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Do you love to color? Enter to win this New Generation – Magical Augmented Reality Velvet Posters LION, Interactive Coloring 11×15 Velvet Posters – 2 PACK Creative Fuzzy Velvet Posters,8/pc Super Tip Washable Markers Included!

  • NEW ! MAGICAL POSTERS – Welcome to the NEXT Generation of coloring Velvet Posters where coloring and fun go hand in hand.
  • INTERACTIVE – Velvet Posters uses cutting edge Augmented Reality technology , to bring your Velvet Poster to life!
  • FREE APP – iOS & Android App INCLUDED !
  • 2 PACK-Fuzzy Velvet Posters ,8/pc Supper Tip Washable Markers INCLUDED !
  • AMAZING DESIGNS – Available in wide variety of designs COLLECT THEM ALL !!!

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