Just Cashed Out My First $25 GC BoomerTowne!

I just cashed out my first $25 gc to Best Buy from BoomerTowne! I still have over 1,000 pts in my account. Thanks to everyone that signed up under me and I should see those referral points by the middle of the month. Anyway it’s an awesome site and so easy to earn the points. I am getting 1,500 points a day (that’s the max) and all I do is chat on a chat board for 5-10 minutes (sometimes b/c I’m having fun chatting), a couple of easy posts on the boards. I also click on games (you don’t have to play if you don’t), accepting friend requests gives you 10pts per request, and asking for friends which is 7pts. I also do the daily trivia (25pts) and it doesn’t matter if you get the questions wrong or right. Rating tips, recipes, jokes, watching videos and there is so much more. It’s super easy and takes me less than an hour each day. Hubby does his in the morning. We are saving up for a WII which you can earn on the site but it’s about 20,000 points this way so the gc’s are better for us. I just wanted to update everyone and it’s a really easy to earn the points. Again if you are interested in joining this great site please shoot me an email (click on the link below) and provide me with your first name and email addy. It’s the only way I can send referrals is to email them directly which is a pain.

Email For BoomerTowne Invite!

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