A Home Theater

I think having my own home theater would be so cool. I could have a projection screen, the tall drapes on the walls, surround sound, and of course home theater seating to feel like you were really at the movies. You can even buy custom seats with sports team logos for those great sports parties at your home. I love how they come with built-in cup holders. That’s a goal for one day in the future.

Thanks to My October Droppers

I am sorry this is getting posted so late, but I want to extend a big thanks to all my October droppers on Entrecard. I am posting my top 10 October droppers. I love this site. I have been a little lazy about dropping daily, but when I do, I drop 300. Yes it does take some time. I have bookmarked over 250 sites which does make it easier to drop quicker. I have read some awesome blogs, made a few new friends, and just enjoy the community feel I get on EC. Again thanks to everyone who drops on my blog.


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TMR Frugal Living Tip #44

Today’s thrifty tip is think before you spend. I’m extremely guilty of this one as well. I see something on sale, and my eyes light up. I feel like a kid in a candy store when I see items that are deeply discounted. I have to stop myself and ask these questions before I grab it. Do I really need this item? Will I really use it? Would I buy it if it wasn’t marked down?

I do find myself buying stuff I don’t need so I didn’t save anything. The temptation to buy it can be great because it is marked so low. Really stop and think about some of the purchases you wouldn’t have normally made. You think it’s just a dollar or two, but these little purchases add up quickly. Don’t let clearance fever take control of your better judgement. Take a deep breath, put it down, and walk away. You will be much happier in the long run.

Bird Feeders Make Great Gifts

I love having a bird feeder in my backyard. I have several large oak trees which the birds love to sit and socialize. I have a couple of ones that I made myself, and they were very simple designs. My feeder only has one perch so I have noticed that there have been some problems with the birds fighting to get to the food. The other problem I’m having is keeping the squirrels from eating all the food. Also, the feeders aren’t very attractive so I am looking to buy a squirrel-proof bird feeder. I like how it has a metal design to keep them out, but letting the birds to get to the food easily. The squirrels can’t damage this feeder, and it’s stainless steel which will weather the elements.

Birdfeeders.com is a great website that offers many great feeders that are very functional and attractive. This would make a great addition to any landscape while feeding the birds. The site offers a wide variety of many great feeders plus lots of really great tips about bird watching and much more. Spend $49.95 for FREE SHIPPING! All orders are shipped via UPS and a great return policy. Get a jump on your holiday shopping with a great bird feeder.

TMR Frugal Living Tip #43

Today’s thrifty tip is use the back of a used envelope or junk mail to write your shopping list. You are reusing a used item. Most envelopes are long enough to write a pretty long shopping list. You are saving money by using new paper and trees.

Protect Your Kids Online

There are some really great programs to make sure your kids aren’t looking at sites they shouldn’t. One of the ones I like is a keylogger which will check everything being typed. This is a great tool for emails. This would also be good for teens that use sites like Myspace and do online chatting. There are many online predators so keep your kids safe from themselves.

TMR Frugal Living Tip #42

Today’s thrifty tip is buy more generics. This could be food, medicines, and even beauty items like skin care. I even prefer some generic items to the name brand. The funny thing is they are packaged and processed at the same plants, but just a different label. The same foods but just cheaper. This could save you as much as 30-40% as the name brands. I don’t have double store coupons and mostly local stores.

Generic medicines are just as good as name brand. They have to go through the same testing and regulations. This will definitely save you a lot of money, especially on prescriptions. I always ask for the generic form if available. My co-pays are much cheaper as well. I can usually pay $4 for certain prescriptions.