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Week 1
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End Date (12:00 pm ET): 6/17/13
Drawing Date: 6/18/13

Week 2
Start Date (12:01 pm ET): 6/17/13
End Date (12:00 pm ET): 6/24/13
Drawing Date: 6/25/13

Week 3
Start Date (12:01 pm ET): 6/24/13
End Date (12:00 pm ET): 7/1/13
Drawing Date: 7/2/13

Week 4
Start Date (12:01 pm ET): 7/1/13
End Date (12:00 pm ET): 7/8/13
Drawing Date: 7/9/13

Week 5
Start Date (12:01 pm ET): 7/8/13
End Date (12:00 pm ET): 7/15/13
Drawing Date: 7/16/13

Week 6
Start Date (12:01 pm ET): 7/15/13
End Date (12:00 pm ET): 7/22/13
Drawing Date: 7/23/13

Week 7
Start Date (12:01 pm ET): 7/22/13
End Date (12:00 pm ET): 7/29/13
Drawing Date: 7/30/13

Week 8
Start Date (12:01 pm ET): 7/29/13
End Date (12:00 pm ET): 8/5/13
Drawing Date: 8/6/13

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  1. Monica Kendrick says:

    For chocolate, scrub the stained area immediately with ammonia, then wash as you normally would.

  2. millieoja says:

    I’m always looking for something new i never try it Resolve share a stain

  3. Hairspray will remove ink from clothes–put paper towel behind stain and spray–blot with 2nd towel

    Baby wipes will remove permanent marker from surfaces–just wipe and stain will start coming up

  4. For really bad ones I use, resolve and hairspray, scrub it on hard and let sit for about 30 minutes then wash, it works every time :)

  5. Lemon juice mixed with laundry detergent can remove ink from upholstery. I used a toothbrush and it scrubbed right off of my new sofa after my puppy chewed up an ink pen.

  6. Paula Benvin says:

    1 cup peroxide and 2 drop of blue dawn dish liquid mixed together will remove stains on carpet . Scrub with a toothbrush .

  7. wanda tucker says:

    Sprinkle table salt on grease on blue jeans then rub around on the spot and wash ……….

  8. Haylee Rowe says:

    my stain tip is for any type of blood stains in clothing, carpetn or fabrics…soak fabric in paroxide for fifteen minutes in then wash, rinse, or wipe clean. you nolonger have to throw away your good clothing due to a drop of blood from a cut, or any other material for that matter…peroxide is the trick!!! :)

  9. Haylee Rowe says:

    its not showing me any banner to click on at all. i had to leave my tip in the comments. its only showing me the words and the weeks/dates of the drawings.

  10. let’s see.. ro remove bloodstains on cotton clothes, or linen and such, soak in cold water for an hour, then wash it in warm water and the usual laundry soap. Fresh blood, cover it with salt and blot it with cold water; add fresh water and blot until the stain is gone. 😛 you never know when you might need to remove a little blood

  11. Abby Walter says:

    For grease stains…rub with white chalk and wash!!! Voila…grease stain gone!!!

  12. Kim Thomas says:

    Need a vaca with the fam..

  13. spray resolve on greese pants and washed greese came out

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