Crocs: Ugly but My Feet Don’t Care

I have seen quite a few articles criticizing that Crocs are ugly and so unfashionable. That is probably true, but I must say that my feet just don’t care about fashion. I used to think they were one of the most hideous things ever created. After I bought a pair, I have since stopped caring. I’m all about comfort these days and crocs provide me with lots of it. You really don’t have to wear them in public, but you should at least have a pair for around the house.

They do make several different styles but I really love my Cayman crocs in chocolate. I personally don’t care for the bright colored ones so I chose a nice neutral color like brown. Another great feature is I can just hose them off during the summer if they get dirty. I also find they dry pretty quickly when they do get wet. My son and husband have both gotten a pair and they also love wearing them. I mostly wear mine during the warmer months which is most of the year in South Louisiana.

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