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5 Tips to Better Organize Your Holiday Storage

holiday storageThe holidays are an exciting time to decorate the house and fill it with a little extra joy.

But, a poor organization can sometimes turn this into a stressful task.

Thankfully, there are few simple holiday storage tips every mom can master. These include the best-kept secrets for anything from messy wires to tricky trees.

Check out the top five ways to keep all your holiday decor in order.

1. Separate Your Storage

As you’re pulling things out, or packing them up, try to think about where to store them in your home.

Group all the big, outdoor decorations together. Do the same for tree decorations versus tabletop details. Lastly, make a separate group for stockings and trimmings you may have hanging around the house.

This takes a little extra time as you’re setting up or breaking down.

But, once you have everything separated, you’ll be saving plenty of effort in the years to come!

2. Cut Down on Packaging

There’s no reason to keep using the bulky packaging everything comes in when there are closet organizers and simple holiday hacks available.

This is as simple as wrapping lights around pieces of cardboard so they don’t tangle. It also means taking the time to wrap fragile ornaments in tissue paper, which is less bulky than bubble wrap.

Don’t forget to keep all the hooks in one place, either. Consider putting them in a small pencil case or makeup bag.

3. Get Rid of What Is Old and Broken

If an ornament is cracked or a set of lights isn’t working anymore, you won’t have a use for it next year.

Make a little trash pile as you take everything out at the start of the holidays, and when you’re going through it all again at the end.

This makes a significant difference in the amount of space decorations take up.

4. Go Green

Trade the old fake tree you have to pull out every year for a family outing to get a fresh tree.

Or, consider getting festive holiday flower arrangements instead of putting little reusable decorations everywhere. This is a bit pricier, but nothing is worth more than your time.

Getting fresh, natural decorations each year means there are fewer things to store.

5. Wrap with Care

The less you worry about holiday storage, the more you can focus on buying gifts and wrapping them! Unless your festive packaging materials aren’t organized.

Don’t leave this out of your cleaning process. Go through all the old wrapping paper you have, as well as tape, ribbons, and tissue paper.

Designate one drawer or bin to keep everything together – big families might need a little more space.

But, the point is to only keep wrapping materials you will actually use, and to keep them tidy in one place.

Holiday Storage, Hosting, and More: How to Relax This Holiday Season

Storage is just one thing to worry about when the holidays roll around.

Between cleaning the house to have guests over and preparing big, fancy meals, it can be hard to take everything in.

We know you want to create special memories for your family, but you should be able to enjoy them too!

Click here to discover how to relax during this year’s holidays.

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NEW American Girl Bitty Baby Doll for Christmas 2013!


American Girl became popular in the 1990’s and my nieces all had at least one doll. When the original Bitty Baby Doll first appeared, they also had to have own. These dolls are very well made and easy to play with and mimic a real doll as their eyes close when laid down. You can change them and they also come with a diaper. The problem with the dolls was that it didn’t offer many options. Some girls probably felt left out as their dolls really didn’t look like them.

American Girl received that message and has revamped the entire line for 2013 and have added more options to customize the Bitty Baby doll. There are 11 yes eleven options with light skin to dark skin and different eye plus hair color combinations. I was able to make my own and I choose light skin, brown hair, and green eyes as I think my daughter would have looked more like me. The doll is gorgeous. I wished I had a daughter as she would definitely have one of her own! These are dolls that will last for years. My nieces are now in college and still have their dolls.

Each doll is made from soft cloth body and and her head and limbs are made of smooth vinyl. Each one is 15″ tall and they come with:

A white sleeper with scattered pink stars and a mock-wrap neckline trimmed with a ribbon ruffle
A soft cloth diaper
A hardcover Bitty Baby and Me picture book that brings her story to life
A sparkly wishing star, just like the one from her book

The price tag is $80 but I know these dolls are well made and my nieces still love their dolls. They plan on passing them down to their own children one day. You cannot put a price tag on that.

Disclaimer: I was NOT compensated to write this review and all opinions are 100% my own!

Mario Party™ Island Tour Game for Nintendo 3DS™

This post brought to you by Walmart. All opinions are 100% mine.

Island Tour Logo

Mario Party Island Tour Game for Nintendo 3DS™ is a new video game that you can buy at Walmart in time for Christmas. We really enjoyed the original Mario Party™ when it came out. It sort of reminded me of Monopoly but with all the fun characters and we loved to play all the minigames and bonuses. There wasn't an option to play against others online or from around the world like in the newer versions. There are a lot of boards to play now and of course the amazing 3D graphics can't be beat. This new game looks like so much fun.

I love how you can connect by local wireless to play against each other and there are 7 new game boards, new modes and 80 new minigames! My son would love to play the single player multi-floor minigame tower. It would be challenging for him and keep him occupied while on those long road trips. I also like he can take it with him when we have to run errands or at the doctor's office. Sometimes you can wait up to 30 minutes or more which can be tedious for kids while waiting. The portable 3DS is perfect in the car.

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Super Mario World™ Video Game for Wii U™

This post brought to you by Walmart. All opinions are 100% mine.

Mario Logo

I grew up playing Nintendo when it first came out in the 1980's but the Super Mario World™ Video Game for Wii U™ is so much more interactive than any of the games I played as a kid. I love playing these games with my son as it takes me back to being a kid. Besides these games are so much fun!

Super Mario™ is in a new 3D world where you can play as either Mario™, Luigi™, Peach™, or Toad™ and unlock their special talents. New to this game is Cat Mario™ can climb, pounce from above and claw enemies. My son would love to Race Ghost Mii™ characters online and get special gifts. Super Mario World™ is packed with lots of fun for your kids, yourself or the whole family can play up to 4 players.

My vote is for Princess Peach™ as she is my favorite character. Who do you think will be the best character and why? My son has voted for Toad™ as that is one of his favorite characters to play. You can buy this fun game at Walmart in time for Christmas.

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Hidden Treasure Candles Review with a Prize in Each Candle!!!

I used to love burning candles a lot before I had children. I stopped as it was just too dangerous, and I know about the electric candles, but to me that is just not the same. Air Freshener doesn’t last as long as a nice scented candle. I was thrilled when I was contacted by a new company called Hidden Treasure Candles to review a candle.

Hidden Treasure Candles was started by two sisters who hand pour each all natural soy scented soy candle which is great for the environment. The company is located in Hershey, Pennsylvania which might be why Hot Chocolate is a popular scent. Each candle has an X that marks the spot of a hidden treasure inside each candle hence Hidden Treasure Candles. The treasure you will find inside each candle is either a gold plated or silver plated necklace!

It gets better as if you find the special Treasure Box Charm Necklace, then inside that chest will contain a code for either an iPad 3, a Le Vian Necklace worth $1,000 or, a Tiffany and Co. Pendant worth $5,000!!!

Just burn your candle down to the X marks the spot and you can dig out your foil wrapper to see which beautiful necklace you found! Below is the gold plated necklace with the stunning charm. I love the way the charm looks. I was very pleased and the necklace fit me well.

I really loved the candle as well. The hemp wick was nice and long as you can see in the picture. I burned a scent called Heavenly Honeysuckle which did smell heavenly. It was not overpowering and more of a subtle fragrance, but I could still smell it in the next room. What I really love about this candle is the nice glass jar it is poured into, and the nice rubber lid. You do have to push it down the first couple of times, but it does have a nice seal. I let my candle burn for about 2 hours or so before I got impatient and dug out my necklace with a metal spoon. My husband laughed at me but I wanted to see my prize! It was so much fun and the good news is you can smooth it back out after digging it out. OR you could be patient and let it burn down more. Half the fun for me was digging it out. 🙂

I think these candles are reasonable priced for the size you receive and a nice glass jar. Even better is a prize inside each one. Like a cracker jack box except you won’t get fat. If I’m going to buy a nice candle, then I love the idea of getting something fun. The foil will not burn or cause a fire or burn the necklace. Overall I give this candle a big thumbs up. I am definitely going to buy these candles as Christmas presents. My mom and mother-in-law love to burn candles so these will be a big hit.

Great news for you is that I was given a second candle to giveaway to one lucky person! The giveaway starts tonight at 9PM EST!

The scent you will receive is Country Blueberry! Yummy!

Please feel free to check out their website Hidden Treasure Candles for more info and and find what other scents they sell. Each candle retails for $24.99 plus $5.99 shipping per candle. They also do run some specials.

*Disclaimer- I did receive a Free candle from Hidden Treasure Candles to review their product. I was given a second one to giveaway to one lucky winner! The opinions are all mine and I was not paid to give a positive review.