8 Advantages of Bamboo Baby Clothes

Bamboo Baby Clothes

Having a baby doesn’t necessarily mean you have to increase your carbon footprint to new and unwanted levels. 

Bamboo baby clothes are not only a comfortable and protective choice for your baby, but they’re a sustainably sourced fabric. 

Yet, there a plenty more benefits of bamboo baby clothing that we’ll now discuss in this article. If you want quality, sustainability, and something unique, then opting for bamboo fabric is the way forward.

And we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised about what bamboo-made clothing can offer your little one!

Here are eight advantages of bamboo baby clothes.

1. They’re Super Soft and Cuddly!

Since babies have very sensitive skin, it’s a real benefit to have the softest baby clothes you can find to provide them with the comfort they need.

Bamboo fabric is exceptionally soft when compared with commonly used materials such as cotton – and the best part is, if you care for and wash your bamboo baby clothes properly, they’ll actually become softer overtime!

2. Allergy Reduction

Quite amazingly, bamboo is hypoallergenic, which is a relief if you’re worried that your infant might have allergies.

As well, since bamboo fibers are very smooth, they won’t irritate your baby’s skin like other materials. Let’s face it, one of the most common allergies that babies can have is dry skin conditions such as eczema.

Unfortunately, eczema is rife among babies, and it affects areas of the body that produce a lot of heat – their armpits, groins, and knees are typically eczema-prone areas.

Bamboo is a soft, breathable, and organic material which has to be one of the best choices for babies with skin issues.

3. Bamboo Baby Clothes Are Breathable

When choosing baby clothes, one issue most parents have is knowing whether they are breathable or not. If your baby’s clothes aren’t so breathable, there’s a risk that they can overheat, and they can also get clammy.

With bamboo fibers being porous, the clothing made from them is super-breathable and provides your baby with the airflow they need.

One tip is to ensure your baby wears very breathable clothing, such as bamboo fabrics, as they can often overheat at night.

4. Anti-Bacterial Properties

If you want a material with some of the highest anti-bacterial properties, bamboo is a go-to choice! When compared to other standard fabrics such as polyester, cotton, linen, and silk, it has been said that bamboo holds the anti-bacterial crown.

And, of course, keeping bacteria away from your little one should be a top priority. With bamboo baby clothes, your baby’s chances of accumulating a bad odor and developing fungal infections should be reduced.

The anti-bacterial properties of bamboo fabric should also support the reduction in eczema cases, along with its softness and breathability.

5. Bamboo Fabric Stretches

With all the movements that babies make, or at least attempt to make, their clothing needs to be stretchable and durable. The last thing you need is flimsy, non-stretching, and uncomfortable clothing for your baby.

Also, with stretchable fabric like bamboo, you should be able to manage to hold off buying new clothes when your baby grows ever so slightly. 

Ultimately, this stretchable fabric ensures your baby is comfortable, and there is less chance of skin irritation.

6. UV Protection

If you live in sunnier regions, or if it’s summer where you are, then UV protection for your baby is a must. 

Since your baby’s skin is so sensitive, harmful rays from the sun can cause skin irritation at the very least, but more seriously, sunburn is a big concern. Many bamboo fabrics are known to provide sun protection from UPF 20 through to 50+ in some cases, so they’re well worth considering.

7. Eco-Friendly Clothing

If you’re bothered about your carbon footprint and any negative impacts you may be having on the environment, bamboo baby clothing is a step in the right direction.

Not only will your baby gain all the practical benefits of bamboo fabric, but you can have the peace of mind to know that you are helping to develop a more sustainable way of living. 

The reason why bamboo is thought of as sustainable is that fewer natural resources are needed to grow and harvest it. Furthermore, usually, no toxic chemicals are used in the production of bamboo.

8. Bamboo Is Absorbant

One last practical benefit that we almost forgot to mention is how wonderfully absorbent bamboo clothing is! 

As we all know, babies love to move around a lot, and when you play with them, they can become rather sweaty at times. If their clothing isn’t absorbant, then they’re going to be uncomfortably wet throughout the day – especially if you’re in a warm climate. 

Baby bamboo clothing soaks up moisture very efficiently, keeping your baby dry and happy all day long. Furthermore, when your baby’s skin is damp and the air is humid, bamboo fabric won’t stick to their skin like other fabrics!

The Takeaway

When your infant wears bamboo fabric, they’ll remain dry, have good airflow, and loads of soft cuddly comfort throughout their early years. And, the chances of them developing skin irritation and other bacterial issues will be drastically reduced than if they were to wear other fabrics.

Overall, bamboo seems to be a super fabric that we all should make use of more, especially if we want a more eco-friendly future for our new generations.

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