NEW 10 My Coke Rewards Points Code!

Here is a NEW 10 My Coke Rewards Point code!

Enter code: worldrecord

Don’t forget to get your daily 20 point codes below!


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  1. Another great offer starting on 8/1-8/31 you get a free Shutterfly photo book from when you enter any 5 codes from a participating brand in MCR. You can enter any code but usually find them underneath the caps of 20oz,
    2 litre and printed on multi-pack tear offs marked with the MyCokeRewards logo on the package.
    The photo book is a $29.95 value. (requires a $7.99 shipping charge)
    How it works: Go to to find out more. Enter 5 codes. Upload your photos on Shutterfly by 9/27 and they will print and mail you the book.
    It’s a great deal and a lot of fun. Also spread the word if you know anyone else interested.

  2. Michelle J says:

    I put the codes in a couple times this week and today when I went to enter them just now, I got………..

    Sorry to say, but you’ve enter the maximum amount of Bonus Points this week. Hang on to those, because the Weekly Points Tracker resets Monday at 12 a.m. ET

    That was with the 3 codes here….the two with the numbers and the one with the WORLD RECORD. Not sure if they only allow you 4 per week, but that’s all I’ve entered this week and today. I appreciate the codes and will try again next week.
    Just wanted to mention, not complaining!! :)

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