Genie Bra- Big Disappointment

*This review is my own unbiased opinion and I am not being compensated.*

I admit I have trouble finding a bra that gives me a great fit and support. I want one that will look smooth under tops and still feel comfortable. I actually prefer soft cups as the under wire bras will poke me. I was intrigued by the commercials for the Genie Bra. When I found a pack of two at Target for $20, then I had to have it.

On the back of the package, there is a chart which shows you the size you should buy based on your shirt size. I bought the next size up since I put on some weight after the holidays. The pack comes with a beige and black color. I prefer the nude color since it is more of a flesh tone. I could not wait to get home to try them on.

Each Genie bra comes with the pads, but they are easily removed if you prefer. I tried it on first with the pads. I quickly realized the pads were going to have to come out as they were not completely covering. It just did not feel or look right. I took out the pads, but I still did not feel the cups were separated properly. It was not quite as bad as my sports bra with the one boob look, but it was not too far from that look.

The Genie bra promises comfort and no need for shape wear as you will eliminate the back fat lumps. I can tell you this was not the case. This bra did not look smooth under my top. The bra came down very low in the back. It did nothing to help smooth out the back or on the sides. The material is very thin so if you do not use the pads, then you can see your nipples. That is not a good look.

The worst part of the Genie bra is the lack of support. I am well endowed and let’s just say my cup size is past C. I need a bra with support and cups that will lift and separate. It did not lift or separate. I was more comfortable with it off than on. I am definitely returning this package. The only positive thing I can say about the Genie bra is it is inexpensive at $10 a bra. I would rather spend more on a good quality bra that will support and look good while wearing.

The Genie bra might be great for some people, but I would definitely not purchase if you are on the fuller side. I would save your money and use that $20 towards a bra that will give you good support and comfort.

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