Involved in a Car Accident? Here’s How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Save You Money

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Each year in the US, there are an average six million car accidents. 

As a result of these auto accidents, three million American citizens are injured every year. And, as you’ll know if you’ve been in a car crash, injuries sustained in even minor accidents can keep you from working and paying your bills.

But, where many people make a wrong move after a car accident is by failing to get a personal injury lawyer. These personal injury law experts can often make all the difference to the success of your compensation claim.  

Here we explain why you should get an injury attorney and how they can save you money after a car accident. 

Expert Advice 

If you’re wondering ‘what is a personal injury lawyer?’, the simple answer is that they’re experts in personal injury law. As such, they’re trained to get you as much compensation as possible. 

And, since many specialize in auto accidents, they have years of experience handling claims like yours, which you can read more about here. 

From the offset, your personal injury attorney will be able to advise you what to say and to whom. Many insurance investigators try to catch car crash victims out, especially just after the accident. This is because there’s more chance that they haven’t yet hired an attorney. 

This might lead to you wrongly admitting fault due to a misunderstanding, or signing documents you shouldn’t. So, not only is it a good idea to hire an attorney to handle your car accident claim, it’s also important to do it as soon as possible. 

Increased Compensation Potential

One of the first things your attorney will tell you to do is to get checked out by a doctor. 

Your doctor will let you know the cost of your initial medical bills, as well as an estimate for future medical expenses. They’ll also tell you if your injuries will result in physical limitations, such as long-term back pain, which could impact your future earning potential. 

Based on this assessment, your lawyer will then be able to establish a fair compensation amount.

The average accident victim can usually work out how much they might need to cover their medical bills and loss of earnings. But, your lawyer will have a far better idea than you how much you can expect in total, which should also take your pain and suffering into account.  

Pain and suffering are often difficult for victims to put a price on. But, thanks to their years of experience, lawyers know how big an impact these factors have on your claim. And this is just one of the many ways personal injury lawyers can make a big difference to your compensation potential. 

Access to Investigators

After an accident, some people make the mistake of thinking that their word is enough. But, without evidence and support for your version of events, your compensation claim is unlikely to hold up.

Personal injury claims can get messy, especially if those at fault aren’t admitting it. Even if you were smart enough to get witness statements at the scene of the accident, attorneys know professional investigators who can dig deeper. 

This is often necessary when assets, liability and insurance issues come into question. And, having the resources to find out about these can make all the difference when it comes to building your claim. 

Experience and Efficiency

Personal injury attorneys are personal injury law experts. But, they’re also well-versed in all the paperwork that needs to be signed, sealed and delivered in order for your claim to proceed. 

You can always handle all this yourself. But, that means you’ll have to request medical records, review police charts and communicate with the insurance adjuster. 

And, as this is all new to you, there’s a risk of missing a deadline or failing to submit the correct information. This could delay or even invalidate your claim. So, just as you shouldn’t be ashamed about hiring help around the house, it makes sense to leave your compensation claim to the professionals. 

Higher Settlements

In most car accident compensation claims, people who hire attorneys receive a higher injury settlement. No, it’s not fair, but insurance companies tend to offer solo claimants much lower settlements and hope that they’ll go for them, which they often do.

Having representation from a personal injury attorney means that the adjusters will take your case more seriously. As such, they’ll offer you a more reasonable settlement figure. 

And, even if they don’t, your lawyer will be on hand to dispute the settlement amount. This can mean arbitration, mediation or trial, all of which your lawyer will take you through if these eventualities occur. 

No Win, No Fee

All this sounds great, but you’ll have to pay the lawyer’s fees, so how can they save you money? Well, most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. This means that you don’t owe them anything if they don’t win the case for you. 

And, if they do win, the fees will come out of the settlement you receive, so you’ll never have to pay anything up front. And, even after paying your lawyer’s fees, because the settlement amount is higher, you’ll still walk away with more compensation money than you could have hoped for without the help of your attorney. 

Save Money with a Personal Injury Attorney

Unfortunately, in the world of personal injury claims, there aren’t many cases where the Davids of this world have taken on insurance company Goliaths and won. At least, not without the help of an injury attorney. 

As experts trained in the field of personal injury law, your personal injury lawyer will make the whole process a lot less stressful. And, you’ll save money by enlisting their help as you’ll get a bigger settlement. 

Of course, if you do have a car accident, good car insurance coverage can make all the difference. Check out these ways to save on your car insurance premiums without skimping on cover.  

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