Travel Safety Tip Guide: How To Keep Your Belongings Safe

Travel Safety Tip

Taking proper safety precautions should be at the top of your list when planning a vacation. This is something that many travelers neglect. These same travelers end up falling victim to pickpockets or worse.

You can’t trust that you’ll be safe on vacation if you don’t take the time to learn how to keep yourself safe on vacation. However, you’re on the right track since you’re here reading this travel safety article. 

This travel safety tip guide will help you in knowing how to protect your belongings, how to avoid getting mugged, and more. Continue reading to learn about our top tips for vacation safety so you can confidently enjoy your travels. 

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

If you’re looking for how to keep yourself safe on vacation, our top travel safety tip is to stay aware of your surroundings. Most theft occurs when the victim is distracted or not paying attention.

For example, pickpockets are quick and skilled. If you’re not paying attention, you will have fallen victim long before you even realize it. 

Another common method among thieves is to jump you at the ATM. If you are using an ATM, take a moment to assess your surroundings.

Make sure no one is standing too close to you and check for any signs that the ATM has been tampered with. If you notice any of the above issues, move on to a different ATM or try again later. This is a good method to use if you’re looking at how to avoid getting mugged.

Keep Your Belongings Close

Know how to protect your belongings when you travel by keeping them close. It’s easy for thieves to cut a purse strap or pickpocket in busy areas or on public transportation.

This is why we recommend keeping your purses and bags facing front. If you have a backpack, wear it on your chest instead of your back. Or put it on your lap instead of underneath your seat. 

If you have a good visual of your belongings or they’re in your line of sight, you are less likely to become a target for theft. Even in less busy areas, it’s good to keep things where you can see them. 

Leave Your Valuables Somewhere Safe

Avoid carrying your valuables with you. Most hotels and hostels offer some form of safe to use or rent. It gives you extra peace of mind in case something does go wrong. 

If you only carry lower value items with you or necessary items, there’s only so much you can lose in the unfortunate event that you do get pickpocketed. 

Keep Your Cash Hidden

Keeping your cash hidden is another important travel safety tip because it keeps you from becoming an obvious target. Many travelers make the mistake of carrying large amounts of cash with them. 

They also make the mistake of pulling out large wads of cash or an overstuffed wallet when buying something. Anyone watching can see you have cash and someone could easily snatch it out of your hands. 

To avoid this, carry only small amounts of cash on you. If you absolutely need to carry cash, keep most of it hidden. Some travelers recommend using a cash belt or a fanny pack hidden under their clothes.

You can transfer money out of your belt or travel pouch as needed when you’re in private (like in the restroom or in your hotel room). That way no one knows how much cash you have or where you keep it. 

Avoid Carrying Expensive Accessories

If you want to know how to keep yourself safe on vacation, consider leaving your expensive accessories at home. While you can leave items in the hotel or hostel safe, you should ask yourself if you really need to bring certain items at all.

For example, many people use expensive wireless headphones or earbuds to listen to music or talk on the phone. However, these can make you a target, especially if you’re traveling in certain regions.

In these cases, we recommend using cheap headphones. Better yet, avoid using them altogether so you’re staying alert. It might not be as much fun as listening to your favorite music, but it’ll keep you from losing your hard-earned gear. 

You can also check out this blog on the AquaVault FlexSafe portable travel safe. It’s a great option for storing your valuables while you travel. 

Keep Copies of Your Documents

Using these travel safety tips will help you stay safe during your travels. Even so, there are certain precautions you should take such as keeping copies of all of your documents. 

If you’re traveling to a foreign country, keep a copy of your passport, any tickets, insurance, and travel itinerary. You should keep paper copies of these documents somewhere secure (though separate from the originals). You should also leave copies (digital or physical) with someone you trust.

This is a reliable method in case your passport or wallet gets stolen. It gives authorities some way to confirm your identity. 

Invest in Travel Insurance

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many travel destinations are requiring travel insurance. However, even if they don’t require it, it’s not something you should go without. 

Travel insurance is more than just helping with medical expenses in case you’re injured or become ill (both of which are huge bonuses, too). It also can help you access accommodation if you miss your flight or if you fall victim to theft. We suggest never traveling without it for vacation safety.

Put This Travel Safety Tip Guide to Use

Staying safe while on vacation is all about staying alert and making smart choices, which you can do by following this travel safety tip guide. Don’t carry expensive belongings if you don’t need them. Also, be aware of who is around you and what they can see.

Avoid showing off how much cash you have with you. Keeping your belongings where you can easily see and protect them will help with this. By following these vacation safety tips, you’ll be able to enjoy your vacation with the peace of mind that you’re prepared. 

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