Washing Machine Cleaning Tablets vs Generic Powder: Which Is Better?

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Your washing machine is one of those things you don’t think to clean. Even though you pour soap in it every time you use it, it still harbors bacteria and germs.

What’s the proper way to clean it? Washing machine cleaning tablets or generic powder? Here we breakdown which agent is the best for getting your washing machine squeaky clean.

Pros and Cons of Washing Machine Cleaning Tablets

Washing machine cleaning tablets have become popular in recent years. Consumers praise their convenience and simplicity. 

One benefit of machine cleaning tablets is that it takes the hassle out of measuring cleansing solutions. All you have to do is pop one in your washer and let it work its magic.

Another thing people praise about washing machine cleaning tablets is that it effectively dissolves. This means that less is lost down the drain — compared to a liquid cleaner that gets wasted before the wash begins.

While washing machine cleaning tablets come with a host of benefits, there are a few cons. First, tablets dissolve slower than loose powder and at lower temperatures — anything under 68 degrees F. This means that they most likely won’t dissolve in hot water.  

At the end of the wash cycle, you may still find little clumps of powder left in your washer. Over time these little clumps can add up and cause malfunctions with your washing machine.

Not only is this a nuisance but it’s can be expensive. The cost of washing machine repair ranges from $50 to $1000 — that’s a lot of money! 

Now that we’ve gone over the pros and cons of washing machine cleaning tablets, let’s talk about regular laundry powder.

Pros and Cons of Regular Laundry Powder

Traditional powder detergent is a long-time favorite and gets the job done. Not to mention, they are cheaper than liquid detergents. Some consumers say that they’re even more economical than tablets.

What’s also great is that most brands of laundry detergent powder contain oxygen bleach that helps keep your washing machine clean and sanitized.

Although these are a preferred detergent for many, they are slowly leaving store shelves. This means it may be harder to get your hands on a box of traditional powder detergent.

Like washing machine cleaner tablets, the regular powder does pose problems for your washing machine. As explained, the powder doesn’t dissolve easily and may leave solid deposits in your washer. 

So what’s the difference between washing machine cleaners and generic powder?

Cleaning Tablets Vs. Laundry Powder: Which is Best?

While both washing machine cleaner tablets and generic powder have similar properties, they serve different purposes. Powder detergent has agents similar to cleaner tablets but doesn’t do a good job of sanitizing your washing machine.

If you want to break up dirt and residue from your washing machine, we recommend washing machine cleaners. However, be sure not to use them more than once a month. Using them too often may leave solid particles in your washer — no one wants that.

How Do You Clean Your Washing Machine?

Cleaning your washing machine keeps it bacteria and mold-free. Whether you choose more natural methods or washing machine cleaning tablets, make sure you do it once a month.

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