Buy Prescription Drugs Online

How to Buy Prescription Drugs Online

With medication costs skyrocketing around the world, at least 25% of Americans have trouble paying for prescription drug costs — and that number is on the rise. 

These medication costs have probably already impacted you and your family, but there’s good news. You can find ways around high medication costs without compromising on safety. One of the thriftiest ways to save on medications is to buy prescription drugs online.

If you’re wondering, “where can I buy prescription drugs online?” You’re not alone. 

Buying safe, inexpensive mediation online is possible. With a little know-how, you can take advantage of this low-cost medication solution too.

Ready to save money on meds? Keep reading to learn how!

Find a Safe Canadian Pharmacy

If you’re looking for the best site to buy prescription drugs online, you’ve probably thought about buying drugs online from Canada. Sourcing medications from Canada often cuts down on drug costs. 


Watch out, though: some pharmacies say that they are Canadian but are really located in other countries. To make sure your pharmacy is really from Canada, check the website for:

These are clear signs of a legal, safe pharmacy. You can feel comfortable buying drugs online from a pharmacy that has these characteristics.

A reputable pharmacy will also have lots of contact information available on their website, including:

  • A phone number
  • A fax number
  • Email and street addresses

You should be able to get in touch with the pharmacy in a variety of ways to ask questions. This also confirms that the pharmacy is legitimate. A safe Canadian pharmacy, like MapleLeafMeds, wants you to feel comfortable reaching out with any questions you have.

Compare Name Brand vs Generic Drug Formulations

Once you find your reliable pharmacy, it’s time to choose your medication. 

When it comes to buying prescription drugs online, you’ll see a wide variety in cost and prescription concentration. That’s because the name brand of a medication is usually significantly more expensive than a generic version. 

If your doctor wrote you a prescription for the name brand of a medication (like Coumadin for warfarin), you should purchase that version. There may be medical reasons that your doctor intends you to have that specific drug formulation.

If your prescription just reads “warfarin” (or any other generic drug name), you have more choice. You can buy a larger bulk amount, which is usually less expensive overall. Or, you can start with a small trial amount.

Order in Advance

You might be wondering, “Can you buy prescription drugs legally from Canada?” It’s not technically legal to order mediations from Canada, but it’s a common practice.

The authorities rarely persecute pharmacies that ship internationally. However, packages of medications might get delayed at the border. This means your medication’s shipping time could be prolonged, leaving you waiting for your medications.

Part of staying safe when you buy prescription drugs online is ordering them in advance of when you will need them. This ensures that delays don’t prevent you from getting the medication you need. 

Stay Away From Rogue Sites

While it’s not hard to find reputable sites where you can buy prescription drugs online, unfortunately the opposite is also true. There are lots of websites that promise cheap drug prices with no strings attached. These sites might have extremely low prices compared to other pharmacies and require fewer safety checks.

In this case, you might be dealing with a rogue site. These unreliable pharmacy sites might:

  • Sell products that are not approved by the FDA
  • Sell tainted or poor-quality products
  • Avoid safety protocols that protect patients from getting the wrong prescription

It’s tempting to go for these super-low drug prices. However, remember what your mother always told you: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t be tempted to pay a very low price for a poor-quality drug. 

Don’t Buy Without a Prescription

Many rogue sites want your money even if you don’t really need the drug. This means they’ll let you purchase any drug without requiring a prescription. 

That might sound great at first, but it’s actually dangerous. While it’s tempting to buy whatever drug you want without talking to your doctor first, you might end up with a drug that has negative effects on your health. 

There have been reports of people dying after taking drugs they bought through an online pharmacy without a prescription. If they had waited to get a prescription, the doctor would have identified underlying health problems that made it dangerous for them to have certain medications.

The good news? This doesn’t mean buying drugs online is always unsafe. 

All you have to do is get a real prescription from your licensed physician first. Remember, a good online pharmacy will always require proof of your prescription to sell you a drug. If the pharmacy lets you buy without a prescription, you may want to take your business elsewhere.

Buy Prescription Drugs Online the Right Way

Are you ready to save money on one of America’s biggest costs of living? Then you’re ready to buy prescription drugs online!

Thankfully, sourcing prescription drugs online is easier and safer than ever. With this article, you’ll know all the tips to get the best deals. Most importantly, you’ll be able to keep yourself — and your family — safe while you shop.

Don’t you love it when small changes add up to big savings? We do too! Keep reading our blog to learn more incredible ways to stay thrifty and save money!

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