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Top 10 Ideas for Home Lighting Fixtures that Don’t Look Cheap

home lighting

Finding the right light fixtures helps you to see your home in the best possible light. It’s a bad pun but a universal truism. The right home lighting will draw out and emphasize your interior design scheme and color trends.

Bad lighting makes everything look dingy, dirty, and dull, on the other hand. Garish fluorescent lights give your home as much warmth as a dentist office. Low-watt bare light bulbs are like some nightmarish vision of the 1970s come to life.

Changing light fixtures can even serve as a low-cost renovation, luckily!

Let’s take a look at 10 home lighting fixtures ideas that are elegant but still cost-effective.

1. Stick-On Lights

You don’t necessarily need recessed track lighting for every inch of your home. Spending hundreds just to light up certain shadowy nooks might be overkill.

Stick-on lights are a perfect solution if you’re looking to light up your cabinets or countertops. You can get a 3-pack of stick-on lights for around $10.

2. Portable Light Fixture

A portable light fixture can be a great choice if you’ve got numerous dim spots around your house or apartment. Battery-powered LED light fixtures like the Rite Lite 9-Light LED Accent Light is wonderfully portable, so you can bring your illumination with you wherever you go.

Portable light fixtures are great for amateur photographers without access to studio lights, as an additional benefit. Use your light fixture to brighten your living room or kitchen but grab it when you need some bright, direct lighting for taking clear, attractive photographs.

3. Schoolhouse Electric

All things old become new again. This is true in every area of modern living, from cooking to how we listen to music. It’s particularly true of interior design.

Check out some of the cool lamps from Schoolhouse Electric as an example of how designers are updating retro designs and aesthetics.

4. CB2

Crate & Barrel are legendary for featuring lavish, luxe interior design accessories. Unfortunately, Crate & Barrel’s prices are higher than many other big-box retailers because of their quality.

CB2 is a blessing for those looking for exquisite home furnishings on a budget. CB2 feature high-quality, stylish home furnishings at a fraction of Crate & Barrel’s cost.

5. JC Penney

JC Penney isn’t exactly known as a bastion of high style. That’s changing with the new JCP line of home accessories. Martha Stewart, Conran, and Jonathan Adler have been reviving this iconic retailer for a new generation.

Check out the Charlotte Green Ceramic table lamp from the Jonathan Alder Happy Chic collection for an example of these cool lines.

6. LED Rope Lights

LED rope lights are another great, low-cost lighting accessory to revivify your living space. They can bring a soft, gentle fairy light glamour to any room. Even better, they’re supple and flexible so you can run them around any trim or baseboard your heart may desire.

LED rope lights can be found for around $25 from nearly any hardware or department store.

7. Spider Light Fixture

We’ve talked about brightening up shadowy corners. We’ve emphasized how lighting accessories can bring a sparkle to any living space. What about accomplishing all of these feats at once?

IKEA’s Tived light fixture is like having multiple independent track lights in one room. Even better, this ceiling light fixture has six fully-bendable arms. You’ll be able to light up all of your counters, cabinets, and corners with one light fixture!

8. Look For Interesting Shapes In Home Lighting

We’re not just here to offer you a product guide. After all, you can find great deals on lighting fixtures so many different ways. You could go the DIY route or you could upcycle retro lighting fixtures from a thrift store, for instance.

Keep your eyes peeled for interesting shapes and silhouettes. These will help your decor stand out in a subtle way while costing significantly less than a fresh coat of paint or brand-new furniture.

9. Oversized Lighting Fixtures

It might seem like your lighting fixture should match the space it’s illuminating. It would stand to reason that a small room would best fit a small lighting fixture. That’s not necessarily the case.

Interior designer Hilary Nagler talks about making an impact with a lighting fixture. “You’ll get the most bang for your buck with a dramatic piece, whether that’s a chandelier, a floor lamp, or a grouping of pendants. The tendency is to put a small fixture in a small room, but the opposite is true,” as she told Glamour Magazine.

So consider putting a dramatic piece like a raindrop chandelier on your staircase landing, for instance. Your home will be instantly transformed into a more inspiring location.

10. Install A Dimmer

Variable lighting automatically makes a space feel more upscale. It’s also infinitely more customizable, which will help transform smaller spaces for multiple different uses.

Something as simple as a dimmer switch can make you feel like you have a brand new house, usually for less than $20. That’s proof in-and-of-itself you don’t need to drop a mint on fancy light fixtures to revitalize your living area.

Updating your home’s lighting will help you feel more relaxed in the evenings, coming home from a long day at the office. It will help you feel awake and eager to meet the day in the mornings. It’s an investment in your well-being as well as your interior design.

Want To Learn More About Designing On A Budget?

Whether you’re looking for home lighting or wanting to plant a garden, there are ways to make every penny count. Everyone deserves to live in the home of their dreams, no matter what budget you’re working with.

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Tricks For Home Renovations on a Budget

home renovations

You work hard for every dollar so you can enjoy your downtime with family and friends at home.

It’s easy to get into a rut or to find that your taste and needs change as your family does. Home renovations are a great way to fall in love with your home again and maximize the potential of the space you have.

But with the average cost of a remodel anywhere between $18,000 and $36,000, it may seem like an impossible dream.

You don’t have to restructure your house to give it a facelift that’s practical and won’t drain your life savings.

Check out these 5 awesome tricks for home renovations on a budget

Saving on Supplies and Materials

There are several ways you can cut costs by being a smart shopper and doing your research.

Habitat for Humanity Restore

This is an excellent option worth looking into. If you’re looking for building supplies, cabinets, fixtures, and other renovation materials this may be someplace you want to check out.

You’ll not only get a great price on materials but you’ll also be helping a great cause.

Wholesale, Garage Sale and Online Sale

Shop around. You don’t need to go into debt to update your living room or brighten your kitchen.

Look for deals on discontinued styles, second-hand options and wholesale or overstock prices.

Garage sales can be an awesome place to find furniture, materials, and accents to complete your new look.

Make Money from Your Home Renovations

You may think that sounds improbable, but there are ways to make some dough while you complete your home renovations on a budget.

How-To Videos and Blogging

Why not film or blog about it. You could be the next online home renovation sensation with one viral post.

Make how-to videos and instructional blog posts if it turns out great. Many people monetize their blog or YouTube channel to maximize their return.

And there’s always America’s Funniest Home Videos, What Not To Do videos, and blooper reels that could be in your future.

Submit articles to online magazines to contribute content. Many pay for videos, pictures, and articles from freelancers.

Influencer and Reviews

If you already have an established blog or Instagram presence, you may be able to turn that following into savings.

Propose to local stores your willingness to review, promote, and provide positive social media marketing in exchange for discounted or donated materials and services.

If you’re planning on future renovations consider building your online following now so you can use your online presence as a bargaining tool when you shop for supplies.

You need to build some influence to be an influencer or have anything to offer.

Small Details Make a Big Difference

You don’t have to tear down walls and throw your furniture away to make a huge difference. Adding more effective lighting, unique accents, fixtures, and details can have a noticeable effect.

Often it’s not that people don’t have enough space; it’s that they don’t make the most of the space they do have.

What’s Your Biggest Issue?

Identify what you want to accomplish most with the renovation.

Do you need more space? More storage? Are you craving more color or more personality?

Once you know what you want, you can develop a plan to best accomplish that.

You may not need a whole new room added on so the kids have a place to play. It could be as simple as more storage, a craft or game table that folds up into the bookshelf, and some chalkboard paint for the rec room walls.

Energy Efficient Answers

If you’re looking to save money then you want to be more energy efficient. This doesn’t mean you have to install solar panels on your roof or start driving a car that plugs in.

You can make some small changes that will make a big difference in the long run.

Switch Off, Switch Out, and Unplug

Your energy bill may be sucking pressures dollars out of your budget. Americans spend $19 Billion on energy bills for idle electronics.

Unplugging appliances, electronics, and chargers when not being used can make a significant difference in your energy bill and that means more money for your renovation budget.

The average American household has approximately 50 devices, chargers, electronics, and appliances not being used that are drawing power.

Lightbulbs and Windows

Switch out your light bulbs for energy efficient ones and don’t just help the environment but your bank account too.

You can save as much as $75 a year by making the switch.

New Windows

While new windows may seem like a major investment, they are well worth thinking about.

They can provide a whole new look to a room and entire home. It may even be good for your health as it allows more natural light into your living space.

They can also save you a sizable amount on your heating and cooling costs.

If you shop around and talk to an expert at a store such as Renewal by Andersen windows and doors, you can find the best option for your budget and vision.

Putting the investment into new windows can save you a lot of money in the long run and increase the value and aesthetic of your home.

Upcycle, Paint, Refresh

A coat of paint, a refinished bookshelf that’s built into the wall or reupholstered furniture can give a whole new look to a room.

Check out Pinterest, DIY videos and other resources to develop a vision for the space you have.

A change in color scheme, new cupboards, shelves, and organization can be an easy way to make you feel like you’re in a whole new house.

Think about solutions like outside sheds, converting the garage into an office, or making better use of your unfinished basement.

Donate stuff you don’t want or use. Some places give you a discount if you donate enough bags. Then you can pick up new items to go with your new look.

Invite Friends to Share Their Talents and Time

We’re always saying we wish we could spend more time with friends and family. Why not do it while holding a hammer or a paintbrush?

You have friends with talents and skills. Put on a pot of coffee or crack open a beer and pick their brain for cost-saving tips.

Plan a barbeque or throw a summer party and build memories while you build a new kitchen nook.

Take Your Time, Think Outside the Box

You don’t have to change everything at once. Pick the projects that will bring you the most joy when they’re done and start with them. Set a budget and do your research.

Your renovations are supposed to bring your family happiness not create financial and life stress. Do one project at a time. Shop around and don’t just stick to the traditional frustration and debt of major home renovations.

Think outside the box and see the big picture. Smart choices can make a huge difference without creating a huge debt.

For great interior design ideas check out this blog post

Top 10 Tips for Decorating Your Studio Apartment

studio apartment

Getting an apartment for the first time is quite the adventure.

Whether you’re transitioning from a college campus or your parent’s place, this is your chance to spread your wings. Having a place to call yours is both a lesson in independence and an exciting, inspiring time.

Most people enter this stage with a few roommates by their side. They try out a couple different apartments, until eventually venturing out on their own.

If you’re going through this, you’re likely downsizing to a studio apartment.

Studios are the ultimate home for one person to reside in or for a couple to share. But, decorating a studio is definitely not the same as furnishing a house or setting things up in an apartment.

However, it can be just as fun if you know what you’re doing!

Here are ten simple tips to keep in mind when moving into a studio apartment.

1. Walk the Studio a Few Times

Once you’ve decided on your new studio after browsing your options, visit the place that will become your future home. Take a second to walk around and really get a feel for the space.

This is best to do when the apartment is empty of all furnishings. If you’re looking at a model, or at a studio apartment that the previous tenant hasn’t moved out of, it can be hard to get creative juices flowing.

The point of doing a walk-through is to start putting design ideas together in your head.

Stand at different areas of the room and consider where you want the main pieces of furniture to be. These include your bed, dining area, and some sort of lounging space like a couch or an armchair.

2. Prioritize Function Over Form

As you’re looking around, make sure all the things you want in your studio have a purpose. This keeps you from getting too cluttered and making your small space feel busy.

The best thing to think about if you aren’t sure whether you really need something is function over form. This means to choose the furniture and decor items that work well for a studio apartment – which may not always be the most beautiful things you see in a store or online.

The silver lining, though, is that you get to make the most of your studio with the items that actually fit. Instead of trying to cram a huge bed or too many lounging pieces in your space, you get to establish a cohesive environment where everything adds value.

3. Create Levels in Your Space

One way to add value and make the most of a studio apartment is to create levels.

Turn your bed into a storage area by placing drawers underneath, or investing in a frame that comes with floor-level shelves already. Or, go up instead of down.

Add wall shelves somewhere in the room where you want to place photos, plants, candles, or books. Such shelves can be set up in a neat stack or row, or in a unique line that adds some depth to the room.

You can make use of hooks instead of shelves, as well as tall stands like a bookshelf or a leaning tower shelf rather than those that screw to a wall.

These are great in the entertainment section of a studio apartment where you plan to have guests, as bathroom organization, or for added aesthetics and function in the kitchen.

4. Make Storage Stylish

While you’re thinking about all the ways to add more storage space, consider how it can add to (or possibly take away from) the interior design style you have going on.

Some shelves will work better if they are small and in a group, while others will be long statement pieces that you can put up and organize as you please. There is also a big difference in having wall shelves versus standing shelves.

Even if you get the same amount of storage from different options, each look is entirely unique. Take your time making the final plans for this step in order to make your studio apartment as cute and cozy as possible.

5. Use Color and Texture

Another design element to consider is the use of color and mixing certain textures.

White walls are a common canvas in most studios. You can choose to keep them as is for a clean, open look. Or, paint one of your walls an accent color to add some life and excitement to the space.

If your studio apartment agreement doesn’t let you paint, get a wall decorating item that is bright and bubbly. This may be a big picture that you hang or a collection of little canvases and other wall items that catch your eye.

Play with different ideas before making a decision regarding this. The more you let your creative juices flow, the better everything will come together. Not to mention, the depth of the room and the way all the textures complement each other will align more.

6. Play with Visual Tricks

Color is just one way to make a room feel taller, wider, or overall more welcoming.

There are other things you can do to the walls of your studio apartment to enhance the look and feel. These are simple, affordable, and absolutely outstanding when you know how to pull them off.

The first trick to consider is to invest in tall, floor-length curtains.

Curtains that hang from the top of your windows to the floor make a wall look taller than it actually is. When a person looks at this and the rest of the studio together, the whole space looks more elegant and a bit bigger, too.

Another visual trick to have some fun with is the use of mirrors.

You definitely need at least one full-body mirror to give yourself an outfit check before you walk out the door. But, why not get a few smaller mirrors to create some dimension in your studio apartment?

This is as simple as hanging the mirrors up in a fun, interesting way. You may choose to place the mirrors opposite of where guests will sit, or behind them as something to look at when they first enter your space.

7. Get Creative

The thought of using mirrors as wall decor or getting big curtains may not have come to mind at first. But, these are just some of the unique ideas you can use to make your studio apartment everything you want it to be.

Studios often present the challenge of balancing beautiful design with making sure everything has a place and purpose. You want to get a look that is just right, without making it too busy or risking it being bare.

In particularly small spaces, you have to get creative to accomplish this.

Consider installing a hanging rack, or rolling in a standing rack, in order to have more room for your clothes. This looks fine against one of your studio’s walls and provides the little bit of extra storage you may be missing.

Another fun idea you might want to use is actually the use of big furniture rather than a bunch of small things.

It sounds backward at first, but it actually works perfectly! Big furniture doesn’t overpower a studio and make it look small – when used correctly, it can allude that the space is a bit bigger than it is.

You can gather more ideas by visiting friends who live in studios or trying out a different living situation for a little while before making your move. Start a Pinterest board or some other running list of design tricks you’d like to try.

Maybe even turn this learning experience into a mini vacation! Visit for some travel inspiration.

8. Set Aside Room for Privacy

Whether you want to visually expand your space or not, make sure there is a place in your studio apartment that is meant for privacy. Most often, this is your bed and the immediate surrounding area.

Find a way to block this off that works for you.

Most studio dwellers put a bookshelf in between their bed and the rest of the room. Others install a privacy curtain to make this space a little more comfortable and luxurious.

Whatever method you choose, don’t overlook this idea. Creating privacy in a space that is already small can be hard to do. But when you have guests over or a lot of things going on, you’ll be glad to have established a special place to retreat to.

9. Budget, Budget, Budget

How are you supposed to make all your studio design dreams a reality?

By budgeting properly. Remember, moving comes with many costs.

There are the initial expenses of signing your studio apartment – which is usually first and last month’s rent and a security deposit. There is also the matter of transporting your furniture, which will either be shipping costs or some sort of mover’s cost.

Not to mention, you have to pay for your first grocery trip and get all the basics. Plus, something always comes up, so a little bit of extra cash to be prepared is worth accounting for.

10. Take Your Time

Chances are, you feel pretty overwhelmed after reading the previous tip.

Well, here’s one that will settle your financial stresses – you don’t have to pay for everything and furnish your studio apartment right away! This is a space that is yours to call home for quite some time.

As such, you can prioritize which decorating items come first and what will have to wait a bit.

Priorities vary for everyone, but as a good rule of thumb, you should have your bed set up and your kitchen stocked first. These are directly correlated to your health and quality of life because good sleep and eating well are so important.

Turn a Studio Apartment into Your Cozy New Home

Studio living is affordable, fun, and, honestly, something that everyone can learn from.

It teaches you how to manage a home by having all the different parts of a traditional setup in one place. You notice how things get messy much quicker and learn from the interior design challenges you have to first tackle when moving in.

For tips on making your move a breeze and budget-friendly, click here.

7 Tips For Choosing the Perfect Wedding Theme

wedding theme

Are you one of the 2 million people planning your wedding this year? If so, you’re probably wondering how to create the perfect wedding theme for you and your soulmate while standing out from the crowd.

A wedding should highlight who you and your partner are as people, including your personalities and likes.

Keep reading to learn how to create and decide on the perfect style and theme for your wedding.

1. Match the Venue

The venue is where everything comes together. Your style and design must match the feel and environment of the venue or the wedding style just will not fit.

If your wedding is outside, look to nature for inspiration. For example, a traditional ballroom wedding theme isn’t going to fit in the woods or on the beach. Moreover, a rustic theme isn’t going to work in a ballroom.

You can turn to the colors of the venue, too, for inspiration on style. Natural settings inspire natural tones and patterns such as greens, florals, and neutrals.

Indoors, you can get a little bit more edgy with colors not often found in nature like bright blues, purples, and reds.

2. Look Within

Especially if you don’t have your venue yet, you should look in two places to figure out the perfect wedding theme. To start, look within yourself. Figure out what your own everyday style and preferences are.

Look at your wardrobe. What are the colors you wear most? They will most likely be colors you love or colors that accentuate your features the best.

Then, look at your home and decor. Find the favorite pieces of decor and favorite rooms in your home and write down what you like about them.

From there, you can figure out what your design style is.

Is it modern? Is it rustic? Is it coastal?

Is your home full of pastels and neutrals or bold colors and patterns?

3. Look Outside the Wedding the World

Once you’ve recognized your own personal style, you can start looking outside of your self and outside of the wedding world.

Why should you look outside of the wedding industry? Because spending all your time on wedding sites and wedding Pinterest boards can skew you away from what you truly love.

Instead, watch movies for sets that you love, look in interior design magazines and stores, roam wallpapers and craft stores for designs, decor, colors, and patterns that stick out.

There is a large chance that your favorite outside items and themes will match your favorite personal items as well. Then you can bring them all together to create a cohesive wedding theme with your venue (if you have one).

If you don’t have a venue, you have the benefit of finding one to match your style perfectly.

4. Consider the Season

Wedding season is all year round despite what the media tells you. Seasons can provide exceptional inspiration for wedding style and colors.

The rule of thumb is to match the season.

Winter weddings align best with dark and bold tones such as deep reds, dark purples and blues, and emerald green. Of course, white fits nicely within a winter wedding, too, especially when there’s snow.

Fall weddings should be inspired by nature’s fall colors. Burnt orange, maroons, dark yellows, and browns are perfect for fall weddings.

Summer is where virtually anything can go because it is a time where you can find a variety of colors within summer nature. However, if your heart is set on bright colors, a summer wedding is the best time to use them.

Summer also works for lighter colors, too. Think of summer fruits such as peaches and pineapple. Look to the summer sky and days at the beach for sunny tones and blues found in the sky and sea.

Spring is the perfect season for pastels. Pastel greens, honey, berries, and pastel flowers accentuate the time of year.

5. Narrow

You have your inspiration, your favorite colors and styles, and your wedding season. It’s time to narrow it down so that it isn’t overwhelming.

Choose three colors that are consistent with your favorite items and styles that also fit the venue and season.

Also, consider the time of the day for the colors, bridesmaid’s dress styles, and florals. For example, cocktail dresses and darker colors are a food fit for night weddings.

Finally, you want to think about formality. How formal your wedding is will depend on your wedding theme. Obviously, a rustic or beach wedding is going to be less formal than a ballroom or gala wedding.

6. Fit the Dress

Your wedding theme must fit your dress and vice versa. If you have your dress picked out before you’ve completed your wedding style, then you can design your theme around it.

Is your dress whimsical? Then it will fit a bohemian or woodsy wedding.

Is your dress princess-inspired or ballgown? Then a more traditional and formal wedding is key.

If your dress is modern and sleek, then design your wedding to fit.

7. Mood

Everyone has an image come to mind when they think of their wedding. Look at it and decide what mood you are foreseeing?

If you desire a romantic and timeless feel, then your wedding style should reflect that.

If you have always wanted a fun and eclectic wedding, then one that features lots of food, music, and bright elements (lights, colors, etc.) should be your choice.

A relaxed and laid back wedding will fit perfectly within a beach or boho theme.

Once again, think about your own personality when determining the mood you want to have for your wedding.

A great way to express the mood of your wedding is through the little pieces such as the wedding decorations, signs, and invitations. Check out Miss Design Berry for all things print!

Now, Time to Save Money on That Perfect Wedding Theme

Once you’ve figured out the perfect theme for your wedding, you can start thinking about how to save money creating it.

Check out the hot deals and giveaways for everything from accessories to decor to party favors (like $1 flip flops for a beach or summer wedding).

I also feature ways you can earn extra money to help pay for that beautiful dream wedding.

How to Choose the Right Window Replacement Company

Being a housewife or a working woman doesn’t need to have “handyman” as part of the job description.

However, sometimes home projects come up that you can’t ignore.

One day it’s a faulty appliance, the next it might be changing the look of your child’s bedroom.

What happens when you need to fix or replace your windows, though?

You don’t need to take this task on solo. Instead, find a window replacement company you can trust to get the job done.

Not sure if you need to pick up the phone just yet?

Here are some signs your windows need a change and how to make it happen.

Signs You Need to Find a Window Replacement Company

1. Wear and Tear

Shattered glass isn’t the only sign of a damaged window.

Some windows build up scratches over time or get foggy. They can come loose from their frames, too.

It’s not something you need to pay close attention to all the time, but you should check your window quality every once in a while.

Being proactive about this can save you lots of time and energy in the long run.

2. Insulation

Your windows play a big role in how energy flows throughout the house.

Sometimes, windows look great even if they aren’t working well.

Proper insulation means the air conditioning doesn’t have to work as hard. This keeps everyone comfortable and plays into your monthly energy bill.

If the glass looks crystal clear but your bill is on the rise, you may need to call a window replacement company.

You can double check before making a call by looking closely at the frame.

On a sunny day, the light will be cracking through the seam where it meets the wall. During rainy days, you can run your finger along the seam and feel for moisture.

3. Remodeling

Thankfully, finding a window replacement company doesn’t always have to be about fixing what’s broken.

If you’re changing the design of your living room or getting new window trimmings in the kitchen, explore all your options.

Adding a window replacement to the project can cross off multiple things at once. It keeps your windows in great condition so you don’t have to worry about the issues above.

While your reasons for new windows may vary, there are some rules that remain constant when looking for a window replacement company.

Keep reading for a detailed guide of what to do.

How to Make the Right Choice

1. Ask Around

The best way to start your search is asking friends and family.

You may be surprised to find out how many people have recently gotten a window replacement or new windows altogether.

Your mom might have recently fixed a broken window. Your friends could be in the middle of adding an extension to their home.

If you can’t think of anyone to reach out to, ask your coworkers.

Someone in your network is bound to point you in the right direction.

This is especially helpful if you live in a big city! Can you imagine looking for a San Diego replacement window company on your own?

2. Read Reviews

Once you get a list going of companies to consider, get online.

Look at each option’s website and make it a point to read their reviews. This is your inside look at the way a window replacement company works.

Reviews tell you what you can expect from start to finish. This includes how long a project can take to how well the results come out. Also, read for levels of professionalism and pricing.

Understand not every experience will be the same, but there should be a common theme to what reviews are saying.

As you read, pay attention to any bias that may be included.

Use your discretion to weed out the good companies from the bad.

If you really want to know every detail, check out what people are saying on community pages or social media. This is an important extra step because only the best testimonials go on a company website.

But, a little digging can help you paint the full picture.

3. Know the Look You Want

Speaking of painting the picture, do you already have a vision of what your new windows will look like?

Hiring a window replacement company is the perfect chance to switch things up. There are many aesthetics to choose from, but below are some of our favorites.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are technically two sets of glass.

The outer layer works to protect against moisture from the outside. The inner layer is the first defense against insulation leaving the house.

The double layer is a great option for families with kids.

It lets you have the look of an open window without worrying about your little one poking their head out.

Fixed Glass Windows

If you can do without opening your windows, go for a fixed option.

Fixed windows are locked in place and don’t budge. They are often on home doors or small openings close to the ceiling.

This option allows you to incorporate colors or stained glass for added aesthetics.

Awning Windows

Awning windows open from the bottom. Instead of sliding up and down, they tilt out at an angle.

This is a beautiful choice above the kitchen sink or in your master bathroom.

The window allows for natural air to flow in and out in a unique way.

This helps to clear the room after a steamy shower. Or, you can open an awning window to enjoy the sound of rain on a stormy day.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows move horizontally along a plastic or metal track.

These come in single as well as double hung options.

A single sliding window will only move in one direction. Double hung options can be opened from the left or right, kind of like sliding doors on a closet.

These are another great option for moments you want a little bit of airflow in and out without opening the whole window. Be cautious of insulation and moisture getting trapped in the glass.

Whatever window style you choose, think of added options like trims and curtains.

This will help you get a better idea of how the whole room will look.

You might opt for a double hung with stylish panels. Or, get curtains to close a fixed window when it’s letting in too much light.

Check the Materials

When you have your ideal window choice in mind, check which of your window replacement company options can deliver.

Some businesses will specialize in certain styles. Others will have a wider range of services.

The best way to find out who can make your dreams reality is looking at the materials each company uses. Always check for energy efficient glass.

Explore different frame and installation options. The most popular materials are vinyl, wood, and aluminum.


Vinyl is the standard framing option.

It is low maintenance and high quality for a fair price. You can trust this material to do the job without breaking the bank.

Vinyl frames also come in many colors and finishes to bring the whole room together.


For a cozy country home or an elegant rustic look, consider a wood window.

Wood frames are more expensive and require routine maintenance. Many homeowners say the natural beauty is well worth it.

You can balance the total cost of wood with choosing vinyl for the exterior. This will last longer against the elements and lower your maintenance.


Aluminum is the strongest of all frame materials.

This choice is most common for business buildings and public establishments.

You can purchase them for your home as well.

Aluminum will also be on the pricer side. It pays for itself with its strong thermal conductivity and durability.

Try to Stay in Your Budget

Don’t fall in love with a window replacement company without getting a quote.

Consider your budget as you choose between window styles and frames. Think of the other projects you need to do in the house, and make a list of priorities.

Would you rather pay more up front and save on energy bills and future replacements? Or, do you prefer to take window treatments one step at a time?

Think with your wallet as well as your design eye.

Meet in Person

When you reach out to your top window replacement company options, set up a meeting.

It’s much better to talk pricing in person. Not only does this make your quote more accurate, but it gives you a chance to feel out the people working on your home.

Look for a professional who is straightforward with you.

He or she will provide details on what a window replacement looks like and estimate a time frame.

This person should communicate well and answer all your questions.

Make a Decision

Ready to get an easy repair or make your remodeling dreams come true?

Once you’ve followed the steps above, it’s time to make your pick!

Finding a window replacement company isn’t necessarily a walk in the park. But it doesn’t have to be a headache.

Trust the process and watch your interior design dreams come true.

If you’re looking to replace your kitchen windows, check out these tips to tie the whole room together.

5 Ways to Get a Chic Kitchen for Less

chic kitchenThe kitchen is said to be the heart of the home. It’s the room where everyone gathers, where news is shared, where families catch up.

Because you spend so much time there, your kitchen should reflect your style. If you don’t love the look and feel of the room, it could be time for a chic kitchen update.

That may sound intimidating, but you don’t have to be an interior designer to redecorate your kitchen like one.

Below, we’ve got great tips and ideas so that you can give your kitchen new life without blowing your budget.

1. Get a Chic Kitchen Look with a New Paint Job

A new paint color is an easy and inexpensive way to give a room new life.

Picking a paint color that complements your kitchen cabinets can transform your current space into the chic kitchen of your dreams. When picking paint for your kitchen update, think about what you want the color to say about you and the room.

Do you want something that comes across as more sophisticated or something that’s simple but inviting?

Are you updating your kitchen to accommodate a big family, or to impress friends and guests?

Think about what feeling you want people to get when they walk into your kitchen and pick a color that represents that. Your new paint job will give your kitchen a whole new look.

2. Add Color With a New Backsplash

One way to accomplish a chic kitchen look is to keep colors to a minimum.

You don’t want to overwhelm the room with too many shades, but strategic pops of color can tie the room together.

For example, a backsplash is a great place to incorporate one of the colors you want in your kitchen.

When you walk into a kitchen, your eye tends to go to the backsplash anyway. It’s a great place for a color or pattern that will make the room stand out.

3. Keep Your Cabinets, Replace Your Hardware

Getting brand new cabinets becomes expensive fast, especially since the kitchen is one place where you want a lot of storage.

Luckily, there is a cheap way to update the look of your cabinets without having to replace them.

Switching out your current hardware for updated knobs can make a big difference.

Choose a sleek finish for a modern look.  It will have a big impact and give you the chic kitchen you want.

4. Be Smart About Countertops

Changing your countertops can be an investment, but you’ll get a lot for your money. It will make the biggest difference in transforming the look of your kitchen.

To make sure you’re getting the best product for the price, do your research.

A company like IGSCountertops is a great place to start. You can learn about different materials, various finishes, and get a quote before making a commitment.

5. Make the Most of DIYs

What truly makes your kitchen unique is the way you decorate it. But buying fun accessories can add up fast.

Different DIY craft projects are a great way to get the personal feel you want in your new kitchen, without having to spend a lot of money.

Ready to Get Started?

Every project has a budget, so before you get started on your kitchen update, determine yours.

Once you know how much you can spend, these tips and tricks can help you stretch that money the furthest.

The end result will be the kitchen of your dreams.

What do you think of today’s article? Leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you.


Stop Feeling Short, Get a Smart Ceiling Fan Instead

smart ceiling fanEven with the recent craze of owning a smart home, there is not enough hype about getting a smart ceiling fan. Smart homes are those with appliances connected to a digital network. You can control these devices using your voice, remote control, smartphone, or tablet.

Ceiling fans are incredibly popular. You’d be hard pressed to find a house without one.

Unfortunately, many of them have chains you need to pull to switch on the fan. This can be cumbersome and annoying since these fans are too high up to reach.

That’s why getting a smart ceiling fan is the best solution for your home. Read on to learn more.

Benefits of Getting a Smart Ceiling Fan

You might be wondering, what is a smart ceiling fan and what is special about it?

Well, it is a new take on the old ceiling fans. It has sensors, onboard systems, and apps for controlling the fan.

Since this sounds too complicated to be a home device, these types of ceiling fans come with instructions. For example, you can get Harbor Breeze manuals for the fan you are using. They explain all the components and how to get the best out of your fan.

Here are some of the features and great benefits of adding a smart ceiling fan to your home:

No More Pulling Chains

Like other smart home devices, these innovative fans use sensor technology to switch on or off. They can sense when you enter or leave a room. Thus, they will start working when you go to a specific room.

If you don’t like using the sensors, you can control the fan from an app on your smartphone or tablet. Switch on the fan from anywhere in your house and start fanning the room.

They are Environmentally Friendly

If you like trying out different things to save the environment, then a smart ceiling fan will be a great addition.

One criticism of traditional ceiling fans is that they are not energy-efficient. Smart fans conserve a lot of energy because they start working only when they are needed.

Also, they self-adjust depending on the room temperature. This means they monitor the heat conditions and switch on or off as required. You need to manually operate the old ceiling fans and this results in a lot of wasted energy.

Saving energy will save you when it’s time to pay the electric bills.

You Can Personalize the Fan Settings

The great thing about having a smart device is the ability to customize the settings. You can adjust the fan speed or set fan schedules. This automatically cools a room before you get there.

Boost your Home Interior Design

Aside from their many functions, smart ceiling fans come in various shapes that work well with your home’s interior design. Some have lighting fixtures and this improves the room’s décor.

Learn More Cool Ideas and Save Money

With all these benefits, you will start walking a bit taller. A smart ceiling fan is convenient and functions efficiently.

Check our website for more ideas on cool items and saving money.