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SkinnyJeans is a denim company who has boasting rights for the “skinny jean”–jeans that make you look thinner. They are unlike any jeans you have experienced. Here’s a few things that set them a part:

  • Made from classic denim enhanced with high nylon/elastane content giving them a “beefy” strength and creating “memory”–the denim sucks everything in and never sags, bags or grows by day’s end!
  • Medium rise with stretch waistband there’s no muffin-top spill-over, plumber’s cleavage and no previously non-existent potbelly!
  • A non-stretch cotton pocket lining is sewn into the front seam; when the jeans are zipped up, it creates a restraining panel that pushes the entire stomach in. The thighs are “scooped out” for a slimming effect which drastically separates and thins out the thighs and pushes the butt out creating a shapely you!
  • The size, shape and placement of the pockets are solely to make the bottom appear smaller and shapelier. There are no designs that make the bottom appear droopy or wide, no placement of the pocket so low on the thigh that it shortens the leg and no pockets so small the rear looks huge by comparison.
  • Fading and shading on SkinnyJeans creates an optical illusion, front and back, to slim the leg. The inside and outside seams are darkened to make the thigh appear slimmer. The sides of the hips are darker so the hips appear narrower. The front of the leg is slightly faded down the middle making the leg appear longer!
  • Inseams drawn forward on the leg, tricking the eye into seeing less “real estate” on the front of the leg.

skinny jeans true colors

New this season, SkinnyJeans has launched a new line called Team Color, jeans dyed to exactly match the color of every college and pro sports team in the country!

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