5 Simple Airport Tips to Save Time and Energy

Airport Tips

While the numbers are still down from the pre-Covid pandemic numbers, the number of people flying on a given day routinely cracks a million. While traffic in smaller airports might remain sparse, you can still expect a lot of bodies in major airports like Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

If you get a flight or catch a connection through one of those, arriving unprepared can mean a lot of hassle and stress. On the bright side, you can do a lot of things that will keep that stress level down. Keep reading for five airport tips that will keep your stress level down and your experience more pleasant.

1. Bring Snacks

Airport food prices often come as a nasty shock to new travelers. You can expect prices that range from double to triple what you’d normally pay. That’s to say nothing of the long lines you often face if you want hot food.

Spare yourself some hassle and bring snacks in your bag. Go for foods with light smells as a courtesy to other travelers.

2. Plan for Parking

Parking isn’t a problem when you take a cab, hail a rideshare, or get someone to drop you off. If you plan on taking your own car and leaving it parked at the airport, you can’t assume spots will be available at major airports. Make sure you get airport parking reservations when you book your trip.

3. Dress for Comfort

Even in airports with a light traveler load, you’ll still spend a lot of time standing, walking, and potentially sitting around as you wait for your flight. That makes comfortable shoes and casual clothes your best friend. Your feet will hurt less, and you’ll do less fidgeting.

4. Book Night Flights

Flying at night isn’t a lot of fun, but it helps you bypass many of the hassles you normally deal with at the airport. You get short or non-existent lines for most services. As a bonus, redeye flights often end up less crowded than daytime flights.

5. Pre-Screen

Most people get through airport security without a problem. That doesn’t mean they do it quickly. Every time you go through security you’re at the mercy of the length of the queue.

You can beat some of the time wasted at security with a TSA PreCheck. In essence, you submit to a background check ahead of time. In exchange, you breeze through security in about 5 minutes.

Getting the Most from Airport Tips

Getting the most from these airport tips means understanding a little about the airports you’ll visit during your trip. If you fly from one smaller airport to another smaller airport, you can worry less about crowds and lines.

On the other hand, flying from one major airport to another major airport means you’ll face all the hassles of major travel hubs. Check your flights and connections. If you’ll hit a travel hub, plan accordingly.

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