils me and I want to return the favor!

  258. Sharon Baker says:

    I use them for various sweeps!

  259. Nothing in paticular! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  260. LESLIE STOCKTON says:


  261. juanita may says:

    I enter coke codes all the time. would love to win this

  262. Chelsea P. says:

    Nothing specific…Just wanna maybe get a giftcard! Thanks for the chance!

  263. Kristine says:

    I save for awhile, watching for a mcdonald’s coupon, if I dont see any I blow them all on instant win or sweepstakes entries and start saving again!

  264. I am saving mine until the holiday time. They normally put some great prizes out then.

  265. mariah king says:

    i really want gift cards

  266. Julie Adams says: $100 egift certificate…so my husband and I can finally go on a dinner for our anniversary we had in May.

  267. This is a good one,i like coke.

  268. Caitlin Zemke says:

    Gift cards! (:

  269. DAWN walsh says:

    thinking about the fleece photo blamket

  270. Photobooks from Shutterfly and Blockbuster movie nights. Everything for my family :)

  271. Donna Dorothy says:

    I am saving up for an awesome gift card to take my honey out with !

  272. Jennie Hawkins says:

    Visa or other gift cards or coupons.

  273. been savein up for a rainy day for me and my hunny emty nesters

  274. Sara Collins says:

    Just started saving caps for my coke rewards! Would love to win this!

  275. Sara Collins says:

    I’d like to win the grill!

  276. Chrissy Bierman says:

    I would love to win the cruise :0)

  277. Ariel Grace says:

    The Las Vegas Trip…but anything would be great!

  278. Nothing in particular! Just waiting for something to catch my eye and get points so I can get it! All the points I can get help with a better gift for myself! :)

  279. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

    laptop one
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  280. jennifer horn says:

    Not saving for anything in particular, just waiting for a deal on gift cards or items for Christmas gifts.

  281. Jeni Mitchell says:

    I have just started entering codes again so at this point I haven’t chosen a new item(s) to work for. I’m sure it’ll be something good. :) Great giveaway…thanks!!!

  282. i enter their contests and sweepstakes

  283. marci h says:

    i would get a coke sweat shirt :)

  284. I’m not saving up for anything in particular but would love to win! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  285. The red Maytag washer and dryer set.

  286. De Anna says:

    My boyfriend collects these, and this would make his month!

  287. an Mp3 player

  288. Chrystal J. says:

    I use mine to enter sweepstakes.

  289. tracy p. says:

    I keep redeeming for the McDonalds Spicy Mcbites :)

  290. I enter a bunch of different sweepstakes

  291. Angela Cisco says:

    I don’t have anything in mind in particular. I usually use them for club Pogo

  292. Betty Barnhart Lockhart says:

    I am working toward saving enough points for the christmas giftcard sale they have every year.It really helps out getting such awesome gift cards for christmas gifts.Thanks for the chance to win!!

  293. Maribel Cruz says:

    Nothing in particular but I love to enter the sweepstakes

  294. Mary Cloud says:

    Any gift cards

  295. jessica woods says:

    id keep adding them up

  296. Beth Palacios says:

    I would love to take my family on a cruise.

  297. Michelle S says:

    I hoard my points hehehe and use them towards sweepstakes.

  298. House of Blues gospel brunch

  299. nothing, I just started

  300. Amy DeLong says:

    gift card!

  301. I would get the free pop.

  302. Gina Futrell says:

    I am not saving for anything in particular. But, the nicer items are at higher point value

  303. Angela Neynaber says:

    I would use these to enter a sweepstakes on Coke Rewards for a new washer and dryer.

  304. Kimberly H says:

    Every year I save up for Six Flags tickets for our family to go in the summer. This would be a great start for next years tickets.
    Thank you.

  305. tara b. says:

    i’m not real sure :) just been collecting points

  306. nothing in particular,just something nice for birthday presents

  307. Vanessa Dalton says:

    new appliances for my house, housewares, decorations

  308. I’m saving up my points for all the magazines!

  309. Cathy Bradford says:

    Any of the sweepstakes

  310. Sherry Fowler says:

    not sure yet; prob something for Christmas

  311. Amber D. says:

    Just saving until something really good comes along (:

  312. Keisa Rogers says:

    Still not sure yet

  313. Mandy Reed says:

    I use them for christmas gifts,so nothing in particular waiting on christmas!! :)

  314. Nothing in particular. I did just redeem a few for a coupon. :)

  315. ohhhhhhhhh my that would be so nice to win the coke caps,as my sister just got me started on doing them!!! Thanks

  316. tamma Borzotra says:

    I’m saving them for a gift card!

  317. pamela stinnett says:

    i usually get something for myself that i wouldn’t normally buy

  318. lacie lair says:

    I get magazine subscriptons.

  319. Buy movie tickets!

  320. Linda Walters says:

    For Christmas stuff

  321. I am entering codes till I get enough for something cool that catches my eye, so far I dont have enough for even a gift card, but its ok. I sam patient!! :)

  322. Jacob Albretsen says:

    Family :)

  323. 0lyve0yl says:

    I cash cards are always great to try and win as they can be applied toward the many needs (i.e. school stuff, clothes, books and maybe even a good meal for me!)

  324. any kind of gift card :)

  325. Erica C. says:

    I like the Nike gift cards.

  326. Gina Reedy says:

    I probably just wanna keep getting the mcdonalds bites things unless I see something better. :)

  327. amy deeter says:

    free pop

  328. Valerie says:

    I’m saving for the food steamer. We are trying to eat healthier because hubby is wanting to be able to stop taking blood pressure medication.

  329. Melissa Andrews says:

    Gift cards for school

  330. i use them to get free drinks and also to try and win the big trips

  331. June Rivera says:

    Wouldl like to enter sweepstakes

  332. I am using Coke rewards for christmas gifts.

  333. Definitely the food steamer!

  334. I donate them to the local elementary school program.

  335. I love getting free 12 packs!

  336. The steam cooker

  337. Nothing yet, but I can always find something later!

  338. Not sure what I want yet but when i get enough points, i’m sure it will be something fantastic.

  339. Cindy Bowling says:

    I am trying to win an iPad

  340. free soda

  341. anna vaeth says:

    I am not sure yet what I would use them for, but def something our family of 6 can use.

  342. Ashli DiPrete says:

    I’m working towards the movie tickets, me and the hubby need a night out :)

  343. Kristine says:

    I just redeem for free drinks!

  344. regina m says:

    Contests to win an I-pad or Trip, or Christmas gifts.

  345. Haven’t decided yet, but it will be something good! :)

  346. coke t-shirt

  347. Sarah L says:

    2 AMC Theatres® Silver Experience™ Movie Tickets
    Thanks for the contest.

  348. Alana Vester says:

    I’m working towards 2 AMC Theatres® Silver Experience™ Movie Tickets and #2 Combo (2 Large Coca-Cola Fountain Drinks and 1 Large Popcorn) for my parents for a date night. :-)

  349. william says:

    will find somet
    hing not sure what

  350. Linda ANderson says:

    haven’t decided yet, but would love to win… thanks

  351. I like getting the magazine subscriptions and any free coupons they have.

  352. A refridgerator and washer and dryer

  353. I have gotten magazines free and then anything that catches my eye I will work for…

  354. Sally Guillen says:

    Nothing in particular, just waiting for that one thing that catches my eye.

  355. not decided what im saving my codes for yet but would love to win this :)

  356. Sandra Mann says:

    I want the seaworld tickets

  357. Shea Balentine says:

    I use the points for the sweepstakes! =)

  358. lourie. redigan says:

    I will let my son decide. What to do with them he is 15 and is a very good kid! I am lucky

  359. I get all my magazine subscriptions through them.

  360. Michelle Gregory says:

    I donate a lot of my points to organizations.

  361. I am not saving for anything yet, I keep looking for something

  362. Melissa Chris says:

    I’d love to have enough for movie pass’s. My kids always want to go and it is super expensive

  363. Maybe I’d redeem my points for movie tickets or something

  364. Tammy Mauk says:

    I would love to win! Love Coke!

  365. movie tickets

  366. Susan Smith says:

    I like using the MCR points for sweepstakes entries

  367. Denise Donaldson says:

    I am saving for the $20 visa

  368. Terri Menke says:

    I use them to play the instant games on the site. I have won quite a few prizes

  369. I haven’t done coke rewards yet. This would get me started.

  370. Renee Richardson says:

    There is a washer and dryer that I would love to have. I have been seriously dreaming about them for years. Thanks for the amazing giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  371. jeannie holley says:

    I save my points all year and use them for Christmas prezzies :)

  372. Michael S. says:

    I love magazines

  373. Sarah S says:

    I use the codes to try to win gift cards.

  374. Debbie B says:

    i like to spread my points for various prize sweepstakes entries!

  375. Natasha Black says:

    just started saving so haven’t really decided

  376. The magazine subscriptions!

  377. Richard Hicks says:

    not for anything particular but I usually go for electronic things

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  378. Jo Griffin says:

    I’m not saving for anything special right now. I like to enter some of the sweeps occasionally and redeem points for free 20 oz. products.

  379. Evelyn Alejandro says:

    I just started using coke points, and I want everything lol… I am trying to save up as much as I can and see what I can get for the hubby for Christmas!!

  380. elizabeth krajewski says:

    I love entering coke caps. Yes, I am addicted!

  381. Natasha says:

    Hello my name is Natasha and I’m a MCR addict. I feel as if I’m among friends. :)

  382. brian e. says:

    Thanks for the giveaway… Best Buy $5K GC !
    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  383. Vicki D. says:

    I have been trying to win the Vdara Hotel and Spa Las Vegas vaction. I have never been to Las Vegas.

  384. I’m saving them for a special surprise for my sister. She absolutely loves the small trinkets that the coke points have to offer. I personally don’t drink soda, so seeing the shocked look on her face if I won would be great :)

  385. Kristen Hernandez says:

    I always use my points to enter sweepstakes – right now I’m going for the $10,000 kitchen makeover! :)

  386. I,am going for the year of all you mags. thanks and God bless you. P.s I will use the caps to make Christmas Ornaments to give to family s that have none .you just glue pitcher in them and put a ribbon on and seal the cap with glue that drys clear or epoxy.

  387. The steam cooker would love that one.

  388. Lori Obermark says:

    the real nice headphones.

  389. Mallory Roberts says:

    I’m saving up for a $50 Omaha Steaks gift card. Thanks for the giveaway!

  390. Karri McComber says:

    Just saving for more pop!! ;)

  391. John Burden says:

    Saving up for an mp3 payer

  392. Erica flores says:

    Saving for a rainy day


  393. love coke rewards points…love to win

  394. nicole meadows says:

    a blanket from shutterfly with pictures of my mawmaw (moms mom) for my mom . she passed away in march of this year so my mom is really missing her.

  395. brittany buchanan says:

    The giftcards

  396. Michelle Frantz says:

    A one year membership to pogo

  397. Not sure yet..sometimes I use them to enter the sweeps

  398. I am working towards 3 months of Club Pogo.

  399. Free product coupons

  400. 1 yr of all you mag.

  401. Jean Cox says:

    Nothing in particular. I look for good deals and usually go for free drinks and food.

  402. I’m working toward a movie

  403. Free magazine subscriptions!

  404. Nothing in particular at this moment…

  405. The steam cooker.

  406. Saving for movie tickets

  407. Marcia Belknap says:

    Gift Cards

  408. I want to win a trip or something for my family

  409. cokecodesman1978 says:


  410. I want to win something I saw

  411. Did you know that McDonalds bistros offer over forty-seven thousand individuals each and every single day worldwide? There more than thirty-one thousand bistros in greater than one hundred and nineteen countries.


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