A Homeowner’s Guide to Saving Water (And Money)

Guide to Saving Water

Did you know that the average household’s leaks can amount to more than 10,000 gallons a year? It’s enough water to wash 270 loads of laundry! And that much waste is not only bad for the environment, but it can add up to big water bills, too. 

Have you noticed leaks in your home? Or are you interested in learning how water savings can add up to big bucks? Check out this handy guide below to learn the best ways to save water at home. 

Save Water at Home by Fixing Leaks

If you were wondering about ways to save water at home, the first step is to fix any current leaks. Small leaks can add up to big water bills, and even larger repair bills if left unchecked. Water can do significant damage to your home that could compromise its safety and be expensive to fix. 

Switch Showerheads

There are many simple ways to save water at home, and switching showerheads is one of the easiest. Trade your old one for a low-flow showerhead that reduces water use. 

Update Toilets

Got outdated toilets? Replace them with updated models that conserve water and are more efficient. If you can’t do that now, check your toilet flapper to make sure it’s functioning right and isn’t leaking water–and if it is, replace it. 

Run Full Loads

Whether you are running your dishwasher or your washing machine, you should only do full loads. Wait until you have enough to fill the machine–this will help conserve water. And washing your clothes in cold water will also save money. 

Turn Off the Taps

Another easy water-saving trick is to turn off the taps when you are brushing your teeth. This simple act can add up to many gallons saved per day. And the same goes for shaving, too–turn off the faucet when you aren’t using it. 

Use a Rain Barrel

One of the most innovative ways to save water at home is to invest in a rain barrel. These containers collect rainwater which you can then use to water your garden. Then you won’t have to use water from the tap to hydrate your plants, which really adds up in the long run. 

Improve Septic Systems

For homeowners with septic systems, you might want to look into your wastewater treatment. Adding things like bio microbics to your existing system can help improve its performance. 

Ready To Save Water?

Now that you’ve learned how to save water at home, you can be proactive. Identify and fix any current leaks in your home to save yourself money and future expenses from water damage. Then make positive changes in your home, like switching out showerheads and toilets with more efficient versions. 

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