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What to Consider When Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

choosing kitchen cabinetsKitchen cabinets are the true face of your kitchen. Sure, they serve a practical function to store our pots, pans, and plates. The truth is very few people will ever see the chaos on the inside.

The overall style, color, and hardware have a direct effect on how your kitchen’s style is perceived. Beautiful cabinets can even increase the value of your home.

As always there is a cost for style. It’s said that 30% of your kitchen budget should be allocated to cabinets.

There are some fabulous ways of saving money and making an impact at the same time. Choosing kitchen cabinets should be a fun experience.

Follow our tips and you’ll see what an impact new cabinets will have on your kitchen space.

The Value of Your Home

Perception is such a large part of determining a home’s value. That’s why home staging has become so critical to selling a home for it’s highest price.

Buyers want to see themselves living their best life in the new home. That often includes saying goodbye to the outdated ways of their previous home.


Replacing hardware will increase the value of your home. It gives the impression of custom cabinetry, without the full replacement cost.

Choosing hardware doesn’t have to be boring. Take it as a design opportunity and feel free to add antique handles or interesting pulls. Buyers love the idea of having something unique. Making this simple change can affect their perception of your home’s value.

Looking for some cool ideas? Check our these hardware styles.

Choosing cabinets wisely will guarantee your investment comes back in property value.

Paint and Finishes

Don’t forget that a fresh coat of paint goes a long way. New buyers are often making a large purchase and therefore want a home as close to new as possible.

Take the time to put on a new coat, fix cracks, or any damaged panels. Simple flaws can make a bad impression on the buyer.

Semi-gloss paint will add an attractive sheen to your cabinets without allowing small stains and fingerprints to show.

Cabinets with an antique finish adds charm to your kitchen. But that finish can add significant cost to your project. Sometimes going with something clean, and timeless is the best decision.

Wondering what your options are for finishes and materials? Check out . Exotic woods, unique finishes, and colors are all available to explore.

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

When choosing kitchen cabinets color is an important choice. The decisions you make can have an effect on the overall look of your kitchen, as well as the budget.

Did you know that buying pre-painted white cabinets is often cheaper than hiring someone to paint them later on?

Determining the overall color scheme of the kitchen in advance can save you time and money. A mood board with images of your ideal kitchen will help to narrow your choices.

Natural wood stain and white are definitely the most popular cabinet look. However, cabinets that have a bold color can spice up your kitchen.

When choosing kitchen cabinets two-tone cabinetry color is a great look. If you’re having a lack of inspiration, check out these popular cabinet color combos.

There are some basic color rules to consider when choosing kitchen cabinets.

  • White: This color will open up the space
  • Black: Very sleek and modern, but can make the space close in
  • Red/Yellow: Research shows these colors are the most appetizing
  • Blue/Green: These colors have a calming effect on the space

Another clever idea is DIY chalkboard painted cabinets. How many times have you arrived at the grocery store only to find out you’ve forgotten what to buy?

Keeping a running list on one chalkboard painted cabinet is a fun way to stay organized. Write down the item you need to buy as soon as you realize it. Simply snap a photo every time you leave for the grocery store and never miss an item.

As well, every parent knows that small children need constant entertaining. Allowing them to scribble and draw on a lower cabinet in chalk keeps them occupied and keeps them close by while you’re cooking.

Choosing kitchen cabinets can be fun for the whole family.

Here are some other great ideas to inspire your kitchen design.


When choosing kitchen cabinets you should aware of your budget at all times, costs can quickly add up. It’s important to note that cabinets, appliances, tiles, and countertops are often left out of a contractor’s quote. This can lead to a deceptively low price for the kitchen remodel.

The cost of demolition, walls, floors, and windows is often included in this initial quote but only account for one-third of the budget.

A detailed quote is a must. Does their price for cabinets cover installation only? Or does it also cover the cost of the cabinets themselves?

You can even ask to see a sample of the cabinets they will be installing. It’s important to be specific when choosing kitchen cabinets. If not, you might run into a conflict with your contractor.

Don’t be afraid to ask for specifics when choosing kitchen cabinets. So often contractors just say things are included but give no indication of the quality.

In cabinetry, good quality means:

  • Dovetail joinery
  • Solid wood sides
  • Plywood bottoms
  • Over-travel slides (allows the back of the drawer to open beyond the face of the cabinet)
  • Typically higher-end products have longer warranties

Check out some additional tips on how to get a chic kitchen for less.

Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing the perfect kitchen cabinets is like giving your kitchen a facelift. You will notice the home looks more modern, clean, and valuable. There are options to simply refinish what you have or go all out and get brand new ones.

Either way, if you follow these expert tips you’ll be sure to make the best decisions. Choosing kitchen cabinets should be fun and painless.

If you have questions about more ways to save on everyday goods, contact us.

5 Cheap Decorating Hacks to Beautify Your Home

decorating hacks to beautify your homeYou don’t need a ton of money to spruce up your home.

There are a few decorating hacks to beautify your home that you should look into using to add some character to every room in your beloved home.

Let us show you 5 cheap and beautiful ways to make your home look trendy.

1. Plant Succulents

One of our many decorating hacks to beautify your home with is to add succulent plants.Potted plants have been revamping rooms for years now, but succulents are quickly rising as the trendiest plants to grow.

Potted plants have been revamping rooms for years now, but succulents are quickly rising as the trendiest plants to grow indoors.

Succulents are the perfect way to add some greenery to any room. Consider placing succulents in unique pots that have the same color schemes to match your decor.

For example, say your kitchen has modern touches of marble countertops and a white backsplash. You should plant your succulents in colored planters to add a juxtaposing contrast.

Succulents are also incredibly cheap and easy to maintain. These plants are derived from the cactus family and therefore they don’t need to be watered as much as other plants do.

There are a variety of succulents to choose from. In addition to coming in every color of the rainbow, succulents have unique leaves that can be short and flower-like or long and pointy.

2. Add a Rug

Another cheap decorating idea is to add a rug to a room in your home that needs an extra touch.

You can find many rugs for sale at places like Target, Home Goods, and even in Goodwill.

If you have stains that you wish to cover up, simply place a new rug over them and your home will be good as new.

Adding a rug, or even a few rugs, is a cheap alternative to redoing your entire home with new flooring.

A neat idea would also be to trade rugs with friends. If you and your friends have similar home decor already, this hack will work out perfectly.

This option of swapping rugs can save you a lot of money, too.

3. Apply Wallpaper

You may be thinking that wallpaper is so not cool anymore, but have you seen recent magazines that include the cutest wallpaper prints ever?

Removeable wallpaper has never looked better than it does on Etsy.

Instead of painting your walls a color that you won’t be fond of years to come, you can simply order a cool wallpaper that can be removed once you tire of it.

A wall mural is another cheap hack that will make your room look up to date on a budget because most of these can be found for less than $40.

4. Use Marble Contact Paper

Going along with the wallpaper theme, buying some marble contact paper will also make your home look more expensive.

Adding some marble adhesive film to your bedside table will glam up your bedroom decor.

There are so many beautiful marble prints you can choose from and most of them are under $12.

5. Discover More Decorating Hacks to Beautify Your Home by Framing Photos With Tape

One final cheap idea is probably the best and the cheapest.

You can buy some washi tape from JoAnn’s and use it to frame your photos with.

From floral printed washi tape to plain black, find the right colors to go with the rest of your home decor for this hack.

Once you have your photos and your tape picked out, you are able to arrange them on your wall to form a gallery of friends and family.


All Thrifty Mommas need to pay attention to these cheap decorating hacks to beautify your home.

Paying full price is for suckers!

TMR Frugal Living Tip #92

Today’s thrifty living tip is to use a bag as a paint tray liner. I don’t have any pictures, but basically use a plastic shopping bag or even a garbage bag as a liner for the paint tray. It’s much cheaper than buying those plastic throw away ones at the store. It is much easier to clean up when you are done. I just put the paint tray inside the bag and tie at the end. It stays in place, and all I have to do is untie and throw the mess away. Try it for your next painting project.

My Thrifty Momma Ramblings Blog is Home!

I finally finished moving to WordPress late last night. I still had lots of tweaks to do to the theme before I posted this update. I apologize for not being around much this past week, but between moving the blog and school, I was overwhelmed. I still have a few minor tweaks I want to make to the blog, but this is pretty much it for now. The tweaks now might be some color changes to a few fonts. Later I do plan to add a header and background, but I am burnt for the moment.

What does everyone think of the new blog?

I really loved the fun and bright colors. The header and background are transparent so I need to tweak it later in photoshop. I am just not in the mood to mess with it anymore this weekend. I have a small holiday coming up so I will work on it then. I get three days off from school and looking forward to that small break.

I have a fun giveaway starting soon so keep checking back! The giveaway will give me a chance to show off the new blog.

Keep checking back for more exciting giveaways and other news. I am so excited about being on WordPress, and I have plans to make Thrifty Momma Ramblings more exciting for all my readers. I really missed posting this past week.

Moving My Blog

movingblogtowordpressI finally took the plunge, and will be moving  my blog Thrifty Momma Ramblings to WordPress this week. I am so excited and nervous about the move. It will take me a few days to have the blog designed the way I like it. You might see the blog design change a bit this week into week. I am having it professionally moved as it’s a big undertaking. I just do not know enough about coding and such to move the blog myself without screwing something up and stressing myself out. I found a wonderful service that will do it for me plus set it all up for me for a very low price.

Once the move is complete, then I will let everyone in on the great service I found. I will be very busy for the next few days, and my next post will be on my brand new shiny site! I just wanted to update you guys as I’m not leaving, but just moving to make the blog better than ever. I have a great giveaway scheduled for the end of the week that you won’t want to miss.

Give Your Furniture a Makeover

Last May I posted about remodeling my house. We painted almost every room in the house, put down new vinyl floors, painted kitchen cabinets, fixed cracks above the door frames, and put in a new bathroom sink and toilet. I bought new furniture for our bedroom which I got on clearance. We only had nightstands, and we needed a dresser. I wanted a nice set of matching furniture for our bedroom. When it came time to redo our son’s bedroom, we didn’t want to buy him all new furniture. He has lots of shelving in his closet so he doesn’t need a dresser. He already had a couple of mismatched pieces of furniture in his room. He had an entertainment center and a nightstand. They were still in great condition but in dire need of a makeover.

We watch a lot of remodeling shows on DIY and HGTV channels. My husband had already completed the kitchen cabinet hardware project (you can read about it here). The obvious solution to our problem was to paint the furniture. It was going to be a lot of work with sanding, priming, and then painting. I already did that with the kitchen cabinets and was not in the mood to do another big painting project. My husband had a brilliant idea to solve our problem. He decided to spray paint the furniture. We already had the black satin spray paint from the kitchen hardware project. My son’s room was gray with diamond plated outlet covers. Hubby thought black furniture would compliment the room nicely. He was exactly correct. I told you we watch a lot of remodeling shows on tv.


The spray paint had primer already mixed in so no need for another step. He did rough up the nightstand with a 120 sanding block. Then he wiped it down thoroughly. He used a satin black finish which brought out beautiful details of the piece. He used two coats which dried very quickly outside. It was a very sunny day with little humidity which helps it to dry faster. The one mistake we made was not using a clear coat protector afterwards. The nightstand has a few chips as you can see in the pictures. I am going to wait until spring to add another light coat and then apply a clear protector coat. To further protect the top of the nightstand I had a glass top cut by the local glass shop. It cost me $12 plus tax. I think it adds a nice touch to the nightstand. I also did the same thing to my nightstands and my bathroom vanity. It’s a built-in vanity to the wall. I spent around $80 for all four items. It makes cleaning so much easier and protects the pieces more from water stains.

glasstopThe project was very easy and inexpensive. I paid around $15 for two cans of spray paint to makeover the entertainment stand and nightstand. I didn’t take pictures of the entertainment stand, but it looks just as nice. Hubby also spray painted the drawer pull a nice silver which gives it a wow factor. It was just a plain brass color. We already had the silver spray paint color. I am planning to do the same thing for my living room end table and entertainment center. I promise to do more of a step by step with pictures for those pieces. This project extends the life of furniture you already own. Why spend more money when you can just give your furniture a makeover. Do you have any furniture you would like to makeover? I would love to read about it.