Apply for the American Girl® Bitty Baby® House Party


Have you heard of House Party yet?!! It’s a great site where you can be chosen to host a party of different fun products.

You have to apply for the house party, but you will get a free party kit, invite some friends over, and party! Then take pictures and share.

Extremely easy and fun. You don’t have to be a blogger either to host a party!

You can apply host the newest party which is a American Girl® Bitty Baby® House Party

They will chose 1,200 entrants to host a house party.

If you are selected, then you will receive

  • Bitty Baby Doll Set
  • Additional picture story book, doll outfit and plush animal
  • Bitty Baby coloring sheets, puzzles, wishing stars and more for your guests
  • Tip sheets for moms
  • And more!

The best part is you get to keep all of it!

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