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Ready for a spring time make over? Do you drool looking at all the latest room makeovers from Dwell Studio? I know I do!! Now you can enter to win an amazing prize package!! 1 lucky winner will win $1,200 worth of Dwell Decor, 13 hours of professional interior design, and 5 month subscription to Plated!

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Want To Win A Spring Refresh Giveaway?!

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Luxury never looked and felt so good! Refresh your look with this amazing giveaway from Crane & Canopy! How will you freshen up?

Prizes include:
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Win a $5,000 Home Make Over from Zillow!


What would you do with a $5,000 make over from Zillow and Laurel & Wolf? Freshen up your space with a new couch, paintings, rugs, accent pillows, and more!

Prize: One (1) winner will receive the grand prize of: (i) a four thousand four hundred dollar ($4400) credit for merchandise offered by and interior design services for two rooms from Laurel & Wolf.

Enter to win $5,000!

Prize: One (1) winner will receive the grand prize of: (i) a four thousand four hundred dollar ($4400) credit for merchandise offered by and interior design services for two rooms from Laurel & Wolf.

How to Choose the Perfect Purse For You

perfect purse

Ladies, how many times have you struggled to find something in your purse? Chances are, all the change is scattered throughout the bottom and your keys are mixed in.

The struggle is real.

It’s time to stop struggling and find the perfect purse. Is there such a thing? Of course!

Read on for some tips to help you decide.

The Purpose

Purse sales have reached over 1 billion dollars. So if you’re going to invest in a good quality handbag, you have to ask yourself, what do you plan on carrying in the purse?

It should be able to hold all your belongings and personal possessions. Test a purse’s size and storage.

Are you a student carrying books? Do you need a slot for glasses? Do you need extra space for the kids’ snacks?

The size and interior of a purse make a huge difference in determining if it will hold all your items with ease.

Color Preference

The best thing about purses is the wide variety of colors they come in. You can have a purse to match every outfit in your closet!

If you don’t have a style preference and stick to wearing neutrals, a beautiful colored bag would be perfect. However, if you tend to wear brighter colors, a neutral bag is best.

To get an idea of what neutral-colored bags can look like with your outfit, the handbags selection from the well known designer named Chloe are a good start.

Trust us, it’ll be hard to pick just one!

Comfort Is Key

The biggest aspect of finding the perfect purse is the comfort. It’s ok to test out multiple purses to see how they feel on your arm. You’ve probably seen women at the store do it all the time.

If you can, put some things in the purse to get a sense of how heavy it will feel. Are the strap lengths good? Can they be adjusted?

A purse should help balance out your figure. Short women normally look taller carrying a long handbag. Slim and tall women benefit from a more round purse.

Quality vs Knockoff

Sure, the perfect purse is a Coach or Kate Spade. But those are extremely expensive. So be aware of people trying to sell you a knockoff.

Knockoff purses have some sort of defect. They’re made with the low-quality material, the straps might break, and it has too many useless pockets. Steer clear of someone trying to sell you a Coach purse out of the trunk of a car.

Good quality handbags have consistent stitching and seaming throughout. The zipper opens and closes correctly, the connections for the straps are secure.

Does the purse have little feet on the bottom so the bag doesn’t get dirty when you put it down? Bonus! Is the zipper comfortable to pull? If so, you’ve got yourself a real one.

The Perfect Purse Is out There!

Now that you have some tips in front of you, make a checklist. What’s your idea of the perfect purse?

You work hard so you deserve to splurge a little. If you need more fashion tips, visit our blog today.

5 Tips on Finding the Best Deals on Home Repair

home repair

Are you tired of overpaying for home repair projects?

If you have ever had a bad experience with a contractor or overspent on materials, then you know what we’re talking about.

Lucky for you, we’ve put together 5 ways you can save on your next home project. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Do Your Research

If you’re looking to save a few dollars on your next home repair project, you need to be sure you do your research.

Depending on the type of repair, you will have to search for a certified professional to do the job.

Make sure you don’t go into it blind. Research how much the repair typically costs, how long it takes to get it done, and if there are any permits you should acquire.

2. Get Multiple Estimates

The last thing you want to do is overpay a contractor. Ensure you get multiple estimates before you commit to one of them.

Don’t just look at the dollar sign when you see an estimate. Look at what they’re offering you and how long it will take to get the home repair done. Ask them if they have insurance and their licenses are up to date.

You also don’t want to pay for a contractor to give you an estimate. Southeastern Foundation & Crawlspace Repair offers you free estimates.

3. Read the Contract Carefully

Once you pick the right person for the job, make sure you get a contract stating all of the terms of the repair.

Make sure the contract states the job that will be done, all of the materials the contractor is expected to use, and the price breakdown.

The contract should also state the terms of what would happen if one of the parties defaults on the terms.

4. Consider DIY Repairs

Although you might not want to get your hands dirty, sometimes you need to do it yourself in order to save on repairs.

If the repair is simple enough and doesn’t require a licensed professional, it’s possible to do it yourself.

Buying the material at a home improvement store might also be more economical than going through a contractor.

5. Look Into Government Rebates & Tax Credits

If you didn’t save as much money as you would like on home repairs, not all is lost. You can still get a great deal on your home repairs if you seek government rebates.

The government gives tax breaks for qualifying home improvements that increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Some of the home improvements include:

  • Insulation, doors windows, and roofs
  • Water heater
  • heater and air conditioning systems
  • Solar energy

Keep in mind you might get more tax credits for some repairs over others.

Save on Your Next Home Repair Project

It’s possible to find the best deal on your home repairs if you do your research, try some DIY, and you get some tax credits.

If you enjoyed these tips, we have more where these came from. To read about 10 Affordable Remodeling Ideas for Your Home, click here.

How to Build Your Own Garage Door

So you’re the queen (or king) of DIY, but so far your projects have been limited to things in the garden or the kitchen. You’re not shy about using power tools, and you know your way around a workshop.

But have you ever thought about what it would take to build your own garage door?

Surprisingly, it’s not too big of a project to tackle! Armed with the right tools and a little DIY know-how, you too can manage to build your own garage door.

From selecting the right doors to stepping back to observe the finished product, there are a few important steps to building your own garage door. We’ll walk you through the project from start to finish with our guide. Read on.

How to Build Your Own Garage Door From the Ground Up

Of course, if you want to build your own garage door from scratch, there are ways to do that.

This process involves cutting wood, gluing it together, and quite a bit more time and effort. You’ll need access to an electric saw, plywood, and other heavy-duty materials.

If this sounds great and you are looking to build your garage doors from raw materials, you will need some in-depth construction knowledge. Most people do not have access to the tools and knowledge needed for this sort of construction.

Instead, the recommended way to build your own garage doors is to choose from doors that are pre-built and then do the installation yourself.

Then, you will end up with stylish and beautiful doors but still pay a fraction of the cost since you are opting to build them.

Choose What Type of Door You Want

If you choose to go the recommended route, the first step is a fun one. You must select the size, style, and color of door for your home.

There are many different garage door styles. The style you choose should reflect the overall look you are going for in your home.

You’ll also need to know the height, width, and depth of your current garage doors. If you do not have any yet, ask your builder what will fit in the space.

The four main styles of garage doors are carriage house panels, flush panels, long-raised panels, and short-raised panels. Each of these has a totally different character.

To get a feel for what will work for your home, you should look at plenty of pictures of each kind. Do this to figure out what style you prefer and what will make the best impression visually.

For example, short-raised panels look great on Victorian-style homes and colonial-inspired homes. Carriage house panels, on the other hand, lend more of a charming country vibe.

Depending on the design style you’re following for both the exterior and interior of your home, you should choose doors that go along with it.

You should also get a feel for the price range of each option so that you know what will fit in your budget.

Make Your Purchases and Get to Building

After you’ve decided on the style of doors, the next step to build your own garage door set is to make your purchases. Typically you can buy garage doors at home improvement stores or through a catalog.

Once you’ve ordered your doors and they have arrived, the real fun starts. Now, it’s time to get to building.

Installing garage doors yourself can save you quite a bit of money. You might first have to remove the old garage door, though. This is relatively simple and basically just involves unscrewing what needs to be unscrewed.

How to Install Your New Garage Doors

Once you’ve removed the old doors, you’re ready to put the new ones in place. First, you’ll need to do some measurements and attach the hinges and handles.

Measurements Are Key

You’ll need to measure the various points where the door will be installed, like the door-opening height and width. You’ll also want to measure from the top of the opening to the ceiling.

Then, with these measurements, you’ll need to attach stops to both sides of the opening. They must be flush with the inside of the door jamb.

Put the Pieces in Place

Then, you lay out the bottom piece of the new door and attach any hinges or handles that are meant to go with this piece.

You should use a level to make sure the bottom piece is perfectly placed. Otherwise, the rest of your door will not fit properly. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions at this point to ensure that all is going according to plan.

Next, the process looks almost like fitting puzzle pieces into place. Following the perfectly placed bottom piece, you’ll stack the next pieces on top of that and install them one by one.


You simply repeat this process for each panel until your entire door is built. After you’ve installed the rollers and secured the tracks, your job here is done!

Does all of this sound a little overwhelming? It might be tricky, but it’s worth a try.

What’s the worst that can happen? At the end of the day, if everything goes wrong, you can always call for garage door repair Arlington TX.

Looking for More DIY Tips and Tricks?

If you are on the hunt for more DIY projects, check out our posts. They contain all you need to know to take many kinds of household projects into your own hands.

Want more? We are here to help you find ways to live frugally, find great deals, tackle DIY projects, and more.

In short, we help you squeeze the most out of life. If you have questions, please leave them in the comments section below! We’d love to hear from you!

8 Tips on How to Save Money on Exterior Renovations

exterior renovationsIf you’re currently considering exterior renovations, it’s likely that you are envisioning dollar signs disappearing right before your very eyes.

It’s true that renovations can cost large chunks of money. This can make the entire process more stressful and difficult than anyone wants it to be. But it’s nice to redesign your home, and sometimes renovations are impossible to ignore, especially when disaster strikes.

With a little bit of extra help, however, those costs can be minimized.

Continue reading to learn more.

1. Plan Ahead To Keep Labor Costs Low

Being able to give your contractor a detailed idea of what exterior renovations you want to have done will go a long way in keeping costs much lower. The work will go faster and easier, making it a better job for everyone involved.

Plus, if you leave certain things for the renovators to figure out, it may end up costing you more as their idea of what is an acceptable cost may be very different from your own.

Exterior renovation services, such as Ross Services, want to do their very best for you. So make sure to be ready with a game plan to make the entire process cheaper and less stressful for everyone.

2. Avoid Purchasing Customized Items

It is much more affordable to buy items such as windows or paneling off the shelf of your local materials store than to dole out extra cash for something made to order. Although that customized triangular window might look really nice in your foyer, it also will cost you a lot more money than a normal rectangular window. Both for the window itself, and to get that oddly-shaped window installed.

Stick to the basics, and your costs will be much lower.

If you have your heart set on getting some customizations, you should keep them to a minimum in order to keep expenses as low as possible.

3. Gather the Needed Materials Yourself

Getting the materials for your exterior renovations is a necessary part of the entire project. However, getting them delivered right to your door is a luxury that will add a lot of expense to the overall budget.

Instead of ordering for the materials to be delivered, go and pick them up yourself to save extra money. This way you can ensure that the materials are exactly what you want for your project and that you’re getting the best price at the same time.

Just remember to bring these materials to the renovation site before the contractors get there. Otherwise, you might just be paying them to stand around waiting!

4. Explore Other Ways to Bring in Natural Light

Big open windows are quite beautiful, but they aren’t the only way to get natural light into places like your chic kitchen or your comfy living room. There are other options that won’t require you to cut out a hole into the side of your home.

An item called a “light tube”, for instance, is installed between the rafters of your roof and will help bring in natural sunlight into your home. And, it’s much cheaper than installing a whole new window.

Also, you won’t have new windows to wash during your regular cleaning routine. Less cleaning for similar results sounds like big savings in my book!

5. Spend a Little Now to Save Big Later

In order to save money during a such a large project like exterior renovations, you need to find all of the little ways where spending more now will actually save you money in the long run.

Let’s look at the siding on your home for a good example. You can save money buying just plain siding, but if you spend a little extra on the pre-painted and pre-primed version, you’ll actually save time and money.

That extra sturdy siding won’t need re-painting nearly as often as the plain siding, which ultimately saves you money. Try to find situations like this one in order to maximize your savings.

6. Try Demolishing on Your Own

It’s not recommended that you demolish interior walls without experience or knowledge, due to all of the potential electrical wiring or plumbing you could damage. However, for exterior renovations, you don’t have to worry quite as much.

Decks, especially, are quite easy for homeowners to demolish on their own without the need to hire a demolition team. Putting in some hard labor yourself will save you a lot of money.

Plus, it could be a new way to work out a little bit of stress at the same time.

7. Visit a Building-Supply Auction

Auction houses are like little treasure boxes that most people ignore. If you want to save extra money on your exterior renovations, you can’t ignore auctions any longer.

There are a lot of unused building materials just waiting for a new home. Things like lumber or siding, even sets of windows or deck furniture could be available in one of these auctions.

Don’t let the savings available at an auction pass you by. Find out where the nearest auction is, and give it a try.

8. Start Your Renovation During Contractor Downtime

Exterior renovations services have their own busy schedules to contend with when they pick up new projects. When they’re at their busiest, that is also when they are at their most costly.

If at all possible, wait until your contract has slower business before beginning your own renovations. Often a contractor will offer a small discount if you hire them during these slow times.

The busiest times for renovations are generally around the warmest summer months or around August or September when kids are beginning school again. Try to plan your renovation around these times in order to save the most money and hopefully get a discount at the same time.

Exterior Renovations Don’t Have to Empty Your Bank Account

While it’s true that your renovations will still cost you a bit, with the help of these tips, that sum of money can be significantly reduced. It’s all about getting the most bang for your buck.

This way, you can enjoy the perks of a newly renovated home, without the stresses of having spent a bit too much money in the process.

Do you have your own method for saving money on renovations? Contact me and share your wisdom!