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TMR Frugal Living Tip #92

Banking OnlineToday’s thrifty living tip is to use online banking to pay your bills. I have a couple of my bills automatically drafted, but I use my bank’s online bill pay system for all my other bills for free. At the beginning of each month, I schedule all my bills with the date I want them to be paid. It is much less trouble, and I save money on stamps and checks.

The price of stamps is getting very expensive. I have about 10 bills to pay, so this saves me close to $5 a month in stamps. I realize $60 does not seem like much savings, but that is equivalent to buying a couple more Christmas gifts. It all adds up especially in this economy with the cost of living going up rapidly, and my husband’s salary is not. I write two checks a month so one box lasts for a couple of years. My bank does offer rewards for using its online bill pay service.

Do you use online banking?

*Note: All reputable banks have security locks on their page but just double check for extra reassurance. *Note: I have used online banking for over 12 years safely.

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