Join I-Say Panel to be Entered for a Chance To Win $5,000!

Join the Ipsos I-Say Panel & you will be entered into a draw for $5000.

I-Say sends their researchers (This title could be yours!) free products, such as linen and shampoo. Days later, the researcher receives a phone call and tells them that they are satisfied with the product, and that is all. I-Say gives their members products in exchange for satisfaction.

This is how much this company values the opinion of their researchers. But it extends further beyond that. They even want you to fill out surveys to tell corporations what you think of how they are doing. It is time for the customer to speak, and the corporations to quiet down and listen! I-Say allows the customer the opportunity to do that.

But if directing the market is not enough for you, I-Say will even pay you for these opinions. They offer cash, gift cards, and charitable donations in your name in exchange for what you have to say. Tell businesses that carry products that you care about what you are thinking, and get paid to do that.

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