Santa’s Helper Give Back This Christmas Giveaway!

Do you know a family in need of assistance this Holiday season? Do you want to give back, be a Santa’s Helper, or just pay it forward, but don’t have the means to? In this economy we all know someone who has either lost a job or fallen on hard times-maybe even your own family. I was delighted when Cook’n suggested this unique and generous GIVEaway.


Here is how it works:


STEP 1:You enter the giveaway via the form below

STEP 2: If you are the winner-Cook’n will gather info about the family you nominated

STEP 3: Cook’n will provide gifts for that family (up to $300!) Generous, Right!?

One way that I stress on the blog is how I can help others by using coupons. I get a lot of items either for FREE or very inexpensively. I use these items to donate to others and this time of year so many organizations can use all the extra donations. I can’t do as much for them if I just gave them $5 each. I can take that same $5-10 and do a lot of good for lots of people!


Thanks to Cook’n, our awesome sponsor, for setting up yet another timely and generous giveaway…but what exactly is Cook’n?

Cook’n Recipe Organizer is an easy to use program that makes recipe management and organizing a breeze on your computer. Not only is it a recipe organizer, it is also a menu planner, grocery shopping assistant, nutritional analyst, and a family cookbook maker! With over 3 million copies sold and a 200% guarantee you can’t go wrong! You can see more about & purchase Cook’n HERE. Thanks to Give Oh Giveaway for organizing this giveaway and to the awesome bloggers that are bringing this giveaway to YOU!

If you want to help Cook’n play Santa for a family in need…follow these guidelines below:

*You must know ages, mailing address, and the needs of the family you nominate

*The nominated family MUST reside in the Continental United States

*To enter use the rafflecopter form below-be honest

*You may nominate your own family 



Cook’n has been very generous to offer this giveaway, it is not required and it won’t increase your chances  but if you can, please go say thanks to them, I know they’d love to hear you like their giveaway! Go here and say thanks for the Holiday Helper Giveaway

This giveaway will end on Monday, 12/10 at 11:59 pm EST. The winner will be chosen by and emailed by Give Oh Giveaway. The winner will have 24 hours to reply to the email or a new winner will be chosen. All entries will be verified, so please be honest. HUGE thanks to Cook’n for doing this giveaway! If you have questions regarding this giveaway email Cj~ giveohgiveaway at gmail dot com for clarification! 



Disclosure: I did not receive any monetary compensation for sharing this giveaway. I just think it is awesome and wanted to let you know about it. Cook’n is responsible for prize fulfillment! 
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  1. Marina farish says:

    I know a family with five children and they could sure use some Christmas help, I know there boys are in need of a bed and being, and a kitchen table is much needed, and smaller items for hygiene, and warm winter clothes.

  2. unemployed mom in lol to have santa HELPER

  3. My close family includes a single mom and three kids. She lost her job 2 months ago and did not get approved through the local assistance program because their were just too many applicants. She really needs help providing any type of Christmas for her kids. They need clothes and a toy each, that’s all she keeps saying. Thanks for sharing the kindest gift this time of year.

  4. Marilou Abruscato says:

    I know a family of 3 a mother and her 2 children ages 7 and 5 that could use this for clothes and winter coats.

  5. The family I’m nominating has two young boys and a daughter. The dad has been out of work for quite a bit of time, yet they are always along to give anything they can to whoever needs it. They’re incredibly generous with their time and possessions, and extremely responsibly financially. They have just fallen on hard times with unemployment, but the mom continues to work full time and watch sales, cut coupons, buy used, recycle, etc, and donate. They are just an amazing family.

  6. I’d like to nominate a family of three, father, soon to be 19 year old stepson and 11 year old daughter. This family has lived on the edge all their life. They are always one step away from being homeless and at times have to decide whether to buy groceries or pay the electric bill. The two ‘kids’ have some health problems and learning challenges as did their mother who passed away in Sept of this year. The real hero in this story is the teen boy. He is working hard at being the head of house and keeping his family together. When his mother was alive but suffering from multiple physical problems he was the one that was there for her. Recently I asked him what he wants for his upcoming birthday and Christmas and he said to be able to pay the bills and provide for his sister. When I asked him about hobbies and interests hoping to get ideas for gifts for him he said he’s never had much time to develop hobbies. The kids don’t live with me and we are not related but I promised the mother I would look out for them if anything happened to her. I am trying hard to see that their basic needs for food, clothing, shelter and healthcare are met but would also love to be able to give them back some of their childhood, to provide them with experiences, and happy memories that will give them hope and enable them to dream.

  7. Catherine McKeever says:

    Unemployed mom needs help to provide a Christmas for her family of 4

  8. I am a 51 year old single mom I have 1 child she is 10 ..I am not making much money my rent is free so I dont qualify for any gov assistance I have no family ..I want to give my little girl a Christmas so i am nominating us there is just the two of us…

  9. Gina Stanford says:

    I’d like to nominate my sister’s family, they work so hard but can never get ahead. Two adults and four children.

  10. Linda bonsall says:

    I was going to nominate my own family as usually we adopt a family in need and kids from the angel tree or thru my childrens school but this yr we are the ones struggling worse then normal but after reading Holly c. ‘S above I feel blessed. We are are a family of 6 living off of $200 a week the only job I could find and foodstamps. After 12yrs of working my husband lost his job 2 yrs ago and has back injury problems that can cause him to be bed ridden some days but cant get ssi cause the doctors will say things but not put in writing but we own our house and our car even if it has over 200,000 miles. We make do but my work i had an unpaid week off at Thanksgiving and now going to have 2 weeks no pay at the end of dec. for christmas and new yrs. I do have some little things for my children just worried about bills ….so I nominate the family Holly C. Is doing above so if i win please contact her.

  11. Shanna Capps says:

    Single mother of 3 needs a little christmas cheer this holiday season!

  12. I nominate my friends family. They just moved here and they could really use some help!!

  13. the family that I am nominating is sadly my own, I was laid off when I was 5 months pregnant and my husband graduated college in May and has not been able to find a job since…. we had our baby boy in October and are struggling to make our car payment… things are beyond stressful and we now live with my parents. This would be an amazing pick me up

  14. there are four people in my family

  15. I am nominating my brother and his kids. He has 4 boys ages 6. 5, 4, and 1. His wife is just now getting to work and he stays at home to watch the kids. They are behind on all their bills. They just got their gas turned off and now living with no heat. They got their car repoed the same day and they might be soon getting evicted from their apartment. I had an old tree in my garage that I give them just so they would have one up for the boys. These kids dont know any better, all they want is Santa to come see them.

  16. Rhonda Cunningham-Phillips says:

    My daughter could really use some help with Christmas this year. She’s raising her grand-daughter, who’s 6 months old, and also has a daughter, who’s 15 years old. She just recently got news she has kidney cancer. This would be a blessing for her family.

  17. Melinda Peery says:

    There are 3 2 adults 1 child lil girl 5-6 t loves dolls an trains and anything learning as she will be 5 yrs old Dec 7th so she will be starting school in the upcoming fall.

  18. tammy young says:

    i have a friend thats in need of help and been ask for it on here to ppl and on her page she as two little girls the ages 2 and under i think the oldest is 2 but might be three i no she was in a wreak about 1 year or so that has made it where she cant work and she was resently married but is have troblems and left to stay with her mom she gets no help with the kids right now but i dont want to get in to all that on here but it is close to christmas and she sure could use all the help she can get for her kids this year it would be a true blessing to her to get a inbox saying she is gong to have christmas for her angels thank you so have much for the chance to help a family in need for christmas god bless you

  19. Family of 5, Dad is active duty in the Marine Corps. This would be a blessing to them

  20. The family I am nominating is an Army family with two children, ages 3 years and almost 5 months old. When they PCSed last year to Texas, they paid out of pocket for it since the husband was stationed in Germany without them, and they were living near family in NC. They were not reimbursed by the military, through no fault of their own. They have been struggling to pay off the loan that they took out to cover the expenses of the move, and have had little money for much else, especially with a new baby that was born in July. The littlest is growing quite fast, and they have to keep getting her new clothes and such because they gave what they kept from their first before they moved, to a friend before they found out that they were pregnant. Their oldest has been using hand-me-downs, but since they moved away from their family, they haven’t been getting as much. Their youngest needs a new car seat because she is outgrowing her own at almost 5 months, (meaning that it has to be convertible at the least), and their oldest needs new clothes, but new shoes more. They could care less about getting presents themselves as long as their kids are taken care of. They have saved, but they know that it will not be enough for the things they need and that they will have to wait.

  21. Mary Mudd says:

    I know of a few people that could use the help. But, after reading Holly C’s story, I would like to find out who they are, and if I win, I would like to give it to them.

  22. iMother, father two children 4 yr old girl, 2 yr old boy. Father was working full time, in august got what he thought was a cold, ended up in the hospital with a bacterial infection in his lungs for two weeks and liat his jo . Due to that situation he has yet to be able to find a new job

  23. jessica witt says:

    Mother father 2 kids , 4 yr okd girl, 2 yr old boy. Father got sick and lost his job

  24. juanita goode says:

    I know a family of 5 who could really use some help with Christmas the mother recently started a new job and is the only breadwinner in the home all her money at the present time is going to bills to keep a roof over their head and a few groceries for them please give them consideration in this drawing i ask you in the name of our lord and savior Jesus christ

  25. Lynette Barrett says:

    We usually adopt a family or 2. I do a give away page monthly on facebook called Netty’s Give aways where I usually give away items up to $40 in price out of my pocket. But I cannot even do a give away this month. I am a mom of 4 daughters, 2 are on their own though but have 2 teenagers at home and my ex lost his job so no child support for 6 weeks now and just found out yesterday that I wont be getting any of it until after Christmas so I nominate my own family this year. I would like to be able to get at least something for the 2 that are still living at home. God bless and good luck to whomever wins.

  26. I am nominating a very close friend of mine. She is a newly single mother of 3 small children, ages 8 and twin 6 year olds, all girls. Daddy left several months ago, and as he supported the family while she stayed home with the children she now has no income, and any money she does manage to earn goes towards bills, groceries, and heat. The girls understand and have all asked for just one gift each, a furby, but they aren’t quite old enough to understand that they are a very expensive item. Mom is heartbroken that she is not able to keep the magic alive this year for her girls and is worries she may not be able to give her babies a Christmas at all. Everyone in our area is struggling, but these girls have been through an awful lot this year and they are very good kids- they deserve a Christmas.

  27. Danielle Lindquist says:

    I know this may sound horrible, I absolutely love to pay it forward but this year my 2 boys are the ones who are in desperate need of help. I live in a small tourist town on the Oregon coast, the jobs are very scarce during the off season and you have to be a lucky one to get a job with more then 5 hours a week during the summer (so many people and no employment.) I have an 11 year old son who will have his 12th birthday on January 1st, while I was pregnant with my 2nd baby last summer I lost my job with a retail company in my town, they didn’t want to abide by my doctors notes, told me they could not any longer give me hours and then told me I didn’t have enough hours worked in the past year to qualify for leave. I now have a 4 month old and my 11 (almost 12) year old and have been seriously upset on a nightly basis. I have received a few things here and there for my 2 boys but they barely have anything for Christmas. My 4 month old is in dire need of toys, he loves anything with lights/sounds, he also needs 6-9 month clothing because he doesn’t have any and is almost out of his 3-6 month stuff. My 11 year old needs size 14 clothing, anything for his PS3 that I won a few years back, he wants a remote control car, small legos, nerf stuff, and of course an ipod touch which is only going to be a dream of his.

    Thank you SO much for this opportunity.

  28. I am nominating my family. We are a family of 5 and and we live on a very limited income. My fiance is disabled and and I work for home care so if one of my clients are in the hospital or passes away then I lose my hours. I have 3 kids and they are 2 boys and a girl. My sons are 11 yrs and 14 yrs and my daughter is 6 yrs old. I am unable to get the kids anything for Christmas. With bills and insurance and medical we have no left over money for the non necessities. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  29. I am nominating a family very close to me. She and her husband have 7 kids, 4 that still live in the home with them. Two of them have bipolar disorder, and a lot of there money goes to helping them. I know they do their best to provide for their family, but the winter months are hard on them

  30. Jessica Johnson Locastro says:

    Family of 4. 2 boys age 6 and 9. Parents business store failed and closed. they have been unable to find employment. Father is a disabled veteran and lives off disablitity which after rent and utilities leaves almost nothing left. this would really help

  31. LaShelle Lee says:

    nominating my family of four who has been down on our luck for a while now, loss of job to limited work hours while trying to keep our home and heat and lights on..Two boys ages 4 and 14 who mean the world to me and i want to be able to give them what they need for the holidays but can’t, it would really lift my spirits

  32. Jaime Dubey says:

    I would nominate a family of 5, 2 adults and 3 children ages 17,13 and 7.
    The woman has had numerous surgeries on her breasts for masses that keep forming and just had one recently she is unable to work, The man of the house had his company close down the week of Thanksgiving without any warning and now they are scrambling to figure out what to do for Christmas for the kids. The older ones understand but the 7 year old does not understand that mom and dad actually buy the gifts and the elves don’t make them


    There is a family of three girls and a boy. There father began abusing their mother shortly after he losts his job.It got to where the abuse was soo bad. They are now displaced as the father refuses to let them have the home, mom has never had a job and these kids have the potential to become something if given the chance. They desperately need some normal and a Christimas would be a great start. I gathered money to get them some school clothes and God knows, we don’t have alot, but these kids didn’t choose this life. Please help. They are good kids who need something good to happen to them for a change.

  34. Melissa Toftee says:

    I would like to nominate my friend Courtney and her family. She has her husband who works to support their family but they are barely making it with rent bills and car payments. They have two beautiful daughters who are the center of their worlds. Courtney all year long has been doing yard sale sites on facebook and selling anything and everything to try and make it through the year to provide her kids with new clothes and stuff. She tries so hard to help her family out but still continues to struggle. This past week a car hit her head on after running a red light. Thankfully her and her daughters are okay, but now she is car-less and has to struggle to find a new vehicle with the little money she has. Life is just giving her hurdle after hurdle to jump over and she’s getting very worn out. I just hope some good karma comes her way because she is such a good mom and friend and tries to help out others even though she doesn’t have much. She truly has a heart of gold and needs a break.

  35. Robyn Danielle says:

    The family I’m nominating has 5 people in it, the mother, the father, and three girls, ages 7, 4 and 1.

  36. Donna Kiever says:

    I would love to help my family..we were hit hard by hurricane family is displaced living with different family members.we lost l contents of our home and suffered damage well over the 100.000 mark for repairs..but not only did I lose my home my kids dad my exhusband also lost his home with all belongings gone..we lost all baby pics memories everything..and sadly the stress was to much for his mom..she passed away the day after thanksgiving..we as a family will continue to rebuild but for my kids losing grandma and everything they own in both homes is more then I can deal with..may you all be blessed with good things and may you all be together this holiday season.♥

  37. Kimberly Snyder says:

    My daughter recently suffered a medical emergency, requiring 2 outpatient surgeries, she has no insurance and is unemployed and benefits will not be available until the spring. She has a 6yr old boy and a 4 year old girl. I hope Santa is listening.

  38. I would like to nominate a family of a single mother who is disabled and has family who constantly sabotaging her anywhere they can for their own personal (stupid) reasons. She has a 16 year old son she is raising on her own with a very limited income and sometimes receives child support but it is not reliable or guaranteed. They have very little to nothing in general let alone for Christmas. They could use anything and would be very appreciative for anything.

  39. I would like to nominate my daughter Ashley Breedlove who is a single momma of two. She has a two year old daughter and at 9 month old son. Between taking care of her babies alone with out help or asking for help of anyone. The youngest little one has a medical condition that requires lots of trips to Dr. Appts and therapy. My heart bleeds for her know that this year she may not be able to give them even a small Christmas. As adults we know the meaning of Christmas but it a little hard to explain it to a small child.

  40. I know someone who I could nominate.

  41. nicole walters says:

    a family of 4 they could us it

  42. Crystal G says:

    Family of five. Mother is pregnant …..high risk. She is having to work because her husband can’t find a job. They recently had to move in with her mom because they couldn’t afford the rent in the house they were in. Now they are having to live her mom’s house which is very stressful….won’t get into that. Right now they really can’t afford any Christmas for the kids and they don’t have much put away for the one on the way.

  43. tina reynolds says:

    family of 5 been dealing with illness and unemployment they really could use it

  44. Angela Paul-Robison says:

    I would like to nominate my best friend and her family. She has been married for 17 years they have two great teenagers a boy 15 and a girl 17. They have had a very rough time the past few years and have had no Christmas and this year I would love nothing more than for them to be able to have gifts for each other to put under the tree.
    Thank You

  45. Erin Okrzesik says:

    I would like to nominate a family of 3 with the 2nd baby due any day now. The Mom was in the hospital in August at 21 weeks pregnant and went into kidney failure and had a breathing machine and was sedated for 4 days. Through a miracle the baby was okay and has been able to carry to term but it has been crazy. LOTS and LOTS of medical bills and every 6 weeks since then, so September and November the Mom needed stents (a total of 6) to keep her tubes open from the kidneys so they did not back up she went septic again. So it has been bills on top of bills. Mom does not/cannot work because of all her complications and Dad has used all of his work days because of her being in the hospital. They have a 3 year old girl and another little girl on the way and has not been able to buy much of anything. And needs a lot of baby items because the basement also flooded during all this and lost a lot of items including a few Christmas gifts they had stored away for the 3 year old.

  46. Hello, my family is 2 adults and 2 children. The adult oldest is 53 she has a heart condition and needs a heart transplant. The heart only pumps 15 to 20% of what it should. She has a lot of medications that keep her going daily most which are not covered by insurance. Social Security she recieves doesn’t go very far with the high cost of living these days. She makes the best of what she has and never complains much. The next adult (her daughter) is 26 just got laid off from her job right before Thanksgiving holidays and has two children. She is steadly looking for a job since she was laid off but no luck so far.They live with the lady with heart condition its her mother. The two children are ages 8 (boy) and 6 (girl). They just had birthdays the 4th and 5th of Decemember. The grandmother (heart paitent) roof isn’t in good shape it leaks. It just adds to the stress of this family plus the daughter being laid off from work with two kids and them needing to pay for medications. Now the youngest is on the verge of pnenumonia and missed a whole week of school. Luckly she has a form of insurance to help with some of her medications needed.They could use a little bit to help them this holiday season. Every little bit helps even if most of it would go towards bills & medications. Please find it in your heart to help this family out. They can provide any kind of documents you may need to verify this. Thanks for your time and this giveaway. Bless you all. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  47. I’d like to nominate my own family. I have many health problems. I need a heart transplant and I do have the medical records where I can prove this from my heart doctors and many hospital visits. I have many bills that have added up over the years from all my stays to keep me alive. The only thing keeping me going is my medications I have to take daily. Every month I pay out of my pocket more than $200 just to pay what my insurance doesn’t. I get very little from social security. I became sick very early in my life. My daughter is now living with me since she was laid off from her job right before Thanksgiving and her children’s birthdays plus Christmas. It adds to the every day stress in my life. My jeep hardly runs its a 95 and almost on its last leg as I call it. My roof has has began to leak in spots. I wonder what else is going to happen. I pray every day a miracle happens. I know it can. I’m living proff of one because I was only gave 18 months or less to live in 2004. No doctor can explain how my heart can be so bad and I’m still alive and here today. I can .. its a miracle and it happened in God’s time. I’m 53 years old, my daughter is 26 and her two children are 8 (grandson) and 6 (granddaughter). They don’t ask for much just for us to have a roof over our heads, heat, food, clothes, and all together for the hoildays. If I can provide you with any more information please let me know and I will kindly do so. Thanks!

  48. John Travis says:

    My elderly parents they always give all the time and never ask for anything in return I would like them to receive a nice Christmas

  49. Jane Strickland says:

    Family of 4 with 1 on the way. Job transfer very expensive. They need HELP!! Please help!

  50. Eric Sanders says:

    I know a family of three that tried moving and risked everything they had to start a new life. I’m talking 401 k’s and everything. They were promised work for good pay where they were going and they were now full of confidence and enthusiasm. They were gone less than three weeks. The promise of work never came through and they had no place to live so they were forced to come back to their run down, thin walled home with a real bad leaking roof. Now that’s it’s close to Christmas and still have no gifts they are about ready to tell their daughter that there will not be a Christmas for her this year.

  51. Jamie Dodd says:

    Given the number of entries, i certainly know better than to get my hopes up. However, i’d like to nominate my own family, for the sake of my girls,. I am a SAHM, not by choice but by disability. My husband brings in the only income for a family of four, while also paying for my medication and therapy as i try to get better. Our girls are 5 and 10 and are the lights of our lives. To get a sponsored christmas would mean the world. Thanks so much! God Bless!

  52. Kathleen Sease says:

    I would like to nominate my own family. I have 3 children 10yr old boy, 4yr old girl, and 2 yr old boy. My husband has cancer and unable to work and my hours are cut way back and I am unable to make ends meet. I have not gotten anything for them yet cause I have no money to buy anything. So please pick my family so three beautiful children can have a Christmas. Thank You.

  53. Jacqueline Cintron says:

    Hello I am nominating my family and the reason I am nominating us is because I am a disabled and single mom of 3 wonderful boys and a girl. My kids are 14,13,12,8 and i am 38.
    We survive on an income of $618 a month . I lost my job in Feb 6,2012 due to falling down some steps with my son and getting hit by a car 2 years ago, now i also have a bad knee. Ever since I lost my job I have been struggling from anxiety,depression,panic attacks,high blood pressure and diabetes. It has been a been a rough couple of years and it has been very disappointing because I am a mom who loved to work and I made decent income then now I feel like I am just getting worse as the years go by. I believe everything will go back into place for us but it is devastating. I do not like to see my kids sad. I know they see me cry at times but I thank god every day for everything I do have which is my loving and caring kids and a roof over our heads. If we do not win it is okay I know there are alot of families who are also in need . I believe that the most wonderful gift in life is having our children at times like this, because this is the time to give thanks to what he has given us and my kids are the best gifts in world.

    I pray that we all have a wonderful holiday and a prosperous New Year and that we all be blessed with better circumstances .

    God bless everyone and good luck to all wish everyone the best.

  54. Rebecca Rockwell says:

    The family I would like to nominate a family of 3. I know the parents are in need of a new bed. They are unsure if they can give their daughter (age 10) a good Christmas. So needing toys, clothes, etc for her. They all need winter clothes. Hope you pick this family, so they know what a good Christmas is. They are having a very hard time this year.

  55. Amy Yanick says:

    I am nominating my family, i have 3 children I’m unemployed, and my husband recently became disabled. we have no money for gifts, and have no tree this year.

  56. Michelle B says:

    My parents ( 60yrs and 62 yrs old) have had terrible luck lately. My dad was in the hospital 7 months out of this year alone. My Mom tries to work two jobs just to cover medical expenses but it has taken its toll on her. Last year they didn’t have a tree for Christmas, my mom cried and the past few months have aged her even more. My dads dementia and failing health has put such a burden on them they are in danger of loosing their home which my mom grew up in, shes never lived anywhere else. My Mom is an amazingly wonderful, giving woman. I would just love them to ‘catch a break’. I so wish we could help them more but we barely make it as is. Even if they do not win the prize, I hope everyone can just take a minute to offer prayers for them.

  57. Tammy Frye-Savino says:

    I am embarrassed to say that it is my family. i am collecting my last 2 weeks of unemployment and cant give my family the christmas they deserve. There are five of us 3 of them young kids.

  58. I would like to nominate a family who has been through so much in the last two years. Mom can’t find a job. They have 3 kids. Dad is a contract worker and loses employment 2 months out of the year. There is nothing under the tree.

  59. The family I am nominating has 3 male adults, 2 female adults, one of the females is pregnant. The family also has 3 teenage boys and one toddler, which is a boy.

  60. I am nominating my son Nick for the giveaway. He had a motorcycle accident in April and has a Traumatic Brain Injury from it. His wife has left him and is filling for divorce. He lost his job. And is now trying to sell cars. He is having trouble paying his rent. I live on SS Disability and am not able to help him. He has no furniture except a recliner. His days are very difficult because he has trouble with headaches and confusion. It is becoming harder for him to work. I know this does not seem to be so much but he is very upset that he cannot even afford to by me a Christmas gift. Thank you for reading my post and have a Blessed Holiday!!!

  61. Lightwave21 says:

    I am nominating my sister and her four kids. She works 2 jobs to survive and goes to school full time. She can’t afford to give her 4 teenagers much and is now focusing on helping other families more in need than herself. She is so selfless and is very deserving of getting the gift of Christmas for her family.

  62. I want to vote for my mom she has a rar heart condition and cause of surgeries and money paid to docters we had to move to a new house she said cause the old one was to much she said in her room that she will give up all money for my sister and me I want her to get something too plese help she does evrything for me and my sister my name is caden i am 9 and my sister is tara she is 11 plese help. thankyou

  63. I am nominating a family of 6. The mother and father are struggling to make ends meet, the father recently lost his job and the mother is picking over time up just so they don’t lose everything. They have 2 boys together and the father has two older boys that they just started getting to see again, this will be the first Christmas in 5 years that all the children get to spend together and I would really hate for them not to have one. There is NO money for Christmas, it was either a home or christmas and the Mother and Father did the best they could. They have a 1, 4, 8 and 11 year old boys. If they win this would be the BEST thing ever to happen to them. Could you please make that happen.

  64. Jessica Stewart says:

    In need of this! so far 1 present for each of my kids (2) under the tree so far. :( not looking good and I have to miss work tomorrow because i dont have a baby sitter. :(

  65. Out of work mom & daughter. Needs lots of help! Clothes, bills, etc.

  66. sandy sanders says:

    a family of 3 who only has 1 income and is on hard time right now

  67. Family of 5, with 14 yo boy, 4 yo boy, & 3 yo girl. Mom lost job day before thanksgiving and had surgery last week.

  68. This could really bless a young ladies family, she has 5 children and lost her job at a nursing home after contracting an infection at work. She has had 3 minor heart attacks since and has less then 50% capacity in her lungs. She is a good Christian woman and really needs help. Thank you for the chance to be able to help her a bit more then I can alone. Thank you all!!

  69. Yvonne Roga says:

    The family I’m nominating is two adults and a child. The mom is a hard worker who never takes time for herself. She just found out her son has Autism so I think this win would be wonderful for them. They don’t have much but she does the best she can.

  70. I am nominating a family who has a mom and dad, 12 yr old boy and 1 yr baby girl. They are trying to move from georgia to California. Its my cousin and her family. They want make a better life for their family, they are struggling. Paycheck to paycheck. He is K-9 officer, and she is stay at home mom. They are going to be starting from scratch when they move here, they will be living with us til they get on their feet.

  71. Jenny Kate Ness says:

    The family I would like to nominate has a disabled child. He is severely mentally ill. The mom is unable to work because he requires 24 hour care. The dad works full time, but it’s not enough.

  72. Jenny Kate Ness says:

    There are 4 people in the family. 2 kids, 2 adults.

  73. lauraya duarte says:

    I am nominating a family with 3 children…ages 11, 7 and 1 1/2.. this is a great hard working family that ran into some troubles. Mom worked up until she had the youngest. When she was pregnant she got into a car accident putting her in labor, she had the baby with no complications via csection, but mom got hurt in the accident. She was unable to go right back to work per the doctor….finally 5 months later she tried to reurn to work and they told her she didnt have a job anymore :( times have been tough since…bills are piling up because dads job cant provide for all the bills. In the end they will not be having a Christmas at all because the bills need to be paid first. Please give these 3 children a chance to have a Christmas. They deseerve it, the 2 oldest get all A’s and B’s in school. 11 year old boy loves learning things through books and he loves video games…the 7 yr old girl loves Barbie and dressing up and accessories ( her birthday is Dec 26 also!) The 1 1/2 yr old girl loves ride on toys, baby dolls and trucks& cars.Thank you for taking time reading everyones nominations, this will make a family have a nice Christmas.

  74. Amy Butler says:

    A beautiful couple who have had a rough year of their own yet they have also had both sets of adult children move back in with them. The oldest daughter is pregnant and in school with husband out of work. The youngest has a 6 month old and is crying because she can’t give her little boy gifts for his first christmas. This is a strong family who ALWAYS makes it no matter what but it would be nice for their little grandson to have a merry first christmas.

  75. WE have a family here in Bainbridge New york with 3 young boys a week ago they had a house fire and lost everything. Itwouldreally make anice christmas for them if I could win Thank you

  76. The family I’m nominating has four people, the dad lost his job over a year ago, and the mom is disabled. They have 2 daughters ages 11, and 2.

  77. I actually have 4 families in need but I will tell you about 1 in particular it is a mother and her 4 children she has 2 girls and 2 boys ages are 2 to 10. I am choosing her from the 4 families I am trying to help is because she was in an abusive relationship and ran for her life with her children and she is starting all over from scratch. She went to a church to get help but they were unable to help her. They came to me as I wanted to help just one family this year but after hearing the stories of the other families I could not help myself but to want to help them also.

    I am just like you I do different things online to get amazon gift cards and with that I was able to buy things. I have an online boutique and with sales from that I bought more stuff. I am now all tapped out but still need to get more things especially for her family because they are starting over with nothing at all. I have had some donations for all the families but they could use so much more.

    She actually lives about 1 hour from me but the church group is driving her to my home so she can get the little stuff I do have but with your help they can have an even better holiday.

    Again thank you for this opportunity if you look at my page you will see all the families I am trying to help except hers as she has to stay private so he does not find her.

  78. I nomitte my friend and he 4 boys being they just move into there own house and having to work on it alot to get things owrking right which wasnt expect when she moved out of her parents house . SO that kids aren’t getting xmas this yr .
    Also right now they kids are sick again due to the weather, plus she has bad back and other health issues so its been hard on her. And her van seems to have issues. so anything to help her out is always nice. being that her youngest is special needs. She lossing her medical insurance the first of the yr. and hoping its mild winder . anything she greatly appreciates

  79. So many in need at this time of year, would be hard to pick just one…

  80. I’d like to nominate my son who is in the army with 3 kids and is struggling he would be very grateful to win this!!!

  81. Jesseca Clark says:

    I am actually going to nominate my own family. My husband and I have 4 children and things have been really tough this year. I am in college full time and my husband is working50+ hours a week at his job just to make sure we can pay our bills and keep a roof over our heads. We could really use some help to make this christmas special for our kids and have a nice holiday dinner together.

  82. This is such a sweet generous giveaway!

  83. Nominating my friend. She is 24 with a 3 year old little girl and a baby (sex unknown) on the way. She is disabled (she has a brain disease and heart problems) and waiting on disability money to be approved. They can use any help. Especially baby items. She left an abuseive relationship and only has a small amount of child support and student loans to pay her bills (she is almost done with her associates degree).

  84. I am nominating my family. I am a single mom of four children. This year has been rough for us for many reasons. I was in an abusive relationship for almost seven years. The divorce finally went through and I met who I thought was my soul mate. We had two miscarriages and the children mourned the losses of their siblings something terrible. Financially things have been tough as I am a full-time student and jobs are hard to find where I live, We are currently living with my parents who are also struggling. I just do not have the funds for Christmas this year and feel terrible my children may not have the Christmas morning they dream of.

  85. I would love to nominate myself. As selfish as I suppose that sounds. I put in at least 1-5 applications for jobs in a day and haven’t been hired. I am behind on all my bills and I can’t get any help no matter where I turn. My husband works as hard as he can and picks up whatever he can to support out family. Christmas will be very little because we have nothing extra to spend on our 6 year old son. My brother is coming to sc from ct to visit us on Friday and I don’t even have the money to cook him dinner. Thank you for the chance. Thank you.

  86. I would like to nominate my family. The Evangelista family.

  87. angela montgomery says:

    I wish it could be me. Today has just been horrible. Husband has been hurting and took him to the doctor. Had to have all kinds of tests done. Keeping him out of work which is not good considering I lost my job. So we will have no income coming in. And then to top it off the little bit of unemployment I do get was denied this week. Have two small kids to buy Christmas for and don’t know how to do it now. Was planning on my check this week to buy for them. Got to figure out something else. Thats why I entered…hoping to win so they can have something for Christmas. I know there are more people in need than myself but I have to take this chance and if I did win I would give part of it to another family I know in need.

  88. I knwo a family that DESERVES this christmas. Dad works 10-12 hrs a day, Mom started a Charity Organization helping in others in SO many ways from food to clothing to furniture to resources to a friend to lean on. She gives endlessly at no cost and puts out of her own pocket all the time. Many times without even a thank you! She did a christmas program through the organization for OVER 50 kids to have a christmas who normally wont while her own children wont have one due to illness and financial burdens. How is that right?

    • let’s please show her what Karma is truly about and that giving starts at home…but has it’s rewards as well! She has a beautiful family and a beautiful giving heart!

  89. I would like to nominate my sister and her family… Even though her kids are older they are having hard times.. my sister works day and night to provide for her family.. her oldest daughters car just broke down and my sister paid for it to be fixed her younger daughter is about to have a baby in 4 weeks and needs things for her new baby. my sister gave her a baby shower and she did get wonderful gifts from family and friends however the baby still needs a bed. dresser,bassinet,walker,…. my niece is an emt she works very hard and goes to school part time. her hours were cut for some reason.. so money is really tight! also my sister has a 14 year old son who is a very good kid however hes not gonna have much of a christmas this year with all their money problems.. Thank you so much for this give away.. I hope to win my sister and her family a nice christmas with your help. Happy Holidays and God bless ~ Janny btw I love writing in this I think I say this everytime I fill out a give away =)

  90. i would like to nominate my mom…she deserves more then she ever gets…and this year has helped me get my kids christmas gifts and she is on a fixed income…i cannot afford to buy her what she deserves so this would be truly amazing !!!!

  91. I am nominating a family of 4. Mom, Dad, and they have 2 boys ages 4 and 7. The mom is not able to work outside the home, and in need of ongoing medical care that they cannot afford to get… no insurance. They give everything to their kids. Even though it is not always enough to get what the kids need, the parents always go without. The mom is in dire need of shoes. They one pair she can wear has holes. They would like to be able to get their kids something great for Christmas.

  92. The family I’m nominating is a small family of 3, two adults and a toddler. They moved into their first house a year ago and almost lost it due to financial hardship. The mother had no job for almost 10 months and the father went two months. The house needed emergency work that could not go without and the family turned to those “quick” loans, which bled them of their savings and then some. Some weeks, they wonder how they’ll make it to pay day to fill up the gas tank or buy their child food. The mother’s job requires her to buy things for work each week, which is normally under a dollar, but she sometimes has to dig through the couch or car to get the change she needs.
    The family could use a new bed for their kid, as the hand me down they were generously given has sharp metal edges that stick out as well as a few toys or clothes for him as well.

  93. Jo Marie Artrip says:

    I am a little embarrassed to nominate my family because I know there are so many families that are hurting and struggling, but my Husband lost his job over a year ago and it’s been a big adjustment for us. We decided to start a family business, but with no savings to fall back on, it has been very trying.

  94. Linna Turner says:

    I am nominating my sister and her family. She is a disabled single mother of 2 and also has her daughter’s half sister who is 9 years old and has diabetes since she was 2. The 9 year old has an insulin pump attached to her to give her the insulin she needs all the time and still has seizures and ends up in the hospital frequently. My sister takes care of our mother who has end stage lung cancer and has had 7 other types of cancer since then. She is on oxygen ALL the time and has gotten so weak. My mother is 4’11” and now weighs 81 pounds. My sister makes sure she gets what she needs and takes her to her appointments and does her shopping and whatever else she needs. My sister also takes care of my Aunt (My Mom’s sister) who a couple of months ago fell and broke her ankle and had pins and plates put in. She was at the beginning stages of Alzhiemer’s disease. She was put into a nursing home for rehab and has gotten much worse! They are so understaffed and my Aunt fell again and fractured her leg. By the time they realized it, it was too late to do anything about it. She now really doesn’t have much memory. My sister spends most of her time with her to keep her calm and keep her company since she was never able to have kids of her own. Between all the time with my Mom and Aunt she doesn’t have much time with her own family. Her one daughter started college this year and is studying childhood diabetes (endocronology). Her other daughter is trying to find work to try to help out. My sister has been putting her needs aside for everyone else and I know she doesn’t have the money to even give her family a nice Christmas dinner, let alone any gifts. I feel she deserves to have something nice happen to her for a change. If I could help her I would, but like everyone else, money is really tight. I know I appreciate everything she does for our family and really does deserve this.

  95. I would just love it if my family won this. My husband just got done with Law School and his MBA and is studying for the BAR exam. After paying that enormous BAR study fee, the BAR application fee, and student loan payments it leaves us with almost nothing. We have three children and are currently living at my husbands mothers until we can get back on our feet and afford a place of our own. This would definately help out the gift giving area for Christmas with our children. Thank you so much for allowing me a chance at this wonderful opportunity and for providing this for a family in need.

  96. There is a young couple who have a 5 week old baby girl. Daddy just got laid off from Amazon and Mom is still on maternity leave. Their daughter has had numerous health issues and been through a multitude of tests. Now wit no income they are in serious danger of losing their home. They have applied for assistance from the State, but were told nothing would be done for them until after the middle of January. By then they will be on the street. Being able to win this to help them pay their bills and provide shelter for their newborn would be more than just a blessing- it would truly be a miracle.

  97. This would really help us give Christmas gifts to our three children, as our funds are very low right now ans they are only getting one gift each as of right now. Thank you so much for this amazing giveaway and for helping those in need this Christmas season.

  98. A family of 5. The dad is disabled and check hasnt started yet yet. Mom is unemployed, searching for for work. They dont have a home. Had to move in with his parents..have a 12yr, 11yr and 6yr old.. im the moms aunt and help all i can but we arent in best of spape financial..but we are richly blessed. The family and kids jyst want to be able to get thier own place, thier car tore no car…get tranaportation and make a home for thier family. Its hard with 2 families in 1 house. Getting his check started is taking forever. Please keep them in your prayrers.

  99. billie jo chord says:

    I would like to nominate my kids. We can’t do gifts this year. The rental we live in is a danger and were saving up to move. All three of my teenagers told me all they want for Christmas is to move… I don’t think that will be happening by Christmas so I want them to have a little something

  100. The family I’m nominating is of a single mother with 3 children. She is no longer working and in school while going through a divorce. This would really help them out by helping with holiday things.

  101. A family of 5. The dad is disabled and check hasnt started yet yet. Mom is unemployed, searching for for work. They dont have a home. Had to move in with his parents..have a 12yr, 11yr and 6yr old.. im the moms aunt and help all i can but we arent in best of shape financial..but we are richly blessed. The family and kids just want to be able to get thier own place, thier car tore no car…get tranaportation and make a home for thier family. Its hard with 2 families in 1 house. Getting his check started is taking forever. Please keep them in your prayrers.

  102. I know several people that I could nominate,but I saw many on here that are just as bad.If I win,would it be possible to divide the prize between two or three of these families? Even a small amount could be huge to some of these kids.How great would it be to send something to every child on the list!

  103. I am nominating my husband and our 3 children, Latavion, Azavian, and Shyanne. We are a close knit family on a fixed income and we are struggling right now.

  104. Lyndsi Austin says:

    The family I am nominating is a family of 4. With times as tough as they are and good jobs so hard to come by, they really need a little help from Santa. :)

  105. Family of 5. Father on disability, mother had to take a big pay cut. Would love to be able to help them. Due to their financial issues at this time, there is no money for a Christmas!

  106. PLEASE EMAIL ME! I desperately need to enter this giveaway and of course rafflecopter will not load again. Please contact me through my email address provided thank you so much!

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