STOP SOPA/PIPA- Internet Blackout January 18, 2012!

I usually do not post political articles on my blog, but this is something that affects all of us regardless of your political views.

SOPA/PIPA what? I have read about the bills in the last couple of months, but Washington is going to vote on this bill on January 24th, 2012! You have probably read about the protest on many big internet sites such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and many more. Basically this bill is meant to stop “piracy” of rogue sites. This is fine in theory, but the way the bills are worded it will hurt the internet as a whole and everyone who uses the internet. I have embedded a YouTube video below which will further explain the bills proposed before Congress and the Senate.

If you think this doesn’t affect me, then you are wrong! If this bill is passed, it’s a slippery rope we Americans don’t want to go down. It won’t stop at the internet. Do we really want to give the government this kind of control?

We need to kill this bill, and the government needs to find another way to fight piracy. As bloggers, we really need to take notice and write our Congress and Senators to vote NO to SOPA/PIPA! This will hurt how you make money to help support your family. Does the government really want to further hurt the economy? So many people are finding ways to help make a little extra money while out of work. Please visit Stop American Censorship to learn more.

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