Got Tough Stains on Clothing then Shout® it out!

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As a mom of a very active little boy, I know how hard it can be to get out some stains. He comes home with grass stains, dried mud, and at time even dried blood on his school pants. His school uniform shirts end up with lots of food stains and again dried blood. He plays very rough and it's a constant battle to keep his clothes free of stains and looking nice.

That's why I am so thankful for Shout® Trigger! It is great at getting out the really tough set-in stains that my son loves to make while at school or playing outside. Shout® Trigger is also great for husbands with work clothes that might see grease, smoke, or whatever else. My husband works in a warehouse so he comes home with stains that become old and set-in. 

Shout® Trigger has a Triple-Acting Formula which helps it to cling and really penetrates to lift away stains. It has a convenient trigger dispenser that is safe for all colorfast washables including towels and sheets. It also works well in all water temperatures which is great since I mostly use a cold water wash and rinse cycle. I love being able to just spray the stains on the clothes and walk away to do other things. That is a huge timesaver as I'm very busy. You can purchase Shout® Trigger at Walmart to save more time and money.

Have you used the Shout Trigger yet for all of your toughest stains?

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